Gondorian Sindarin Miscellaneous Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names that don’t really fit into any category.

AdasserLover/Friend of Mortal Men (Gender-Neutral)View
AdasserLover of Mortal Men (Gender-Neutral)View
AmbenGift Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AndirGift Man (Male)View
AndisGift Woman (Female)View
AnnelGift Woman (Female)View
AnnielDaughter of Gift (Female)View
AnnienDaughter of Gift (Female)View
AnnilGift Woman (Female)View
AnnionSon of Gift (Male)View
AnnorGift Man (Male)View
AnthelGift Girl (Female)View
AnwenGift Maiden (Female)View
BarhadorOne Faithful to Home (Gender-Neutral)View
CeldirFlowing Man (Male)View
CeldisFlowing Woman (Female)View
CellFlowing (Gender-Neutral)View
CellelFlowing One (Female)View
CellethFlowing One (Female)View
CellielDaughter of Flowing One (Female)View
CellienDaughter of Flowing One (Female)View
CellilFlowing One (Female)View
CellionSon of Flowing One (Male)View
CellonFlowing One (Male)View
CelphenFlowing Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CelwenFlowing Maiden (Female)View
ColbenHollow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ColdirHollow Man (Male)View
ColdisHollow Woman (Female)View
ColhelHollow Girl (Female)View
CollHollow (Gender-Neutral)View
CollelHollow One (Female)View
CollethHollow One (Female)View
CollielDaughter of Hollow One (Female)View
CollienDaughter of Hollow One (Female)View
CollilHollow One (Female)View
CollionSon of Hollow One (Male)View
ColwenHollow Maiden (Female)View
CuildilLover/Friend of Life (Gender-Neutral)View
CuilherLover/Friend of Life (Gender-Neutral)View
ElveduiLast Elf (Gender-Neutral)View
EriedirRiser (Male)View
EriedisRiser (Female)View
ErionRiser (Male)View
EriorRiser (Gender-Neutral)View
EriorielDaughter of Riser (Female)View
EriorienDaughter of Riser (Female)View
EriorilRiser (Female)View
EriorionSon of Riser (Male)View
ErioronRiser (Male)View
FârSufficient (Gender-Neutral)View
FarbenSufficient Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FardirSufficient Man (Male)View
FardisSufficient Woman (Female)View
FarelSufficient One (Female)View
FarethSufficient One (Female)View
FarhelSufficient Girl (Female)View
FarhilSufficient Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FarielDaughter of Sufficient One (Female)View
FarienDaughter of Sufficient One (Female)View
FarilSufficient One (Female)View
FarionSon of Sufficient One (Male)View
FaronSufficient One (Male)View
FarwenSufficient Maiden (Female)View
GlamrehilEchoing Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
GlamrenEchoing (Gender-Neutral)View
GlamrendirEchoing Man (Male)View
GlamrendisEchoing Woman (Female)View
GlamrenelEchoing One (Female)View
GlamrenethEchoing One (Female)View
GlamrenielDaughter of Echoing One (Female)View
GlamrenienDaughter of Echoing One (Female)View
GlamrenilEchoing One (Female)View
GlamrenionSon of Echoing One (Male)View
GlamrenorEchoing One (Male)View
GlamrephenEchoing Person (Gender-Neutral)View
GlamresselEchoing Girl (Female)View
GlíbenHoney Person (Gender-Neutral)View
GlíelHoney Woman (Female)View
GlíhelHoney Girl (Female)View
GlíhilHoney Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
GlínirHoney Man (Male)View
GlíonHoney Man (Male)View
HosselBed Girl (Female)View
HostelBed Woman (Female)View
HostethBed Woman (Female)View
HostielDaughter of the Bed (Female)View
HostienDaughter of the Bed (Female)View
HostilBed Woman (Female)View
HostionSon of the Bed (Male)View
HostonBed Man (Male)View
HwiniedirSpinner/Twirler (Male)View
HwiniedisSpinner/Twirler (Female)View
HwinionSpinner/Twirler (Male)View
HwiniorSpinner/Twirler (Gender-Neutral)View
HwiniorielDaughter of Spinner/Twirler (Female)View
HwiniorienDaughter of Spinner/Twirler (Female)View
HwiniorilSpinner/Twirler (Female)View
HwiniorionSon of Spinner/Twirler (Male)View
HwinioronSpinner/Twirler (Male)View
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