Names made with this word:

Achardir Avenger/Reactor (Male) Doriathren Sindarin and Woodelven Sindarin
Ahardir Avenger/Reactor (Male) Gondorian Sindarin
Eníredir Desirer (Male) Sindarin
Athaenir Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Man (Male) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Athenir Beneficial/Helpful/Kindly Man (Male) Woodelven Sindarin
Beriedir Protector (Male) Sindarin
Candir Shouter/Caller (Male) Sindarin
Cardir Agent/Maker/Builder (Male) Sindarin
Cerphedir Talker/Speaker (Male) Sindarin
Cendir Seer/Looker (Male) Sindarin
Girdir Shaker/Shudderer (Male) Sindarin
Glirdir Singer/Reciter (Male) Sindarin
Gordir Advisor/Warner (Male) Sindarin
Gwachaenir Far Away Man (Male) Doriathren Sindarin
Gwachenir Far Away Man (Male) Woodelven Sindarin
Gwahaenir Far Away Man (Male) Gondorian Sindarin
Haenir Distant Man (Male) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Henir Distant Man (Male) Woodelven Sindarin
Daenir Dreadful/Horrible/Ghastly Man (Male) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Denir Dreadful/Horrible/Ghastly Man (Male) Woodelven Sindarin
Galdir He Who Shines Clear (Male) Sindarin
Nordir Runner (Male) Sindarin
Orthordir Master/Conqueror (Male) Sindarin
Osgardir Amputator (Male) Sindarin
Peldir He Who Fades (Male) Sindarin
Randir Wanderer (Male) Sindarin
Tandir Smith/Wright Man (Male) Sindarin

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  • Language(s): Sindarin,
  • Categories this word falls under: Miscellaneous

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