Woodelven Sindarin Color Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on words for colors.

BarambenBrown Person (Gender-Neutral)View
BaranBrown (Gender-Neutral)View
BarandirBrown Man (Male)View
BarandisBrown Woman (Female)View
BaranelBrown One (Female)View
BaranethBrown One (Female)View
BaranielDaughter of Brown (Female)View
BaranienDaughter of Brown (Female)View
BaranionSon of Brown (Male)View
BaranorBrown One (Male)View
BaranwenBrown Maiden (Female)View
BarasselBrown Girl (Female)View
BerenilBrown One (Female)View
BernilFiery Red One (Female)View
BornFiery Red (Gender-Neutral)View
BorndirFiery Red Man (Male)View
BorndisFiery Red Woman (Female)View
BornelFiery Red One (Female)View
BornethFiery Red One (Female)View
BornhelFiery Red Girl (Female)View
BornielDaughter of Fiery Red (Female)View
BornienDaughter of Fiery Red (Female)View
BornionSon of Fiery Red (Male)View
BorphenFiery Red Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CalemirGreen Jewel (Gender-Neutral)View
CalenGreen (Gender-Neutral)View
CalendirGreen Man (Male)View
CalendisGreen Woman (Female)View
CalenelGreen One (Female)View
CalenethGreen One (Female)View
CalenielDaughter of Green (Female)View
CalenienDaughter of Green (Female)View
CalenionSon of Green (Male)View
CalenorGreen One (Male)View
CalephenGreen Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CalesselGreen Girl (Female)View
CaranRed (Gender-Neutral)View
CarandirRed Man (Male)View
CarandisRed Woman (Female)View
CaranelRed One (Female)View
CaranethRed One (Female)View
CaranielDaughter of Red (Female)View
CaranienDaughter of Red (Female)View
CaranionSon of Red (Male)View
CaranorRed One (Male)View
CaranorRed Fire (Gender-Neutral)View
CaranwenRed Maiden (Female)View
CaraphenRed Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CarasselRed Girl (Female)View
CelenilGreen One (Female)View
CellilGolden-red One (Female)View
CerenilRed One (Female)View
ColdirGolden-red Man (Male)View
ColdisGolden-red Woman (Female)View
ColhelGolden-red Girl (Female)View
CollGolden-red (Gender-Neutral)View
CollelGolden-red One (Female)View
CollethGolden-red One (Female)View
CollielDaughter of Golden-red (Female)View
CollienDaughter of Golden-red (Female)View
CollionSon of Golden-red (Male)View
ColphenGolden-red Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ColwenGolden-red Maiden (Female)View
EluPale Blue (Gender-Neutral)View
ElubenPale Blue Person (Gender-Neutral)View
EluchilPale Blue Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
EluhelPale Blue Girl (Female)View
ElunirPale Blue Man (Male)View
ElunisPale Blue Woman (Female)View
EluonPale Blue One (Male)View
ElwelPale Blue One (Female)View
ElwenPale Blue Maiden (Female)View
ElwethPale Blue One (Female)View
ElwielDaughter of Pale Blue One (Female)View
ElwienDaughter of Pale Blue One (Female)View
ElwilPale Blue One (Female)View
ElwionSon of Pale Blue One (Male)View
FachilWhite/Radiant Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FainWhite/Radiant (Gender-Neutral)View
FambenWhite/Radiant Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FandirWhite/Radiant Man (Male)View
FandisWhite/Radiant Woman (Female)View
FanwenWhite/Radiant Maiden (Female)View
FasselWhite/Radiant Girl (Female)View
FenielDaughter of White/Radiant One (Female)View
FenielWhite/Radiant One (Female)View
FenienDaughter of White/Radiant One (Female)View
FeniethWhite/Radiant One (Female)View
FenilWhite/Radiant One (Female)View
FenionSon of White/Radiant One (Male)View
FenionWhite/Radiant One (Male)View
GêrRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy (Gender-Neutral)View
GerchilRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
GerdirRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy Man (Male)View
GerdisRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy Woman (Female)View
GerelRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy One (Female)View
GerethRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy One (Female)View
GerhelRed/Copper-Colored/Ruddy Girl (Female)View
GerielDaughter of Red/Copper-Colored/Ruddy One (Female)View
GerienDaughter of Red/Copper-Colored/Ruddy One (Female)View
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