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Quenya Phrasebook

Hey all!

I have many updates to show you today. You know that pitiful update I did for New Year? Well, this is the other shoe dropped.

The sections I uploaded since the last newsletter are as follows:
Friendly Phrases
Unfriendly Phrases
Other Phrases
Just for Fun!

It has 576 phrases in it, by far the largest Quenya phrasebook on the web.

Give Gildor a nice pat on the back, and be sure to let him know how much we appreciate all of the hard work he did for the website!

Other than that, I reorganized the Trustworthy Websites list and added three new websites to it. Isn’t it loverly?


Random Sindarin Quote:
Thia i adan dan a fang dîn i gelu cardhath ym! Nauthon i den dringathon a bedithon adh râd geleg!
“Seems like that bearded guy is the source of all evil! Guess I better beat him up and leave in a flash!” -Fullmetal Alchemist

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