The Convention Foolscap

So, as you know, I’ve been going to a LOT of conventions since I published my book, A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin. Foolscap one was the most fun, by far. It’s a small convention, and it uses this to its advantage. It’s super friendly. It’s obvious from the moment that you get your badge that they really want everyone there to have a good time. It’s especially friendly to transgender people like my wife and autistic people like me.

They had 3 hospitality rooms. One for quiet chitchat, one for eating, and the last one called “the quiet room” where you could lie down and be quiet for a little while. Whenever I started getting overwhelmed, I could escape instead of burying it to let it fester and explode later. That meant that the convention recovery time was a lot shorter than normal, and I was able to get things done a few days after arriving home, versus a whole week of being a lump on the couch.

There was a ton of other great stuff about this convention, like the tea. There was a panel just for and about drinking tea. They had a large selection of free teas to try out in the food hospitality room. I love tea, and I found this utterly delightful.

The guest of honor was Seanan McGuire, who is one of my favorite authors. Because of the smallness of the convention, I got to hang out with her and ask her about some of my fantheories about her October Daye series. And we shared cat pictures, which was just… just… i ‘ell vin faer nîn sui romru!!!*

So, I had a truly marvelous time, and I want to spread the word about this tiny, cozy, delightful convention.

*The jubilation in my soul is like the sound of trumpets!

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