Please forgive me for neglecting you for so long!

I have a lot of updates to get through.

I decided that the Sindarin subtitle was a silly idea. In its place, I put a pretty banner that I made in MSPaint.

I learned some CSS coding! Now the navigation bar is easier to read and fancy-looking.

My website has won eight awards! Five from Forgotten Whispers and three from There is Always Hope.

I have a gift for all people wanting to put Elvish sections on their websites. 101 Sindarin Phrases. I got tired of discovering entire sections of my phrasebooks copied onto other people’s websites. I’ve also put up a Terms of Use page, hopefully to deter people from stealing my essays and phrasebooks.

I have several new affiliates, and I cleaned out the broken links. I’m now affiliated with Camilla Sandman’s World of Dreams, Forgotten Whispers, With Ice-Cream, and Evenstar Embers.

The Trustworthy Websites list has been updated because Lalaith’s Middle-earth Science Pages have been moved.

There’s a new section in the Quenya Phrasebook: Questions.

Your Sindarin Textbook is finally open to the public in Beta form. It’s only partway up, but the chapters that aren’t up yet no one has reached.

A new section of the forums is up for people studying Sindarin.

And finally, a new essay is up! It’s called “Sea-Longing“.

A quick poll: Should I include my Tolkien fanfiction and Sindarin poetry on the website?


Random Sindarin Quote:

I lû erin dû edwen. Lostathon hi.
It is 2AM. I’m going to bed. – Me

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