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Hello everyone!

You can now help me make decisions about the website! Under the House of Guests there is the Pollbooth. Please Vote!

I’ve added a section for people wanting websites with titles in Tolkien’s languages.

Your Sindarin Textbook is a huge success so far! There are seven students on the Roster! “Chapter 6 – Verbs” is on its way.


Random Sindarin Quote:
“Navaer, Hiril Dor-Lómin; nerim hi na estel veleg i av-istannem. Nauthatham i na ber-thrîw hen meren sui idhrinnath vîn al-veren, ar echuil pen-achas aphaded!”

“Farewell, Lady of Dor-Lómin; we ride now with greater hope than we have known before. Let us think that at this midwinter the feast shall be merrier than in all our years yet, with a fearless spring to follow after!” – Narn I Hîn Húrin, Unfinished Tales

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