Gondorian Sindarin Number Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on the order in which the children are born.

CahilFourth Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
CanielFourth Daughter (Female)View
CanienFourth Daughter (Female)View
CanionFourth Son (Male)View
ErdirLone Man (Male)View
ErdisLone Woman (Female)View
ErebSingle/Lone/Lonely (Gender-Neutral)View
ErebelSingle/Lone/Lonely One (Female)View
ErebenSingle/Lone/Lonely Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ErebethSingle/Lone/Lonely One (Female)View
ErebielDaughter of Single/Lone/Lonely One (Female)View
ErebienDaughter of Single/Lone/Lonely One (Female)View
ErebilSingle/Lone/Lonely One (Female)View
ErebionSon of Single/Lone/Lonely One (Male)View
ErebonSingle/Lone/Lonely One (Male)View
ErelLone One (Female)View
ErethLone One (Female)View
ErhelLone Girl (Female)View
ErhilLone Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
ErhilFirst Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
ErielDaughter of Lone One (Female)View
ErielFirst Daughter (Female)View
ErienDaughter of Lone One (Female)View
ErienFirst Daughter (Female)View
ErilLone One (Female)View
ErionSon of Lone One (Male)View
ErionFirst Son (Male)View
EronLone One (Male)View
ErphenLone Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ErwenLone Maiden (Female)View
MeduiFinal/Last (Gender-Neutral)View
MeduibenFinal/Last Person (Gender-Neutral)View
MeduielFinal/Last One (Female)View
MeduiethFinal/Last One (Female)View
MeduihelFinal/Last Girl (Female)View
MeduihilFinal/Last Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
MeduinirFinal/Last Man (Male)View
MeduinisFinal/Last Woman (Female)View
MeduionFinal/Last One (Male)View
MeduiwenFinal/Last Maiden (Female)View
MihilFirst Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
MinielFirst Daughter (Female)View
MinienFirst Daughter (Female)View
MinionFirst Son (Male)View
NelhilThird Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
NelielThird Daughter (Female)View
NelienThird Daughter (Female)View
NelionThird Son (Male)View
TadielSecond Daughter (Female)View
TadienSecond Daughter (Female)View
TadionSecond Son (Male)View
TahilSecond Heir (Gender-Neutral)View

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