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John in Elvish

John, your name is really cool! The Abrahamic religions imported it all over the place, meaning that many names that you never considered to be the same name might be yet another a version of Yohanan. The graphic represents only a tiny fraction of the variants of this name, not

Jennifer in Elvish

Jennifer, your name is really cool. It’s a cognate of an Irish goddess’s name, known as Findabair. Or Finnabair. Or Fionnabhair. It’s a lovely name with a long history, likely reaching back to Proto-Celtic languages. It’s most likely a compound of “Gwindos – White” and “Sēbarā – Spirit/Fairy/Phantom.” Sindarin Sindarin

Choosing Your Elvish Name

There’s this weird misconception that translating a name should be a simple one-to-one process. That a translator should be able to just supply you with an Elven name, like you’re asking for the Sindarin word for “hat” (Carab, by the way). But, there’s so much more to it than that,

Elvish Poem: I ‘Wend e-Dathar

Listen to the original song The Willow Maid Original song by Kate Covington AKA Erutan Translation into Sindarin by Fiona Jallings Dîr ‘wain padras drî i dawar na *philinn în a gû farad. Lastas neth ‘wain linnol ar aphadas i lind athan. Ennas *ichir i ‘wend i dhortha ned i

Elvish Poem: Darthol Il-lu Uireb

Original Japanese lyrics by: Kaku Wakako Listen to the Song in Japanese Sindarin translation by: Fiona Jallings Ni nallog os sad min faer *ragui nîn. I *û gîn ve ôl, pedel annin darthad vin ôl. Ú-nuithon i nîn hiriel hin, egor i naeg vin chûn nîn. Ach ab naergon, iston

cheniad Edhellen

English: understand Sindarin Literal Translation: understanding Elvish [mutated to follow the preposition oh] Guide for Adding Punctuation to the Tengwar and Cirth Cirth, used for Woodelven and Doriathren Sindarin: tb,lc9 b!b:b, Tengwar the Mode of Beleriand, used for Exilic Sindarin: dl6`]2 l4ljjl6 Tengwar with vowel-tehtar, used for Quenya, Gondorian-Sindarin, Adúnaic,

New Products Added to the Store

So, this whole “having an online store” thing is still pretty new to me, and I’m learning a lot as I go along! The first major thing that I’ve learned is that trying to maintain the “200 most popular names in the last century on t-shirts” was a truly terrible