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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Aduial – Evendim (aduial)
Aduialeth Evendim aduial+-eth
Aduialel Evendim aduial+-el
Aduielil Evendim aduial+-il
Aduialien Daughter of Evendim aduial+-ien
Aduialiel Daughter of Evendim aduial+iell
Aduialhel Evendim Girl aduial+sell
Aduialwen Evendim Maiden aduial+gwend
Aduialdis Evendim Bride aduial+dîs
Aduialdes Evendim Maiden aduial+dess
Aduialthel Evendim Sister aduial+thêl
Aduialbes Evendim Wife aduial+bess
Aduialon Evendim aduial+-on
Aduialion Son of Evendim aduial+-ion
Aduialdaer Evendim Bridegroom aduial+daer
Aduialdir Evendim Man aduial+dîr
Aduialben Evendim Husband aduial+benn
Aduialdor Evendim Brother aduial+tôr
Aduialchon Evendim Brother aduial+hawn
Aduial Evendim aduial
Aduialphen Evendim Person aduial+pen
Aglar – Glory/Brilliance/Splendour (aglar)
Aglareth Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+-eth
Aglarel Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+-el
Egleril Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+-il
Aglarien Daughter of Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+-ien
Aglariel Daughter of Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+iell
Aglarhel Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Girl aglar+sell
Aglarwen Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Maiden aglar+gwend
Aglarneth Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Girl aglar+neth
Aglardis Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Bride aglar+dîs
Aglardes Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Maiden aglar+dess
Aglarnith Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Sister aglar+nîth
Aglarthel Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Sister aglar+thêl
Aglarbes Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Wife aglar+bess
Aglaron Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+-on
Aglarion Son of Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar+-ion
Aglardaer Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Bridegroom aglar+daer
Aglardir Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Man aglar+dîr
Aglarben Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Husband aglar+benn
Aglarthor Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Brother aglar+tôr
Aglarchon Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Brother aglar+hawn
Aglar Glory/Brilliance/Splendour aglar
Aglarphen Glory/Brilliance/Splendour Person aglar+pen
Aglareb – Glorious (aglareb)
Aglarebeth Glorious One aglareb+-eth
Aglarebel Glorious One aglareb+-el
Eglerebil Glorious One aglareb+-il
Aglarebien Daughter of Glorious One aglareb+-ien
Aglarebiel Daughter of Glorious One aglareb+iell
Aglarebes Glorious Wife aglareb+bess
Aglarebon Glorious One aglareb+-on
Aglarebion Son of Glorious One aglareb+-ion
Aglareben Glorious Husband aglareb+benn
Aglareb Glorious aglareb
Aglareben Glorious Person aglareb+pen
Annúngil – West Star (annûn+gîl)
Annúngileth West Star annûn+gîl+-eth
Annúngilel West Star annûn+gîl+-el
Annúngilien Daughter of West Star annûn+gîl+-ien
Annúngiliel Daughter of West Star annûn+gîl+iell
Annúngilhel West Star Girl annûn+gîl+sell
Annúngilwen West Star Maiden annûn+gîl+gwend
Annúngilneth West Star Girl annûn+gîl+neth
Annúngildis West Star Bride annûn+gîl+dîs
Annúngildes West Star Maiden annûn+gîl+dess
Annúngilnith West Star Sister annûn+gîl+nîth
Annúngilthel West Star Sister annûn+gîl+thêl
Annúngilbes West Star Wife annûn+gîl+bess
Annúngilon West Star annûn+gîl+-on
Annúngilion Son of West Star annûn+gîl+-ion
Annúngildaer West Star Bridegroom annûn+gîl+daer
Annúngildir West Star Man annûn+gîl+dîr
Annúngilven West Star Husband annûn+gîl+benn
Annúngilthor West Star Brother annûn+gîl+tôr
Annúngilchon West Star Brother annûn+gîl+hawn
Annúngil West Star annûn+gîl
Annúngilben West Star Person annûn+gîl+pen
Aur – Day/Sunlight/Morning (aur)
Oreth Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+-eth
Orel Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+-el
Oeril Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+-il
Orien Daughter of Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+-ien
Oriel Daughter of Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+iell
Orhel Day/Sunlight/Morning Girl aur+sell
Orwen Day/Sunlight/Morning Maiden aur+gwend
Orneth Day/Sunlight/Morning Girl aur+neth
Ordis Day/Sunlight/Morning Bride aur+dîs
Ordes Day/Sunlight/Morning Woman aur+dess
Ornith Day/Sunlight/Morning Sister aur+nîth
Orthel Day/Sunlight/Morning Sister aur+thêl
Orbes Day/Sunlight/Morning Wife aur+bess
Oron Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+-on
Orion Son of Day/Sunlight/Morning aur+iôn
Ordaer Day/Sunlight/Morning Bridegroom aur+daer
Ordir Day/Sunlight/Morning Man aur+dîr
Orben Day/Sunlight/Morning Husband aur+benn
Ordor Day/Sunlight/Morning Brother aur+tôr
Orchon Day/Sunlight/Morning Brother aur+hawn
Orchanar Day/Sunlight/Morning Brother aur+hanar
Aur Day/Sunlight/Morning aur
Orphen Day/Sunlight/Morning Person aur+pen
Calad – Light (calad)
Caleth Light cal-+-eth
Calel Light cal-+-el
Celil Light cal-+-il
Calien Daughter of Light cal-+-ien
Caliel Daughter of Light cal-+iell
Calhel Light Girl cal-+sell
Calwen Light Maiden cal-+gwend
Calneth Light Girl cal-+neth
Caldis Light Bride cal-+dîs
Caldes Light Woman cal-+dess
Calnith Light Sister cal-+nîth
Calthel Light Sister cal-+thêl
Calbes Light Wife cal-+bess
Calon Light cal-+-on
Calion Daughter of Light cal-+iôn
Caladaer Light Bridegroom calad+daer
Caladir Light Man calad+dîr
Calben Light Husband cal-+benn
Caldor Light Brother cal-+tôr
Calchon Light Brother cal-+hawn
Calchanar Light Brother cal-+hanar
Calad Light calad
Calben Light Person cal-+pen
Caledhel – Light Elf (cal-+edhel)
Calelleth Light Elf cal-+el-+-eth
Calellil Light Elf cal-+el-+-il
Calellien Daughter of Light Elf cal-+el-+-ien
Calelliel Daughter of Light Elf cal-+el-+iell
Calelhel Light Elf Girl cal-+el-+sell
Calelwen Light Elf Maiden cal-+el-+gwend
Calelneth Light Elf Girl cal-+el-+neth
Caleldis Light Elf Bride cal-+el-+dîs
Caleldes Light Elf Maiden cal-+el-+dess
Calelnith Light Elf Sister cal-+el-+nîth
Calelbes Light Elf Wife cal-+el-+bess
Calellon Light Elf cal-+el-+-on
Calellion Son of Light Elf cal-+el-+-ion
Caleldaer Light Elf Bridegroom cal-+el-+daer
Caleldir Light Elf Man cal-+el-+dîr
Calelben Light Elf Husband cal-+el-+benn
Caleldor Light Elf Brother cal-+el-+tôr
Calelchon Light Elf Brother cal-+el-+hawn
Calelchanar Light Elf Brother cal-+el-+hanar
Caledhel Light Elf cal-+edhel
Calithil – Moon Light (cal-+ithil)
Calithileth Moon Light cal-+ithil+-eth
Calithilel Moon Light cal-+ithil+-el
Calithilien Daughter of Moon Light cal-+ithil+-ien
Calithiliel Daughter of Moon Light cal-+ithil+iell
Calithilhel Moon Light Girl cal-+ithil+sell
Calithilwen Moon Light Maiden cal-+ithil+gwend
Calithilneth Moon Light Girl cal-+ithil+neth
Calithildis Moon Light Bride cal-+ithil+dîs
Calithildes Moon Light Maiden cal-+ithil+dess
Calithilnith Moon Light Sister cal-+ithil+nîth
Calithilbes Moon Light Wife cal-+ithil+bess
Calithilon Moon Light cal-+ithil+-on
Calithilion Son of Moon Light cal-+ithil+-ion
Calithildaer Moon Light Bridegroom cal-+ithil+daer
Calithildir Moon Light Man cal-+ithil+dîr
Calithilben Moon Light Husband cal-+ithil+benn
Calithildor Moon Light Brother cal-+ithil+tôr
Calithilchon Moon Light Brother cal-+ithil+hawn
Calithil Moon Light cal-+ithil
Calithilben Moon Light Person cal-+ithil+pen
Celair – Brilliant (celair)
Celaireth Brilliant One celair+-eth
Celairel Brilliant One celair+-el
Celairil Brilliant One celair+-il
Celairien Daughter of Brilliant One celair+-ien
Celairiel Daughter of Brilliant One celair+iell
Celairhel Brilliant Girl celair+sell
Celairwen Brilliant Maiden celair+gwend
Celairneth Brilliant Girl celair+neth
Celairdis Brilliant Bride celair+dîs
Celairdes Brilliant Maiden celair+dess
Celairnith Brilliant Sister celair+nîth
Celairthel Brilliant Sister celair+thêl
Celairbes Brilliant Wife celair+bess
Celairon Brilliant One celair+-on
Celairion Son of Brilliant One celair+-ion
Celairdaer Brilliant Bridegroom celair+daer
Celairdir Brilliant Man celair+dîr
Celairben Brilliant Husband celair+benn
Celairdor Brilliant Brother celair+tôr
Celairchon Brilliant Brother celair+hawn
Celair Brilliant celair
Celairphen Brilliant Person celair+pen
Claur – Splendour/Glory (claur)
Cloreth Splendour/Glory claur+-eth
Clorel Splendour/Glory claur+-el
Cloeril Splendour/Glory claur+-il
Clorien Daughter of Splendour/Glory claur+-ien
Cloriel Daughter of Splendour/Glory claur+iell
Clorhel Splendour/Glory Girl claur+sell
Clorwen Splendour/Glory Maiden claur+gwend
Clorneth Splendour/Glory Girl claur+neth
Clordis Splendour/Glory Bride claur+dîs
Clordes Splendour/Glory Maiden claur+dess
Clornith Splendour/Glory Sister claur+nîth
Clorthel Splendour/Glory Sister claur+thêl
Clorbes Splendour/Glory Wife claur+bess
Cloron Splendour/Glory claur+-on
Clorion Son of Splendour/Glory claur+-ion
Clordaer Splendour/Glory Bridegroom claur+daer
Clordir Splendour/Glory Man claur+dîr
Clorben Splendour/Glory Husband claur+benn
Clorchon Splendour/Glory Brother claur+hawn
Clorchanar Splendour/Glory Brother claur+hanar
Claur Splendour/Glory claur
Clorphen Splendour/Glory Person claur+pen
Dae – Shadow (dae)
Daehel Shadow Girl dae+sell
Daewen Shadow Maiden dae+gwend
Daeneth Shadow Girl dae+neth
Daenis Shadow Bride dae+dîs
Daenes Shadow Woman dae+dess
Daenith Shadow Sister dae+nîth
Daethel Shadow Sister dae+thêl
Daeves Shadow Wife dae+bess
Daenir Shadow Man dae+dîr
Daeven Shadow Husband dae+benn
Daedor Shadow Brother dae+tôr
Daechon Shadow Brother dae+hawn
Daechanar Shadow Brother dae+hanar
Dae Shadow dae
Daeben Shadow Person +pen

Daechir – Shadow Lord (dae+hîr)

Daeris – Shadow Queen (dae+rîs)

Daw – Night/Gloom (daw)
Daweth Night/Gloom daw+-eth
Dawel Night/Gloom daw+-el
Dewil Night/Gloom daw+-il
Dawien Daughter of Night/Gloom daw+-ien
Dawiel Daughter of Night/Gloom daw+iell
Dohel Night/Gloom Girl daw+sell
Dawen Night/Gloom Maiden daw+gwend
Doneth Night/Gloom Girl daw+neth
Donis Night/Gloom Bride daw+dîs
Dones Night/Gloom Maiden daw+dess
Donith Night/Gloom Sister daw+nîth
Dothel Night/Gloom Sister daw+thêl
Doves Night/Gloom Wife daw+bess
Donaer Night/Gloom Bridegroom daw+daer
Donir Night/Gloom Man daw+dîr
Doven Night/Gloom Husband daw+benn
Dochon Night/Gloom Brother daw+hawn
Dochanar Night/Gloom Brother daw+hanar
Daw Night/Gloom daw
Doben Night/Gloom Person daw+pen
Dû – Nightfall (dû)
Dúeth Nightfall dû+-eth
Dúel Nightfall dû+-el
Dúhel Nightfall Girl dû+sell
Dúwen Nightfall Maiden dû+gwend
Dúneth Nightfall Girl dû+neth
Dúnis Nightfall Bride dû+dîs
Dúnes Nightfall Maiden dû+dess
Dúnith Nightfall Sister dû+nîth
Dúthel Nightfall Sister dû+thêl
Dúves Nightfall Wife dû+bess
Dúon Nightfall dû+-on
Dúnaer Nightfall Bridegroom dû+daer
Dúnir Nightfall Man dû+dîr
Dúven Nightfall Husband dû+benn
Dúdor Nightfall Brother dû+tôr
Dúchon Nightfall Brother dû+hawn
Dúchanar Nightfall Brother dû+hanar
Dúben Nightfall Person dû+pen
Êl – Star (êl)
Eleth Star êl+-eth
Elil Star êl+-il
Elien Daughter of Star êl+-ien
Eliel Daughter of Star êl+iell
Elwen Star Maiden êl+gwend
Elneth Star Girl êl+neth
Elnith Star Sister êl+nîth
Eldis Star Bride êl+dîs
Eldes Star Woman êl+dess
Elthel Star Sister êl+thêl
Elbes Star Wife êl+bess
Elon Star êl+-on
Elion Son of Star êl+iôn
Eldaer Star Bridegroom êl+daer
Eldir Star Man êl+dîr
Elben Star Husband êl+benn
Eldor Star Brother êl+tôr
Elchon Star Brother êl+hawn
Elhanar Star Brother êl+hanar
Êl Star êl
Elben Star Person êl+pen
Esgalwath – Hiding Shadow (esgal+gwath)
Esgalwathes Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+-eth
Esgalwathel Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+-el
Esgalwethil Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+-il
Esgalwathien Daughter of Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+-ien
Esgalwathiel Daughter of Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+iell
Esgalwathel Hiding Shadow Girl esgal+gwath+sell
Esgalwathwen Hiding Shadow Maiden esgal+gwath+gwend
Esgalwathel Hiding Shadow Sister esgal+gwath+thêl
Esgalwathon Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+-on
Esgalwathion Son of Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath+-ion
Esgalwathon Hiding Shadow Brother esgal+gwath+hawn
Esgalwath Hiding Shadow esgal+gwath
Fuin – Night/Gloom/Darkness (fuin)
Fuineth Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+-eth
Fuinel Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+-el
Fuinil Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+-il
Fuinien Daughter of Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+-ien
Fuiniel Daughter of Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+iell
Fuissel Night/Gloom/Darkness Girl fuin+sell
Fuingwen Night/Gloom/Darkness Maiden fuin+gwend
Fuineth Night/Gloom/Darkness Girl fuin+neth
Fuindis Night/Gloom/Darkness Bride fuin+dîs
Fuindes Night/Gloom/Darkness Maiden fuin+dess
Fuinith Night/Gloom/Darkness Sister fuin+nîth
Fuinthel Night/Gloom/Darkness Sister fuin+thêl
Fuimes Night/Gloom/Darkness Wife fuin+bess
Fuinor Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+-on
Fuinion Son of Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin+iôn
Fuindaer Night/Gloom/Darkness Bridegroom fuin+daer
Fuindir Night/Gloom/Darkness Man fuin+dîr
Fuimen Night/Gloom/Darkness Husband fuin+benn
Fuithor Night/Gloom/Darkness Brother fuin+tôr
Fuin Night/Gloom/Darkness fuin
Fuimben Night/Gloom/Darkness Person fuin+pen
Gael – Pale/Glimmering (gael)
Gaeleth Pale/Glimmering One gael+-eth
Gaelil Pale/Glimmering One One gael+-il
Gaelien Daughter of Pale/Glimmering One gael+-ien
Gaeliel Daughter of Pale/Glimmering One gael+iell
Gaelhel Pale/Glimmering Girl gael+sell
Gaelwen Pale/Glimmering Maiden gael+gwend
Gaelneth Pale/Glimmering Girl gael+neth
Gaeldis Pale/Glimmering Bride gael+dîs
Gaeldes Pale/Glimmering Maiden gael+dess
Gaelnith Pale/Glimmering Sister gael+nîth
Gaelthel Pale/Glimmering Sister gael+thêl
Gaelves Pale/Glimmering Wife gael+bess
Gaelon Pale/Glimmering One gael+-on
Gaelion Son of Pale/Glimmering One gael+-ion
Gaeldir Pale/Glimmering Man gael+dîr
Gaelven Pale/Glimmering Husband gael+benn
Gaeldor Pale/Glimmering Brother gael+tôr
Gaelchon Pale/Glimmering Brother gael+hawn
Gaelchanar Pale/Glimmering Brother gael+hanar
Gael Pale/Glimmering gael
Gaelben Pale/Glimmering Person gael+pen
Gal- – To Shine Clear (gal-)
Galdis She Who Shines gal-+-dis
Gellil She Who Shines gal-+-ril
Galdissiel Daughter of She Who Shines gal-+-dis+iell
Galdissien Daughter of She Who Shines gal-+-dis+-ien
Galliel Daughter of One Who Shines gal-+-or+iell
Gallien Daughter of One Who Shines gal-+-or+-ien
Galdir He Who Shines gal-+-dir
Gallon He Who Shines gal-+-ron
Galdirion Son of He Who Shines gal-+-dir+-ion
Gallion Son of One Who Shines gal-+-or+-ion
Galor One Who Shines gal-+-or
Gail – Star/Bright Light (gail)
Gilieth Star/Bright Light gili-+-eth
Giliel Star/Bright Light gili-+-el
Gilien Daughter of Star/Bright Light gili-+-ien
Giliel Daughter of Star/Bright Light gili-+iell
Gilhel Star/Bright Light Girl gil-+sell
Gilwen Star/Bright Light Maiden gil-+gwend
Gilneth Star/Bright Light Girl gil-+neth
Gildis Star/Bright Light Bride gil-+dîs
Gildes Star/Bright Light Woman gil-+dess
Gilnith Star/Bright Light Sister gil-+nîth
Gilthel Star/Bright Light Sister gil-+thêl
Gilbes Star/Bright Light Wife gil-+bess
Gilion Star/Bright Light gili-+-on
Gilion Son of Star/Bright Light gili-+iôn
Gildaer Star/Bright Light Bridegroom gil-+daer
Gildir Star/Bright Light Man gil-+dîr
Gilben Star/Bright Light Husband gil-+benn
Gildor Star/Bright Light Brother gil-+tôr
Gilchon Star/Bright Light Brother gil-+hawn
Gilchanar Star/Bright Light Brother gil-+hanar
Gail Star/Bright Light gail
Gilben Star/Bright Light Person gil-+pen
Gal – Light (gal-)
Galeth Light gal-+-eth
Galel Light gal-+-el
Gelil Light gal-+-il
Galien Daughter of Light gal-+-ien
Galiel Daughter of Light gal-+iell
Galhel Light Girl gal-+sell
Galwen Light Maiden gal-+gwend
Galneth Light Girl gal-+neth
Galdis Light Bride gal-+dîs
Galdes Light Maiden gal-+dess
Galnith Light Sister gal-+nîth
Galthel Light Sister gal-+thêl
Galbes Light Wife gal-+bess
Galon Light gal-+-on
Galion Son of Light gal-+-ion
Galdaer Light Bridegroom gal-+daer
Galdir Light Man gal-+dîr
Galben Light Husband gal-+benn
Galdor Light Brother gal-+tôr
Galchon Light Brother gal-+hawn
Galchanar Light Brother gal-+hanar
Galben Person +pen
Galad – Light/Radiance/Glittering (galad)
Galadeth Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+-eth
Galadel Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+-el
Geledil Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+-il
Galadien Daughter of Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+-ien
Galadiel Daughter of Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+iell
Galassel Light/Radiance/Glittering Girl galad+sell
Galadwen Light/Radiance/Glittering Maiden galad+gwend
Galadis Light/Radiance/Glittering Bride galad+dîs
Galades Light/Radiance/Glittering Maiden galad+dess
Galadon Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+-on
Galadion Son of Light/Radiance/Glittering galad+-ion
Galadaer Light/Radiance/Glittering Bridegroom galad+daer
Galadir Light/Radiance/Glittering Man galad+dîr
Galador Light/Radiance/Glittering Brother galad+tôr
Galad Light/Radiance/Glittering galad

Gilrin – Lady Crowned with Stars (gîl+rîn)

Glaur – Golden Light (glaur)
Gloreth Golden Light glaur+-eth
Glorel Golden Light glaur+-el
Gloeril Golden Light glaur+-il
Glorien Daughter of Golden Light glaur+-ien
Gloriel Daughter of Golden Light glaur+iell
Glorhel Golden Light Girl glaur+sell
Glorwen Golden Light Maiden glaur+gwend
Glorneth Golden Light Girl glaur+neth
Glordis Golden Light Bride glaur+dîs
Glordes Golden Light Maiden glaur+dess
Glornith Golden Light Sister glaur+nîth
Glorthel Golden Light Sister glaur+thêl
Glorbes Golden Light Wife glaur+bess
Gloron Golden Light glaur+-on
Glorion Son of Golden Light glaur+-ion
Glordaer Golden Light Bridegroom glaur+daer
Glordir Golden Light Man glaur+dîr
Glorben Golden Light Husband glaur+benn
Glorchon Golden Light Brother glaur+hawn
Glorchanar Golden Light Brother glaur+hanar
Glaur Golden Light glaur
Glorphen Golden Light Person glaur+pen
Glaw – Radiance (glaw)
Glaweth Radiance glaw+-eth
Glawel Radiance glaw+-el
Glewil Radiance glaw+-il
Glawien Daughter of Radiance glaw+-ien
Glawiel Daughter of Radiance glaw+iell
Glossel Radiance Girl glaw+sell
Glawen Radiance Maiden glaw+gwend
Gloneth Radiance Girl glaw+neth
Glonis Radiance Bride glaw+dîs
Glones Radiance Maiden glaw+dess
Glonith Radiance Sister glaw+nîth
Glothel Radiance Sister glaw+thêl
Gloves Radiance Wife glaw+bess
Glawion Son of Radiance glaw+-ion
Glonaer Radiance Bridegroom glaw+daer
Glonir Radiance Man glaw+dîr
Gloven Radiance Husband glaw+benn
Glodor Radiance Brother glaw+tôr
Glochon Radiance Brother glaw+hawn
Glochanar Radiance Brother glaw+hanar
Glaw Radiance glaw
Globen Radiance Person glaw+pen
Glawar – Sunlight/Radiance (glawar)
Glawareth Sunlight/Radiance glawar+-eth
Glawarel Sunlight/Radiance glawar+-el
Gleweril Sunlight/Radiance glawar+-il
Glawarien Daughter of Sunlight/Radiance glawar+-ien
Glawariel Daughter of Sunlight/Radiance glawar+iell
Glawarhel Sunlight/Radiance Girl glawar+sell
Glawarwen Sunlight/Radiance Maiden glawar+gwend
Glawarneth Sunlight/Radiance Girl glawar+neth
Glawardis Sunlight/Radiance Bride glawar+dîs
Glawardes Sunlight/Radiance Maiden glawar+dess
Glawarnith Sunlight/Radiance Sister glawar+nîth
Glawarthel Sunlight/Radiance Sister glawar+thêl
Glawarbes Sunlight/Radiance Wife glawar+bess
Glawaron Sunlight/Radiance glawar+-on
Glawarion Son of Sunlight/Radiance glawar+-ion
Glawardaer Sunlight/Radiance Bridegroom glawar+daer
Glawardir Sunlight/Radiance Man glawar+dîr
Glawarben Sunlight/Radiance Husband glawar+benn
Glawardor Sunlight/Radiance Brother glawar+tôr
Glawarchon Sunlight/Radiance Brother glawar+hawn
Glawar Sunlight/Radiance glawar
Glawarphen Sunlight/Radiance Person glawar+pen
Gorfuin – Dreaded Gloom (gor+fuin)
Gorfuineth Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+-eth
Gorfuinel Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+-el
Gorfuinil Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+-il
Gorfuinien Daughter of Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+-ien
Gorfuiniel Daughter of Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+iell
Gorfuissel Dreaded Gloom Girl gor+fuin+sell
Gorfuingwen Dreaded Gloom Maiden gor+fuin+gwend
Gorfuineth Dreaded Gloom Girl gor+fuin+neth
Gorfuindis Dreaded Gloom Bride gor+fuin+dîs
Gorfuindes Dreaded Gloom Maiden gor+fuin+dess
Gorfuinith Dreaded Gloom Sister gor+fuin+nîth
Gorfuinthel Dreaded Gloom Sister gor+fuin+thêl
Gorfuimes Dreaded Gloom Wife gor+fuin+bess
Gorfuinor Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+-on
Gorfuinion Son of Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin+-ion
Gorfuindaer Dreaded Gloom Bridegroom gor+fuin+daer
Gorfuindir Dreaded Gloom Man gor+fuin+dîr
Gorfuimen Dreaded Gloom Husband gor+fuin+benn
Gorfuithor Dreaded Gloom Brother gor+fuin+tôr
Gorfuin Dreaded Gloom gor+fuin
Gorfuimben Dreaded Gloom Person gor+fuin+pen
Gwathra- – To Overshadow/Dim/Veil/Obscure (gwathra-)
Gwethredis Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathrad+-dis
Gwethril Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-ril
Gwathriel Daughter of Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-or+iell
Gwathrien Daughter of Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-or+-ien
Gwathron Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-on
Gwethredir Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathrad+-dir
Gwathron Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-ron
Gwathrion Son of Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-or+-ion
Gwathror Overshadower/Veiler/Obscurer gwathra-+-or
Haerel – Distant Star (haer+êl)
Haereleth Distant Star haer+êl+-eth
Haerelil Distant Star haer+êl+-il
Haerelien Daughter of Distant Star haer+êl+-ien
Haerelwen Distant Star Maiden haer+êl+gwend
Haerelneth Distant Star Girl haer+êl+neth
Haereldis Distant Star Bride haer+êl+dîs
Haereldes Distant Star Maiden haer+êl+dess
Haerelnith Distant Star Sister haer+êl+nîth
Haerelbes Distant Star Wife haer+êl+bess
Haerelon Distant Star haer+êl+-on
Haerelion Son of Distant Star haer+êl+-ion
Haereldaer Distant Star Bridegroom haer+êl+daer
Haereldir Distant Star Man haer+êl+dîr
Haerelben Distant Star Husband haer+êl+benn
Haerelthor Distant Star Brother haer+êl+tôr
Haerelchon Distant Star Brother haer+êl+hawn
Haerel Distant Star haer+êl
Haerelben Distant Star Person haer+êl+pen
Himel – Cold Star (him+êl)
Himeleth Cold Star him+&eirc;l+-eth
Himelil Cold Star him+êl+-il
Himelien Daughter of Cold Star him+&eirc;l+-ien
Himeliel Daughter of Cold Star him+&eirc;l+iell
Himelwen Cold Star Maiden him+&eirc;l+gwend
Himelneth Cold Star Girl him+&eirc;l+neth
Himeldis Cold Star Bride him+&eirc;l+dîs
Himeldes Cold Star Maiden him+&eirc;l+dess
Himelnith Cold Star Sister him+&eirc;l+nîth
Himelbes Cold Star Wife him+&eirc;l+bess
Himelon Cold Star him+&eirc;l+-on
Himelion Son of Cold Star him+&eirc;l+-ion
Himeldaer Cold Star Bridegroom him+&eirc;l+daer
Himeldir Cold Star Man him+&eirc;l+dîr
Himelben Cold Star Husband him+&eirc;l+benn
Himelthor Cold Star Brother him+&eirc;l+tôr
Himelchon Cold Star Brother him+&eirc;l+hawn
Himelchanar Cold Star Brother him+&eirc;l+hanar
Himel Cold Star him+&eirc;l
Himelben Cold Star Person him+&eirc;l+pen
Ladrengil – Valley of Stars (ladrend+gîl)
Ladrengileth Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl+-eth
Ladrengilel Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl+-el
Ladrengilien Daughter of Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl+-ien
Ladrengiliel Daughter of Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl+iell
Ladrengilhel Valley of Stars Girl ladrend+gîl+sell
Ladrengilwen Valley of Stars Maiden ladrend+gîl+gwend
Ladrengilneth Valley of Stars Girl ladrend+gîl+neth
Ladrengildis Valley of Stars Bride ladrend+gîl+dîs
Ladrengildes Valley of Stars Maiden ladrend+gîl+dess
Ladrengilnith Valley of Stars Sister ladrend+gîl+nîth
Ladrengilthel Valley of Stars Sister ladrend+gîl+thêl
Ladrengilbes Valley of Stars Wife ladrend+gîl+bess
Ladrengilon Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl+-on
Ladrengilion Son of Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl+-ion
Ladrengildaer Valley of Stars Bridegroom ladrend+gîl+daer
Ladrengildir Valley of Stars Man ladrend+gîl+dîr
Ladrengilben Valley of Stars Husband ladrend+gîl+benn
Ladrengildor Valley of Stars Brother ladrend+gîl+tôr
Ladrengilchon Valley of Stars Brother ladrend+gîl+hawn
Ladrengil Valley of Stars ladrend+gîl
Ladrengilben Valley of Stars Person ladrend+gîl+pen
Lim – Clear/Sparkling (lim)
Limeth Clear/Sparkling One lim+-eth
Limel Clear/Sparkling One lim+-el
Limil Clear/Sparkling One lim+-il
Limien Daughter of Clear/Sparkling One lim+-ien
Limiel Daughter of Clear/Sparkling One lim+iell
Limhel Clear/Sparkling Girl lim+sell
Limdis Clear/Sparkling Bride lim+dîs
Limdes Clear/Sparkling Maiden lim+dess
Limbes Clear/Sparkling Wife lim+bess
Limon Clear/Sparkling One lim+-on
Limion Son of Clear/Sparkling One lim+-ion
Limdaer Clear/Sparkling Bridegroom lim+daer
Limdir Clear/Sparkling Man lim+dîr
Limben Clear/Sparkling Husband lim+benn
Limdor Clear/Sparkling Brother lim+tôr
Lim Clear/Sparkling lim
Limben Clear/Sparkling Person lim+pen
Lothuial – Twilight Blossom (loth+uial)
Lothuialeth Twilight Blossom loth+uial+-eth
Lothuialel Twilight Blossom loth+uial+-el
Lothuielil Twilight Blossom loth+uial+-il
Lothuialien Daughter of Twilight Blossom loth+uial+-ien
Lothuialiel Daughter of Twilight Blossom loth+uial+iell
Lothuialhel Twilight Blossom Girl loth+uial+sell
Lothuialwen Twilight Blossom Maiden loth+uial+gwend
Lothuialneth Twilight Blossom Girl loth+uial+neth
Lothuialdis Twilight Blossom Bride loth+uial+dîs
Lothuialdes Twilight Blossom Maiden loth+uial+dess
Lothuialnith Twilight Blossom Sister loth+uial+nîth
Lothuialthel Twilight Blossom Sister loth+uial+thêl
Lothuialves Twilight Blossom Wife loth+uial+bess
Lothuialon Twilight Blossom loth+uial+-on
Lothuialion Son of Twilight Blossom loth+uial+-ion
Lothuialdaer Twilight Blossom Bridegroom loth+uial+daer
Lothuialdir Twilight Blossom Man loth+uial+dîr
Lothuialven Twilight Blossom Husband loth+uial+benn
Lothuialdor Twilight Blossom Brother loth+uial+tôr
Lothuialchon Twilight Blossom Brother loth+uial+hawn
Lothuial Twilight Blossom loth+uial
Lothuialben Twilight Blossom Person loth+uial+pen
Maur – Gloom (maur)
Moreth Gloom maur+-eth
Morel Gloom maur+-el
Moeril Gloom maur+-il
Morien Daughter of Gloom maur+-ien
Moriel Daughter of Gloom maur+iell
Morhel Gloom Girl maur+sell
Morwen Gloom Maiden maur+gwend
Morneth Gloom Girl maur+neth
Mordis Gloom Bride maur+dîs
Mordes Gloom Maiden maur+dess
Mornith Gloom Sister maur+nîth
Morthel Gloom Sister maur+thêl
Morves Gloom Wife maur+bess
Moron Gloom maur+-on
Morion Son of Gloom maur+-ion
Mordaer Gloom Bridegroom maur+daer
Mordir Gloom Man maur+dîr
Morben Gloom Husband maur+benn
Morthor Gloom Brother maur+tôr
Morchon Gloom Brother maur+hawn
Morchanar Gloom Brother maur+hanar
Maur Gloom maur
Morphen Gloom Person maur+pen
Míria- – To Shine/Sparkle Like a Jewel (míria-)
Míriedis She Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-dis
Míril She Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-ril
Mírien Daughter of One Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-or+-ien
Mírion He Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-on
Míriedir He Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-dir
Míron He Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-ron
Mírion Son of One Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-or+-ion
Mírior One Who Shines/Sparkles Like a Jewel míria-+-or
Môr – Darkness/Night (môr)
Moreth Darkness/Night mor-+-eth
Morel Darkness/Night mor-+-el
Meril Darkness/Night mor-+-il
Morien Daughter of Darkness/Night mor-+-ien
Moriel Daughter of Darkness/Night mor-+iell
Morhel Darkness/Night Girl mor-+sell
Morwen Darkness/Night Maiden mor-+gwend
Morneth Darkness/Night Girl mor-+neth
Mordis Darkness/Night Bride mor-+dîs
Mordes Darkness/Night Woman mor-+dess
Mornith Darkness/Night Sister mor-+nîth
Morthel Darkness/Night Sister mor-+thêl
Morbes Darkness/Night Wife mor-+bess
Moron Darkness/Night mor-+-on
Morion Son of the Darkness/Night mor-+iôn
Mordaer Darkness/Night Bridegroom mor-+daer
Mordir Darkness/Night Man mor-+dîr
Morben Darkness/Night Husband mor-+benn
Morthor Darkness/Night Brother mor-+tôr
Morchon Darkness/Night Brother mor-+hawn
Morchanar Darkness/Night Brother mor-+hanar
Môr Darkness/Night môr
Morben Darkness/Night Person mor-+pen
Orel – Morning Star (aur+êl)
Oreleth Morning Star aur+êl+-eth
Orelil Morning Star aur+êl+-il
Orelien Daughter of Morning Star aur+êl+-ien
Oreliel Daughter of Morning Star aur+êl+iell
Orelhel Morning Star Girl aur+êl+sell
Orelwen Morning Star Maiden aur+êl+gwend
Orelneth Morning Star Girl aur+êl+neth
Oreldis Morning Star Bride aur+êl+dîs
Oreldes Morning Star Woman aur+êl+dess
Orelnith Morning Star Sister aur+êl+nîth
Orelthel Morning Star Sister aur+êl+thêl
Orelbes Morning Star Wife aur+êl+bess
Orelon Morning Star aur+êl+-on
Orelion Son of Morning Star aur+êl+iôn
Oreldaer Morning Star Bridegroom aur+êl+daer
Oreldir Morning Star Man aur+êl+dîr
Orelben Morning Star Husband aur+êl+benn
Oreldor Morning Star Brother aur+êl+tôr
Orelchon Morning Star Brother aur+êl+hawn
Orel Morning Star aur+êl
Orelben Morning Star Person aur+êl+pen
Pelinel – Fading Star (pelin+êl)
Pelineleth Fading Star pelin+êl+-eth
Pelinelil Fading Star pelin+êl+-il
Pelinelien Daughter of Fading Star pelin+êl+-ien
Pelinelwen Fading Star Maiden pelin+êl+gwend
Pelinelneth Fading Star Girl pelin+êl+neth
Pelineldis Fading Star Bride pelin+êl+dîs
Pelineldes Fading Star Maiden pelin+êl+dess
Pelinelnith Fading Star Sister pelin+êl+nîth
Pelinelbes Fading Star Wife pelin+êl+bess
Pelinelon Fading Star pelin+êl+-on
Pelinelion Son of Fading Star pelin+êl+-ion
Pelineldaer Fading Star Bridegroom pelin+êl+daer
Pelineldir Fading Star Man pelin+êl+dîr
Pelinelben Fading Star Husband pelin+êl+benn
Pelineldor Fading Star Brother pelin+êl+tôr
Pelinelchon Fading Star Brother pelin+êl+hawn
Pelinel Fading Star pelin+êl
Pelinelben Fading Star Person pelin+êl+pen
Pelingil – Fading Star (pelin+gîl)
Pelingileth Fading Star pelin+gîl+-eth
Pelingilel Fading Star pelin+gîl+-el
Pelingilien Daughter of Fading Star pelin+gîl+-ien
Pelingiliel Daughter of Fading Star pelin+gîl+iell
Pelingilhel Fading Star Girl pelin+gîl+sell
Pelingilwen Fading Star Maiden pelin+gîl+gwend
Pelingilneth Fading Star Girl pelin+gîl+neth
Pelingildis Fading Star Bride pelin+gîl+dîs
Pelingildes Fading Star Maiden pelin+gîl+dess
Pelingilnith Fading Star Sister pelin+gîl+nîth
Pelingilthel Fading Star Sister pelin+gîl+thêl
Pelingilbes Fading Star Wife pelin+gîl+bess
Pelingilon Fading Star pelin+gîl+-on
Pelingilion Son of Fading Star pelin+gîl+-ion
Pelingildaer Fading Star Bridegroom pelin+gîl+daer
Pelingildir Fading Star Man pelin+gîl+dîr
Pelingilben Fading Star Husband pelin+gîl+benn
Pelingilthor Fading Star Brother pelin+gîl+tôr
Pelingilchon Fading Star Brother pelin+gîl+hawn
Pelingil Fading Star pelin+gîl
Pelingilben Fading Star Person pelin+gîl+pen
Rîl – Brilliance (rîl)
Rileth Brilliance rîl+-eth
Rilel Brilliance rîl+-el
Rilil Brilliance rîl+-il
Rilien Daughter of Brilliance rîl+-ien
Riliel Daughter of Brilliance rîl+iell
Rilhel Brilliance Girl rîl+sell
Rilwen Brilliance Maiden rîl+gwend
Rilneth Brilliance Girl rîl+neth
Rildis Brilliance Bride rîl+dîs
Rildes Brilliance Maiden rîl+dess
Rilnith Brilliance Sister rîl+nîth
Rilthel Brilliance Sister rîl+thêl
Rilbes Brilliance Wife rîl+bess
Rilon Brilliance rîl+-on
Rilion Son of Brilliance rîl+-ion
Rildaer Brilliance Bridegroom rîl+daer
Rildir Brilliance Man rîl+dîr
Rilben Brilliance Husband rîl+benn
Rildor Brilliance Brother rîl+tôr
Rilchon Brilliance Brother rîl+hawn
Rilchanar Brilliance Brother rîl+hanar
Rîl Brilliance rîl
Rilben Brilliance Person rîl+pen
Síla- – To Shine White (síla-)
Síledis Shiner sílad+-dis
Sillil Shiner síla-+-ril
Silliel Daughter of Shiner síla-+-or+iell
Sillien Daughter of Shiner síla-+-or+-ien
Sílon Shiner síla-+-on
Síledir Shiner sílad+-dir
Sillon Shiner síla-+-ron
Sillion Son of Shiner síla-+-or+-ion
Sílor Shiner síla-+-or
Silevren – Glittering Like a White Crystal (silevren)
Silevreneth One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+-eth
Silevrenel One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+-el
Silevrenil One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+-il
Silevrenien Daughter of One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+-ien
Silevreniel Daughter of One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+iell
Silevressel Girl Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+sell
Silevrengwen Maiden Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+gwend
Silevreneth Girl Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+neth
Silevrendis Bride Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+dîs
Silevrendes Maiden Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+dess
Silevrenith Sister Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+nîth
Silevrenthel Sister Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+thêl
Silevremes Wife Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+bess
Silevrenor One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+-on
Silevrenion Son of One Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+-ion
Silevrendaer Bridegroom Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+daer
Silevrendir Man Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+dîr
Silevremen Husband Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+bend
Silevrendor Brother Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+tôr
Silevren Glittering Like a White Crystal silevren
Silevremben Person Who Glitters Like a White Crystal silevren+pen
Thilia- – To Glisten (thilia-)
Thiliedis She Who Glistens thiliad+-dis
Thillil She Who Glistens thilia-+-ril
Thilliel Daughter of One Who Glistens thilia-+-or+iell
Thillien Daughter of One Who Glistens thilia-+-or+-ien
Thilion He Who Glistens thilia-+-on
Thiliedir He Who Glistens thiliad+-dir
Thillon He Who Glistens thilia-+-ron
Thillion Son of One Who Glistens thilia-+-or+-ion
Thilior One Who Glistens thilia-+-or
Thîn – Evening (thîn)
Thíneth Evening thîn+-eth
Thínel Evening thîn+-el
Thínil Evening thîn+-il
Thínien Daughter of Evening thîn+-ien
Thíniel Daughter of Evening thîn+-iel
Thíssel Evening Girl thîn+sell
Thíngwen Evening Maiden thîn+gwend
Thíneth Evening Girl thîn+neth
Thíndis Evening Bride thîn+dîs
Thíndes Evening Woman thîn+dess
Thínith Evening Sister thîn+nîth
Thímes Evening Wife thîn+bess
Thínor Evening thîn+-on
Thínion Son of Evening thîn+-ion
Thíndaer Evening Bridegroom thîn+daer
Thíndir Evening Man thîn+dîr
Thímen Evening Husband thîn+benn
Thîn Evening thîn
Thímben Evening Person thîn+pen
Tinna- – To Glint (tinna-)
Tinnedis Glinter tinnad+-dis
Tinnedril Glinter tinnad+-ril
Tinnadriel Daughter of Glinter tinnad+-or+iell
Tinnadrien Daughter of Glinter tinnad+-or+-ien
Tinnor Glinter tinna-+-on
Tinnedir Glinter tinnad+-dir
Tinnadron Glinter tinnad+-ron
Tinnadrion Son of Glinter tinnad+-or+-ion
Tinnor Glinter tinna-+-or
Tinnu – Twilight (tinnu)
Tinnueth Twilight tinnu+-eth
Tinnuel Twilight tinnu+-el
Tinnuil Twilight tinnu+-il
Tinnuien Daughter of Twilight tinnu+-ien
Tinnuiel Daughter of Twilight +iell
Tinnuhel Twilight Girl tinnu+sell
Tinnuneth Twilight Girl tinnu+neth
Tinnunis Twilight Bride tinnu+dîs
Tinnunes Twilight Woman tinnu+dess
Tinnunith Twilight Sister tinnu+nîth
Tinnuthel Twilight Sister tinnu+thêl
Tinnuves Twilight Wife tinnu+bess
Tinnuon Twilight tinnu+-on
Tinnunaer Twilight Bridegroom tinnu+daer
Tinnunir Twilight Man tinnu+dîr
Tinnuven Twilight Husband tinnu+benn
Tinnudor Twilight Brother tinnu+tôr
Tinnuchon Twilight Brother tinnu+hawn
Tinnu Twilight tinnu
Tinnuben Twilight Person tinnu+pen
Tinu – Star (tinu)
Tinweth Star tinu+-eth
Tinwel Star tinu+-el
Tinwil Star tinu+-il
Tinwien Daughter of a Star tinu+-ien
Tinwiel Daughter of a Star tinu+-iel
Tinuhel Star Girl tinu+sell
Tinwen Star Maiden tinu+gwend
Tinuneth Star Girl tinu+neth
Tinunis Star Brides tinu+dîs
Tinunes Star Woman tinu+dess
Tinunith Star Sister tinu+nîth
Tinuthel Star Sister tinu+thêl
Tinuves Star Wife tinu+bess
Tinuon Star tinu+-on
Tinwion Son of a Star tinu+-ion
Tinunaer Star Bridegroom tinu+daer
Tinunir Star Man tinu+dîr
Tinuven Star Husband tinu+benn
Tinudor Star Brother tinu+tôr
Tinuchon Star Brother tinu+hawn
Tinu Star tinu
Tinuben Star Person tinu+pen

Tirnel – Star Gazer (tirn+êl)

Uial – Twilight (uial)
Uialeth Twilight uial+-eth
Uialel Twilight uial+-el
Uielil Twilight uial+-il
Uialien Daughter of Twilight uial+-ien
Uialiel Daughter of Twilight uial+iell
Uialhel Twilight Girl uial+sell
Uialwen Twilight Maiden uial+gwend
Uialneth Twilight Girl uial+neth
Uialdis Twilight Bride uial+dîs
Uialdes Twilight Maiden uial+dess
Uialnith Twilight Sister uial+nîth
Uialthel Twilight Sister uial+thêl
Uialbes Twilight Wife uial+bess
Uialon Twilight uial+-on
Uialion Son of Twilight uial+-ion
Uialdaer Twilight Bridegroom uial+daer
Uialdir Twilight Man uial+dîr
Uialben Twilight Husband uial+benn
Uialdor Twilight Brother uial+tôr
Uialchon Twilight Brother uial+hawn
Uial Twilight uial
Uialben Twilight Person uial+pen