Woodelven Sindarin Miscellaneous Names

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Names that don’t really fit into any category.

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

AdasserLover/Friend of Mortal Men (Gender-Neutral)View
AmbenGift Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AndesGift Woman (Female)View
AndirGift Man (Male)View
AnthelGift Girl (Female)View
AnthelGift (Female)View
AnthesGift (Female)View
AnthielDaughter of Gift (Female)View
AnthienDaughter of Gift (Female)View
AnthionSon of Gift (Male)View
AnthorGift (Male)View
AnwenGift Maiden (Female)View
CeldesFlowing Woman (Female)View
CeldirFlowing Man (Male)View
CellFlowing (Gender-Neutral)View
CellelFlowing One (Female)View
CellethFlowing One (Female)View
CellielDaughter of Flowing One (Female)View
CellienDaughter of Flowing One (Female)View
CellilFlowing One (Female)View
CellionSon of Flowing One (Male)View
CellonFlowing One (Male)View
CelphenFlowing Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CelwenFlowing Maiden (Female)View
ColdesHollow Woman (Female)View
ColdirHollow Man (Male)View
ColhelHollow Girl (Female)View
CollHollow (Gender-Neutral)View
CollelHollow One (Female)View
CollethHollow One (Female)View
CollielDaughter of Hollow One (Female)View
CollienDaughter of Hollow One (Female)View
CollionSon of Hollow One (Male)View
ColphenHollow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ColwenHollow Maiden (Female)View
CuildesLife Woman (Female)View
CuildirLife Man (Male)View
CuilelLife Woman (Female)View
CuilethLife Woman (Female)View
CuilhelLife Girl (Female)View
CuilielDaughter of Life (Female)View
CuilienDaughter of Life (Female)View
CuililLife Woman (Female)View
CuilionSon of Life (Male)View
CuilonLife Man (Male)View
CuilphenLife Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CuilwenLife Maiden (Female)View
EnthilGift (Female)View