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Hi y’all!

Today, as I merrily added more names to the lists and phrases to the Sindarin Phrase Book, I decided to do a quick count. It knocked me off my feet. There are 1009 possible Sindarin Phrases in the Phrasebook and 2291 possible names in the name lists. There are 484 names so far in the Quenya and Noldorin name lists, which hopefully will be completed soon.


“Genedithach an neder, neder i ‘wanod gonoded gîn. Av-‘enedithach a chaer egor am minchaer. Neder i ‘wanod govannas.”

“You shall count to nine, nine is the number of your counting. You shall not count to ten, nor to eleven. Nine is the number of the Fellowship.”
-Elrond in The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth

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