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Black Speech

Hail dear friends!

The forums are a success so far, but if you have any suggestions, speak up!

I’ve added some new phrases for the Sindarin Phrasebook. I’m now going to include a list of reconstructed words that I use.

I’m happy to say that the Quenya name list is almost finished. The Noldorin (Sindarinized Quenya) name list is being revised to fit the Quenya name list, so I’ve taken it down to wait for the Quenya name list’s completion.

Give Tyrhael Idhraen an e-mail of encouragement and thankfulness for working so hard of the Quenya name list!

Thank-you Nurvingiel for helping me find an excellent HTML editor, which has made the website much simpler and quicker loading. I’ve added her website to the affiliates page.

Introducing the Black Speech name list and Black Speech curses!

If you are a fanfiction author, you may want to check out the new Challenges section to gain some inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nin anno laithian egor nin anno ngûr!
Give me liberty, or give me death! -Patrick Henry

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