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Quenya Pronunciation

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name



Alca – Ray of Light (alca)
Alcë Ray of Light alca+-ë
Alcië Ray of Light alca+-ië
Alcien Ray of Ligh alca+-ien
Alciel Daughter of Ray of Light alca+-iel
Alcawen Ray of Light Girl alca+wendë
Alcanis Ray of Light Woman alca+níssë
Alco Ray of Light alca+-o
Alcon Ray of Light alca+-on
Alcion Son of Ray of Light alca+-ion
Alcaner Ray of Light Man alca+nér
Alca Ray of Light alca
Alcandil Lover/Friend of Rays of Light alca+-ndil
Alcandur Servant of Ray of Lights alca+-ndur
Alcar – Brilliance (alcar)
Alcarë Brilliance alcar+-ë
Alcarië Brilliance alcar+-ië
Alcarien Brilliance alcar+-ien
Alcariel Daughter of Brilliance One alcar+-iel
Alcarwen Brilliance Girl alcar+wendë
Alcarnis Brilliance Woman alcar+níssë
Alcaro Brilliance alcar+-o
Alcaron Brilliance alcar+-on
Alcarno Brilliance alcar+-no
Alcarion Son of Brilliance alcar+-ion
Alcarner Brilliance Man alcar+nér
Alcar Brilliance alcar
Alcarwë Brilliance Being alcar+-wë
Alcarnil Lover/Friend of Brilliance alcar+-ndil
Alcarnur Servant of Brilliance alcar+-ndur
Alcarin – Glorious/Brilliant (alcarin)
Alcarinë Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-ë
Alcarinië Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-ië
Alcarinien Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-ien
Alcariniel Daughter of Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-iel
Alcarinwen Glorious/Brilliant Girl alcarin+wendë
Alcarindis Glorious/Brilliant Woman alcarin+níssë
Alcarino Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-o
Alcarinon Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-on
Alcarindo Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-no
Alcarinion Son of Glorious/Brilliant One alcarin+-ion
Alcarinder Glorious/Brilliant Man alcarin+nér
Alcarin Glorious/Brilliant alcarin
Alcarinquen Glorious/Brilliant Person alcarin+quen
Alcarindil Glorious/Brilliant Lover/Friend alcarin+-ndil
Alcarindur Glorious/Brilliant Servant alcarin+-ndur
Alta – Radiance (alta)
Altë Radiance alta+-ë
Altië Radiance alta+-ië
Altien Radiance alta+-ien
Altiel Daughter of Radiance alta+-iel
Altawen Radiance Girl alta+wendë
Altanis Radiance Woman alta+níssë
Alto Radiance alta+-o
Alton Radiance alta+-on
Altion Son of Radiance alta+-ion
Altaner Radiance Man alta+nér
Alta Radiance alta
Altaquen Radiance Person alta+quen
Anarórë – Sunrise (anarórë)
Anarórë Sunrise anarórë+-ë
Anarórië Sunrise anarórë+-ië
Anarórien Sunrise anarórë+-ien
Anaróriel Daughter of Sunrise anarórë+-iel
Anarórewen Sunrise Girl anarórë+wendë
Anarórenis Sunrise Woman anarórë+níssë
Anaróro Sunrise anarórë+-o
Anaróron Sunrise anarórë+-on
Anarórno Sunrise anarórë+-no
Anarórion Son of Sunrise anarórë+-ion
Anarórener Sunrise Man anarórë+nér
Anarórë Sunrise anarórë
Anarórequen Sunrise Person anarórë+quen
Andúnë – Sunset/Evening (andúnë)
Andúnë Sunset/Evening andúnë+-ë
Andúnië Sunset/Evening andúnë+-ië
Andúnien Sunset/Evening andúnë+-ien
Andúniel Daughter of Sunset/Evening andúnë+-iel
Andúnewen Sunset/Evening Girl andúnë+wendë
Andúnenis Sunset/Evening Woman andúnë+níssë
Andúno Sunset/Evening andúnë+-o
Andúnon Sunset/Evening andúnë+-on
Andúndo Sunset/Evening andúnë+-no
Andúnion Son of Sunset/Evening andúnë+-ion
Andúnener Sunset/Evening Man andúnë+nér
Andúnë Sunset/Evening andúnë
Andúnequen Sunset/Evening Person andúnë+quen
Ára – Dawn (ára)
Árë Dawn ára+-ë
Árië Dawn ára+-ië
Árien Dawn ára+-ien
Áriel Daughter of Dawn ára+-iel
Árawen Dawn Girl ára+wendë
Áranis Dawn Woman ára+níssë
Áro Dawn ára+-o
Áron Dawn ára+-on
Árno Dawn ára+-no
Árion Son of Dawn ára+-ion
Áraner Dawn Man ára+nér
Ára Dawn ára
Árwë Dawn Being ára+-wë
Áraquen Dawn Person ára+quen
Árë – Day/Sunlight (árë)
Árë Day/Sunlight árë+-ë
Árië Day/Sunlight árë+-ië
Árien Day/Sunlight árë+-ien
Áriel Daughter of Day/Sunlight árë+-iel
Áriwen Day/Sunlight Girl ári-+wendë
Árinis Day/Sunlight Woman ári-+níssë
Áro Day/Sunlight árë+-o
Áron Day/Sunlight árë+-on
Árno Day/Sunlight árë+-no
Árion Son of Day/Sunlight árë+-ion
Áriner Day/Sunlight Man ári-+nér
Árë Day/Sunlight árë
Árwë Day/Sunlight Being árë+-wë
Árequen Day/Sunlight Person árë+quen
Arin – Morning (arin)
Arinë Morning arin+-ë
Arinië Morning arin+-ië
Arinien Morning arin+-ien
Ariniel Daughter of Morning arin+-iel
Arinwen Morning Girl arin+wendë
Arindis Morning Woman arin+níssë
Arino Morning arin+-o
Arinon Morning arin+-on
Arindo Morning arin+-no
Arinion Son of Morning arin+-ion
Arinder Morning Man arin+nér
Arin Morning arin
Arinquen Morning Person arin+quen
Arma – Ray of Sunlight (arma)
Armë Ray of Sunlight arma+-ë
Armië Ray of Sunlight arma+-ië
Armien Ray of Sunlight arma+-ien
Armiel Daughter of Ray of Sunlight arma+-iel
Armawen Ray of Sunlight Girl +wendë
Armanis Ray of Sunlight Woman +níssë
Armo Ray of Sunlight arma+-o
Armon Ray of Sunlight arma+-on
Armion Son of Ray of Sunlight arma+-ion
Armaner Ray of Sunlight Man arma+nér
Arma Ray of Sunlight arma
Armaquen Sunlight Person arma+quen
Artuilë – Dayspring/Early Morn (artuilë)
Artuilë Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-ë
Artuilië Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-ië
Artuilien Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-ien
Artuiliel Daughter of Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-iel
Artuilewen Dayspring/Early Morn Girl artuilë+wendë
Artuilenis Dayspring/Early Morn Woman artuilë+níssë
Artuilo Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-o
Artuilon Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-on
Artuildo Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-no
Artuilion Son of Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë+-ion
Artuilener Dayspring/Early Morn Man artuilë+nér
Artuilë Dayspring/Early Morn artuilë
Artuilequen Dayspring/Early Mor Person artuilë+quen
Aurë – Sunlight/Day (aurë)
Aurë Sunlight/Day aurë+-ë
Aurië Sunlight/Day aurë+-ië
Aurien Sunlight/Day aurë+-ien
Auriel Daughter of Sunlight/Day aurë+-iel
Aurewen Sunlight/Day Girl aurë+wendë
Aurenis Sunlight/Day Woman aurë+níssë
Auro Sunlight/Day aurë+-o
Auron Sunlight/Day aurë+-on
Aurno Sunlight/Day aurë+-no
Aurion Son of Sunlight/Day aurë+-ion
Aurener Sunlight/Day Man aurë+nér
Aurë Sunlight/Day aurë
Aurwë Sunlight/Day Being aurë+-wë
Aurequen Sunlight/Day Person aurë+quen
Cala – Light (cala)
Calë Light cala+-ë
Calië Light cala+-ië
Calien Light cala+-ien
Caliel Daughter of Light cala+-iel
Calawen Light Girl cala+wendë
Calanis Light Woman cala+níssë
Calo Light cala+-o
Calon Light cala+-on
Caldo Light cala+-no
Calion Son of Light cala+-ion
Calaner Light Man cala+nér
Cala Light cala
Calwë Light Being cala+-wë
Calaquen Light Person cala+quen
Calandil Lover/Friend of Light cala+-ndil
Calandur Servant of Light cala+-ndur
Calairë – Sea Light (cala+airë)
Calairë Sea Light cala+airë+-ë
Calairië Sea Light cala+airë+-ië
Calairien Sea Light cala+airë+-ien
Calairiel Daughter of Sea Light cala+airë+-iel
Calairewen Sea Light Girl cala+airë+wendë
Calairenis Sea Light Woman cala+airë+níssë
Calairo Sea Light cala+airë+-o
Calairon Sea Light cala+airë+-on
Calairno Sea Light cala+airë+-no
Calairion Son of Sea Light cala+airë+-ion
Calairener Sea Light Man cala+airë+nér
Calairë Sea Light cala+airë
Calairwë Sea Light Being cala+airë+-wë
Calairequen Sea Light Person cala+airë+quen
Calassë – Clarity/Brilliance (calassë)
Calassë Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-ë
Calassië Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-ië
Calassien Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-ien
Calassiel Daughter of Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-iel
Calassewen Clarity/Brilliance Girl calassë+wendë
Calassenis Clarity/Brilliance Woman calassë+níssë
Calasso Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-o
Calasson Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-on
Calassion Son of Clarity/Brilliance calassë+-ion
Calassener Clarity/Brilliance Man calassë+nér
Calassë Clarity/Brilliance calassë
Calaswë Clarity/Brilliance Being calassë+-wë
Calassequen Clarity/Brilliance Person calassë+quen
Calima – Bright (calima)
Calimë Bright One calima+-ë
Calimië Bright One calima+-ië
Calimien Bright One calima+-ien
Calimiel Daughter of Bright One calima+-iel
Calimawen Bright Girl calima+wendë
Calimanis Bright Woman calima+níssë
Calimo Bright One calima+-o
Calimon Bright One calima+-on
Calimno Bright One calima+-no
Calimion Son of Bright One calima+-ion
Calimaner Bright Man calima+nér
Calima Bright calima
Calimaquen Bright Person calima+quen
Calimandil Bright Lover/Friend calima+-ndil
Calimandur Bright Servant calima+-ndur
Calina – Bright (calina)
Calinë Bright One calina+-ë
Calinië Bright One calina+-ië
Calinien Bright One calina+-ien
Caliniel Daughter of Bright One calina+-iel
Calinawen Bright Girl calina+wendë
Calinanis Bright Woman calina+níssë
Calino Bright One calina+-o
Calinon Bright One calina+-on
Calindo Bright One calina+-no
Calinion Son of Bright One calina+-ion
Calinaner Bright Man calina+nér
Calina Bright calina
Calinaquen Bright Person calina+quen
Calinandil Bright Lover/Friend calina+-ndil
Calinandur Bright Servant calina+-ndur
– Crescent Moon (cú)
Cúwen Crescent Moon Girl cú+wendë
Cúnis Crescent Moon Woman cú+níssë
Cúno Crescent Moon cú+-no
Cúner Crescent Moon Man cú+nér
Crescent Moon
Cúquen Crescent Moon Person cú+quen
Cúwë Crescent Moon Being cú+-wë
Cúndil Lover/Friend of the Crescent Moon cú+-ndil
Cúndur Servant of the Crescent Moon cú+-ndur
Eärcala – Sea Light (eär+cala)
Eärcalë Sea Light eär+cala+-ë
Eärcalië Sea Light eär+cala+-ië
Eärcalien Sea Light eär+cala+-ien
Eärcalawen Sea Light Girl eär+cala+wendë
Eärcalanis Sea Light Woman eär+cala+níssë
Eärcaliel Daughter of Sea Light eär+cala+-iel
Eärcalo Sea Light eär+cala+-o
Eärcalon Sea Light eär+cala+-on
Eärcaldo Sea Light eär+cala+-no
Eärcalaner Sea Light Man eär+cala+nér
Eärcalion Son of Sea Light eär+cala+-ion
Eärcala Sea Light eär+cala
Eärcalaquen Sea Light Person eär+cala+quen
Eärcalwë Sea Light Being eär+cala+-wë
Él – Star (él)
Élë Star él+-ë
Élië Star él+-ië
Élien Star él+-ien
Élwen Star Girl él+wendë
Éldis Star Woman él+níssë
Éliel Daughter of Star él+-iel
Élo Star él+-o
Élon Star él+-on
Éldo Star él+-no
Élder Star Man él+nér
Élion Son of Star él+-ion
Él Star él
Élquen Star Person él+quen
Éldil Lover/Friend of Star él+-ndil
Éldur Servant of Star él+-ndur
Eldacala – Elf Light (elda+cala)
Eldacalë Elf Light elda+cala+-ë
Eldacalië Elf Light elda+cala+-ië
Eldacalien Elf Light elda+cala+-ien
Eldacalawen Elf Light Girl elda+cala+wendë
Eldacalanis Elf Light Woman elda+cala+níssë
Eldacaliel Daughter of Elf Light elda+cala+-iel
Eldacalo Elf Light elda+cala+-o
Eldacalon Elf Light elda+cala+-on
Eldacaldo Elf Light elda+cala+-no
Eldacalaner Elf Light Man elda+cala+nér
Eldacalion Son of Elf Light elda+cala+-ion
Eldacala Elf Light elda+cala
Eldacalaquen Elf Light Person elda+cala+quen
Eldacalwë Elf Light Being elda+cala+-wë
Élë – Glimmering Starlight (élë)
Élë Glimmering Starlight élë+-ë
Élië Glimmering Starlight élë+-ië
Élien Glimmering Starlight élë+-ien
Élewen Glimmering Starlight Girl élë+wendë
Élenis Glimmering Starlight Woman élë+níssë
Éliel Daughter of Glimmering Starlight élë+-iel
Élo Glimmering Starlight élë+-o
Élon Glimmering Starlight élë+-on
Éldo Glimmering Starlight élë+-no
Élener Glimmering Starlight Man élë+nér
Élion Son of Glimmering Starlight élë+-ion
Élë Glimmering Starlight élë
Élequen Glimmering Starlight Person élë+quen
Elen – Star (elen)
Elenë Star elen+-ë
Elenië Star elen+-ië
Elenien Star elen+-ien
Elenwen Star Girl elen+wendë
Elendis Star Woman elen+níssë
Eleniel Daughter of Star elen+-iel
Eleno Star elen+-o
Elenon Star elen+-on
Elendo Star elen+-no
Elender Star Man elen+nér
Elenion Son of Star elen+-ion
Elen Star elen
Elenquen Star Person elen+quen
Elendil Lover/Friend of Stars elen+-ndil
Elendur Servant of Stars elen+-ndur
Elena – Celestial (elena)
Elenë Celestial One elena+-ë
Elenië Celestial One elena+-ië
Elenien Celestial One elena+-ien
Elenawen Celestial Girl elena+wendë
Elenanis Celestial Woman elena+níssë
Eleniel Daughter of Celestial One elena+-iel
Eleno Celestial One elena+-o
Elenon Celestial One elena+-on
Elendo Celestial One elena+-no
Elenaner Celestial Man elena+nér
Elenion Son of Celestial One elena+-ion
Elena Celestial elena
Elenaquen Celestial Person elena+quen
Elenandil Celestial Lover/Friend elena+-ndil
Elenandur Celestial Servant elena+-ndur
Elennúmen – Star of the West (elen+númen)
Elennúmenë Star of the West elen+númen+-ë
Elennúmenië Star of the West elen+númen+-ië
Elennúmenien Star of the West elen+númen+-ien
Elennúmenwen Star of the West Girl elen+númen+wendë
Elennúmendis Star of the West Woman elen+númen+níssë
Elennúmeniel Daughter of Star of the West elen+númen+-iel
Elennúmeno Star of the West elen+númen+-o
Elennúmenon Star of the West elen+númen+-on
Elennúmendo Star of the West elen+númen+-no
Elennúmender Star of the West Man elen+númen+nér
Elennúmenion Son of Star of the West elen+númen+-ion
Elennúmen Star of the West elen+númen
Elennúmenquen Star of the West Person elen+númen+quen
Elenya – Celestial (elenya)
Elenyë Celestial One elenya+-ë
Elenië Celestial One elenya+-ië
Elenien Celestial One elenya+-ien
Elenyawen Celestial Girl elenya+wendë
Elenyanis Celestial Woman elenya+níssë
Eleniel Daughter of Celestial One elenya+-iel
Elenyo Celestial One elenya+-o
Elenyon Celestial One elenya+-on
Elenyaner Celestial Man elenya+nér
Elenion Son of Celestial One elenya+-ion
Elenya Celestial elenya
Elenyaquen Celestial Person elenya+quen
Elenyandil Celestial Lover/Friend elenya+-ndil
Elenyandur Celestial Servant elenya+-ndur
Elenquelië – Waning Star (elen+quelië)
Elenquelë Waning Star elen+quelië+-ë
Elenquelië Waning Star elen+quelië+-ië
Elenquelien Waning Star elen+quelië+-ien
Elenqueliewen Waning Star Girl elen+quelië+wendë
Elenquelienis Waning Star Woman elen+quelië+níssë
Elenqueliel Daughter of Waning Star elen+quelië+-iel
Elenquelo Waning Star elen+quelië+-o
Elenquelon Waning Star elen+quelië+-on
Elenqueliener Waning Star Man elen+quelië+nér
Elenquelion Son of Waning Star elen+quelië+-ion
Elenquelië Waning Star elen+quelië
Elenqueliequen Waning Star Person elen+quelië+quen
Élquassë – Star Feather (él+quassë)
Élquassë Star Feather él+quassë+-ë
Élquassië Star Feather él+quassë+-ië
Élquassien Star Feather él+quassë+-ien
Élquassewen Star Feather Girl él+quassë+wendë
Élquassenis Star Feather Woman él+quassë+níssë
Élquassiel Daughter of Star Feather él+quassë+-iel
Élquasso Star Feather él+quassë+-o
Élquasson Star Feather él+quassë+-on
Élquassener Star Feather Man él+quassë+nér
Élquassion Son of Star Feather él+quassë+-ion
Élquassë Star Feather él+quassë
Élquassequen Star Feather Person él+quassë+quen
Elvëa – Starlike (elvëa)
Elvë Starlike One elvëa+-ë
Elvië Starlike One elvëa+-ië
Elvien Starlike One elvëa+-ien
Elvëawen Starlike Girl elvëa+wendë
Elvëanis Starlike Woman elvëa+níssë
Elviel Daughter of Starlike One elvëa+-iel
Elvëo Starlike One elvëa+-o
Elvëon Starlike One elvëa+-on
Elvëaner Starlike Man elvëa+nér
Elvion Son of Starlike One elvëa+-ion
Elvëa Starlike elvëa
Elvëaquen Starlike Person elvëa+quen
Elvëandil Starlike Lover/Friend elvëa+-ndil
Elvëandur Starlike Servant elvëa+-ndur
Fairë – Radiance (fairë)
Fairë Radiance fairë+-ë
Fairië Radiance fairë+-ië
Fairien Radiance fairë+-ien
Fairewen Radiance Girl fairë+wendë
Fairenis Radiance Woman fairë+níssë
Fairiel Daughter of Radiance fairë+-iel
Fairo Radiance fairë+-o
Fairon Radiance fairë+-on
Fairdo Radiance fairë+-no
Fairener Radiance Man fairë+nér
Fairion Son of Radiance fairë+-ion
Fairë Radiance fairë
Fairequen Radiance Person fairë+quen
Fairwë Radiance Being fairë+-wë
Fanya – Cloud (fanya)
Fanyë Cloud fanya+-ë
Fanië Cloud fanya+-ië
Fanien Cloud fanya+-ien
Fanyawen Cloud Girl fanya+wendë
Fanyanis Cloud Woman fanya+níssë
Faniel Daughter of Cloud fanya+-iel
Fanyo Cloud fanya+-o
Fanyon Cloud fanya+-on
Fanyaner Cloud Man fanya+nér
Fanion Son of Cloud fanya+-ion
Fanya Cloud fanya
Fanyaquen Cloud Person fanya+quen
Fanyarë – Sky (fanyarë)
Fanyarë Sky fanyarë+-ë
Fanyarië Sky fanyarë+-ië
Fanyarien Sky fanyarë+-ien
Fanyarewen Sky Girl fanyarë+wendë
Fanyarenis Sky Woman fanyarë+níssë
Fanyariel Daughter of Sky fanyarë+-iel
Fanyaro Sky fanyarë+-o
Fanyaron Sky fanyarë+-on
Fanyardo Sky fanyarë+-no
Fanyarener Sky Man fanyarë+nér
Fanyarion Son of Sky fanyarë+-ion
Fanyarë Sky fanyarë
Fanyarequen Sky Person fanyarë+quen
Fanyarwë Sky Being fanyarë+-wë
Fëarillë – Spirit of Brilliance (fëa+-rillë)
Fëarillë Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-ë
Fëarillië Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-ië
Fëarillien Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-ien
Fëarilliel Daughter of Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-iel
Fëarillo Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-o
Fëarillon Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-on
Fëarillion Son of Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-ion
Fëaril Spirit of Brilliance fëa+-rillë
Fëarillendil Lover/Friend of Spirits of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-ndil
Fëarillendur Servant of Spirits of Brilliance fëa+-rillë+-ndur
Hala – Shadow (hala)
Halë Shadow hala+-ë
Halië Shadow hala+-ië
Halien Shadow hala+-ien
Halawen Shadow Girl hala+wendë
Halanis Shadow Woman hala+níssë
Haliel Daughter of Shadow hala+-iel
Halo Shadow hala+-o
Halon Shadow hala+-on
Haldo Shadow hala+-no
Halaner Shadow Man hala+nér
Halion Son of Shadow hala+-ion
Hala Shadow hala
Halaquen Shadow Person hala+quen
Halwë Shadow Being hala+-wë
Hellë – Sky (hellë)
Hellë Sky hellë+-ë
Hellië Sky hellë+-ië
Hellien Sky hellë+-ien
Hellewen Sky Girl hellë+wendë
Hellenis Sky Woman hellë+níssë
Helliel Daughter of Sky hellë+-iel
Hello Sky hellë+-o
Hellon Sky hellë+-on
Hellener Sky Man hellë+nér
Hellion Son of Sky hellë+-ion
Hellë Sky hellë
Hellequen Sky Person hellë+quen
Hellewë Sky Being hellë+-wë
Hellendil Lover/Friend of Sky hellë+-ndil
Hellendur Servant of Sky hellë+-ndur
Histë – Dusk (histë)
Histë Dusk histë+-ë
Histië Dusk histë+-ië
Histien Dusk histë+-ien
Histewen Dusk Girl histë+wendë
Histenis Dusk Woman histë+níssë
Histiel Daughter of Dusk histë+-iel
Histo Dusk histë+-o
Histon Dusk histë+-on
Histener Dusk Man histë+nér
Histion Son of Dusk histë+-ion
Histë Dusk histë
Histequen Dusk Person histë+quen
– Spirit/Shadow (hó)
Hówen Spirit/Shadow Girl hó+wendë
Hónis Spirit/Shadow Woman hó+níssë
Hóno Spirit/Shadow hó+-no
Hóner Spirit/Shadow Man hó+nér
Hóquen Spirit/Shadow Person hó+quen
Hówë Spirit/Shadow Being hó+-wë
Hóndil Lover/Friend of Spirit/Shadow hó+-ndil
Hóndur Servant of Spirit/Shadow hó+-ndur
Huinë – Gloom/Darkness (huinë)
Huinë Gloom/Darkness huinë+-ë
Huinië Gloom/Darkness huinë+-ië
Huinien Gloom/Darkness huinë+-ien
Huinewen Gloom/Darkness Girl huinë+wendë
Huinenis Gloom/Darkness Woman huinë+níssë
Huiniel Daughter of Gloom/Darkness huinë+-iel
Huino Gloom/Darkness huinë+-o
Huinon Gloom/Darkness huinë+-on
Huindo Gloom/Darkness huinë+-no
Huinener Gloom/Darkness Man huinë+nér
Huinion Son of Gloom/Darkness huinë+-ion
Huinë Gloom/Darkness huinë
Huinequen Gloom/Darkness Person huinë+quen
Huinwë Gloom/Darkness Being huinë+-wë
Huiva – Murky (huiva)
Huivë Murky One huiva+-ë
Huivië Murky One huiva+-ië
Huivien Murky One huiva+-ien
Huivawen Murky Girl huiva+wendë
Huivanis Murky Woman huiva+níssë
Huiviel Daughter of Murky One huiva+-iel
Huivo Murky One huiva+-o
Huivon Murky One huiva+-on
Huivaner Murky Man huiva+nér
Huivion Son of Murky One huiva+-ion
Huiva Murky huiva
Huivaquen Murky Person huiva+quen
Huivandil Murky Lover/Friend huiva+-ndil
Huivandur Murky Servant huiva+-ndur
Ilca- – To Gleam White (ilca-)
Ilcë One Who Gleams White ilca-+-ë
Ilcissë One Who Gleams White ilca-+-issë
Ilcindë One Who Gleams White ilca-+-indë
Ilcallë One Who Gleams White ilca-+-llë
Ilcamë One Who Gleams White ilca-+-më
Ilcarë One Who Gleams White ilca-+-rë
Ilciel Daughter of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-ë+-iel
Ilcissiel Daughter of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-issë+-iel
Ilcindiel Daughter of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-indë+-iel
Ilcalliel Daughter of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-llë+-iel
Ilcamiel Daughter of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-më+-iel
Ilcariel Daughter of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-rë+-iel
Ilco One Who Gleams White ilca-+-o
Ilcindo One Who Gleams White ilca-+-indo
Ilcano One Who Gleams White ilca-+-no
Ilcamo One Who Gleams White ilca-+-mo
Ilcaro One Who Gleams White ilca-+-ro
Ilcion Son of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-o+-ion
Ilcindion Son of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-indo+-ion
Ilcanion Son of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-no+-ion
Ilcamion Son of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-mo+-ion
Ilcarion Son of One Who Gleams White ilca-+-ro+-ion
Ilcar One Who Gleams White ilca-+-r
Ilma – Starlight (ilma)
Ilmë Starlight ilma+-ë
Ilmië Starlight ilma+-ië
Ilmien Starlight ilma+-ien
Ilmawen Starlight Girl ilma+wendë
Ilmanis Starlight Woman ilma+níssë
Ilmiel Daughter of Starlight ilma+-iel
Ilmo Starlight ilma+-o
Ilmon Starlight ilma+-on
Ilmano Starlight ilma+-no
Ilmaner Starlight Man ilma+nér
Ilmion Son of Starlight ilma+-ion
Ilma Starlight ilma
Ilmaquen Starlight Person ilma+quen
Ilwë – Sky/Heavens (ilwë)
Ilwë Sky/Heavens ilwë+-ë
Ilwië Sky/Heavens ilwë+-ië
Ilwien Sky/Heavens ilwë+-ien
Ilwenis Sky/Heavens Woman ilwë+níssë
Ilwiel Daughter of Sky/Heavens ilwë+-iel
Ilo Sky/Heavens ilwë+-o
Ilon Sky/Heavens ilwë+-on
Ilwener Sky/Heavens Man ilwë+nér
Ilwion Son of Sky/Heavens ilwë+-ion
Ilwë Sky/Heavens ilwë
Ilwequen Sky/Heavens Person ilwë+quen
Isilmë – Moonlight (isilmë)
Isilmë Moonlight isilmë+-ë
Isilmië Moonlight isilmë+-ië
Isilmien Moonlight isilmë+-ien
Isilmewen Moonlight Girl isilmë+wendë
Isilmenis Moonlight Woman isilmë+níssë
Isilmiel Daughter of Moonlight isilmë+-iel
Isilmo Moonlight isilmë+-o
Isilmon Moonlight isilmë+-on
Isilmener Moonlight Man isilmë+nér
Isilmion Son of Moonlight isilmë+-ion
Isilmë Moonlight isilmë
Isilmequen Moonlight Person isilmë+quen
Íta – Flicker (íta)
Ítë Flicker íta+-ë
Ítië Flicker íta+-ië
Ítien Flicker íta+-ien
Ítawen Flicker Girl íta+wendë
Ítanis Flicker Woman íta+níssë
Ítiel Daughter of Flicker íta+-iel
Íto Flicker íta+-o
Íton Flicker íta+-on
Ítaner Flicker Man íta+nér
Ítion Son of Flicker íta+-ion
Íta Flicker íta
Ítaquen Flicker Person íta+quen
Ita- – To Sparkle (ita-)
Itë Sparkler ita-+-ë
Itissë Sparkler ita-+-issë
Itindë Sparkler ita-+-indë
Itallë Sparkler ita-+-llë
Itamë Sparkler ita-+-më
Itarë Sparkler ita-+-rë
Itiel Daughter of Sparkler ita-+-ë+-iel
Itissiel Daughter of Sparkler ita-+-issë+-iel
Itindiel Daughter of Sparkler ita-+-indë+-iel
Italliel Daughter of Sparkler ita-+-llë+-iel
Itamiel Daughter of Sparkler ita-+-më+-iel
Itariel Daughter of Sparkler ita-+-rë+-iel
Ito Sparkler ita-+-o
Itindo Sparkler ita-+-indo
Itano Sparkler ita-+-no
Itamo Sparkler ita-+-mo
Itaro Sparkler ita-+-ro
Ition Son of Sparkler ita-+-o+-ion
Itindion Son of Sparkler ita-+-indo+-ion
Itanion Son of Sparkler ita-+-no+-ion
Itamion Son of Sparkler ita-+-mo+-ion
Itarion Son of Sparkler ita-+-ro+-ion
Itar Sparkler ita-+-r
Itila – Twinkling/Sparkling (itila)
Itilë Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-ë
Itilië Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-ië
Itilien Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-ien
Itilawen Twinkling/Sparkling Girl itila+wendë
Itilanis Twinkling/Sparkling Woman itila+níssë
Itiliel Daughter of Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-iel
Itilo Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-o
Itilon Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-on
Itilano Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-no
Itilaner Twinkling/Sparkling Man itila+nér
Itilion Son of Twinkling/Sparkling One itila+-ion
Itila Twinkling/Sparkling itila
Itilaquen Twinkling/Sparkling Person itila+quen
Itilandil Twinkling/Sparkling Lover/Friend itila+-ndil
Itilandur Twinkling/Sparkling Servant itila+-ndur
Ixal – Shadow (ixal)
Ixalë Shadow ixal+-ë
Ixalië Shadow ixal+-ië
Ixalien Shadow ixal+-ien
Ixalwen Shadow Girl ixal+wendë
Ixaldis Shadow Woman ixal+níssë
Ixaliel Daughter of Shadow ixal+-iel
Ixalo Shadow ixal+-o
Ixalon Shadow ixal+-on
Ixaldo Shadow ixal+-no
Ixalder Shadow Man ixal+nér
Ixalion Son of Shadow ixal+-ion
Ixal Shadow ixal
Ixalquen Shadow Person ixal+quen
Ixalwë Shadow Being ixal+-wë
Laimë – Shade (laimë)
Laimë Shade laimë+-ë
Laimië Shade laimë+-ië
Laimien Shade laimë+-ien
Laimewen Shade Girl laimë+wendë
Laimenis Shade Woman laimë+níssë
Laimiel Daughter of Shade laimë+-iel
Laimo Shade laimë+-o
Laimon Shade laimë+-on
Laimno Shade laimë+-no
Laimener Shade Man laimë+nér
Laimion Son of Shade laimë+-ion
Laimë Shade laimë
Laimequen Shade Person laimë+quen
Laira – Shady (laira)
Lairë Shady One laira+-ë
Lairië Shady One laira+-ië
Lairien Shady One laira+-ien
Lairawen Shady Girl laira+wendë
Lairanis Shady Woman laira+níssë
Lairiel Daughter of Shady One laira+-iel
Lairo Shady One laira+-o
Lairon Shady One laira+-on
Lairano Shady One laira+-no
Lairaner Shady Man laira+nér
Lairion Son of Shady One laira+-ion
Laira Shady laira
Lairaquen Shady Person laira+quen
Lairandil Shady Lover/Friend laira+-ndil
Lairandur Shady Servant laira+-ndur
Laurë – Golden Light (laurë)
Laurë Golden Light laurë+-ë
Laurië Golden Light laurë+-ië
Laurien Golden Light laurë+-ien
Laurewen Golden Light Girl laurë+wendë
Laurenis Golden Light Woman laurë+níssë
Lauriel Daughter of Golden Light laurë+-iel
Lauro Golden Light laurë+-o
Lauron Golden Light laurë+-on
Laurdo Golden Light laurë+-no
Laurener Golden Light Man laurë+nér
Laurion Son of Golden Light laurë+-ion
Laurë Golden Light laurë
Laurequen Golden Light Person laurë+quen
Laurwë Golden Light Being laurë+-wë
Lëo – Shadow/Shade (lëo)
Lëowen Shadow/Shade Girl lëo+wendë
Lëonis Shadow/Shade Woman lëo+níssë
Lëo Shadow/Shade lëo+-o
Lëon Shadow/Shade lëo+-on
Lëoner Shadow/Shade Man lëo+nér
Lëo Shadow/Shade lëo
Lëoquen Shadow/Shade Person lëo+quen
Lewë Shadow/Shade Being lëo+-wë
Lilómëa – Full of Darkness (lilómëa)
Lilómë One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-ë
Lilómië One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-ië
Lilómien One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-ien
Lilómëawen Girl Full of Darkness lilómëa+wendë
Lilómëanis Woman Full of Darkness lilómëa+níssë
Lilómiel Daughter of One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-iel
Lilómëo One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-o
Lilómëon One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-on
Lilómëano One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-no
Lilómëaner Man Full of Darkness lilómëa+nér
Lilómion Son of One Full of Darkness lilómëa+-ion
Lilómëa Full of Darkness lilómëa
Lilómëaquen Person Full of Darkness lilómëa+quen
Lilómëandil Full of Darkness Lover/Friend lilómëa+-ndil
Lilómëandur Full of Darkness Servant lilómëa+-ndur
– Night (ló)
Lóë Night ló+-ë
Lówen Night Girl ló+wendë
Lónis Night Woman ló+níssë
Lóno Night ló+-no
Lóner Night Man ló+nér
Lóquen Night Person ló+quen
Lówë Night Being ló+-wë
Lómë – Dusk/Twilight/Night (lómë)
Lómë Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-ë
Lómië Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-ië
Lómien Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-ien
Lómewen Dusk/Twilight/Night Girl lómë+wendë
Lómenis Dusk/Twilight/Night Woman lómë+níssë
Lómiel Daughter of Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-iel
Lómo Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-o
Lómon Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-on
Lómno Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-no
Lómener Dusk/Twilight/Night Man lómë+nér
Lómion Son of Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-ion
Lómë Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë
Lómequen Dusk/Twilight/Night Person lómë+quen
Lómwë Dusk/Twilight/Night Being lómë+-wë
Lómendil Lover/Friend of Dusk/Twilight/Night lómë+-ndil
Lómëa – Gloomy (lómëa)
Lómë Gloomy One lómëa+-ë
Lómië Gloomy One lómëa+-ië
Lómien Gloomy One lómëa+-ien
Lómëawen Gloomy Girl lómëa+wendë
Lómëanis Gloomy Woman lómëa+níssë
Lómiel Daughter of Gloomy One lómëa+-iel
Lómëo Gloomy One lómëa+-o
Lómëon Gloomy One lómëa+-on
Lómëano Gloomy One lómëa+-no
Lómëaner Gloomy Man lómëa+nér
Lómion Son of Gloomy One lómëa+-ion
Lómëa Gloomy lómëa
Lómëaquen Gloomy Person lómëa+quen
Lómëandil Gloomy Lover/Friend lómëa+-ndil
Lómëandur Gloomy Servant lómëa+-ndur
Lumba – Gloomy (lumba)
Lumbë Gloomy One lumba+-ë
Lumbië Gloomy One lumba+-ië
Lumbien Gloomy One lumba+-ien
Lumbawen Gloomy Girl lumba+wendë
Lumbanis Gloomy Woman lumba+níssë
Lumbiel Daughter of Gloomy One lumba+-iel
Lumbo Gloomy One lumba+-o
Lumbon Gloomy One lumba+-on
Lumbano Gloomy One lumba+-no
Lumbaner Gloomy Man lumba+nér
Lumbion Son of Gloomy One lumba+-ion
Lumba Gloomy lumba
Lumbaquen Gloomy Person lumba+quen
Lumbandil Gloomy Lover/Friend lumba+-ndil
Lumbandur Gloomy Servant lumba+-ndur
Lumbë – Gloom/Shadow (lumbë)
Lumbë Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-ë
Lumbië Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-ië
Lumbien Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-ien
Lumbewen Gloom/Shadow Girl lumbë+wendë
Lumbenis Gloom/Shadow Woman lumbë+níssë
Lumbiel Daughter of Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-iel
Lumbo Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-o
Lumbon Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-on
Lumbener Gloom/Shadow Man lumbë+nér
Lumbion Son of Gloom/Shadow lumbë+-ion
Lumbë Gloom/Shadow lumbë
Lumbequen Gloom/Shadow Person lumbë+quen
Lumwë Gloom/Shadow Being lumbë+-wë
Lumbulë – Shadow (lumbulë)
Lumbulë Shadow lumbulë+-ë
Lumbulië Shadow lumbulë+-ië
Lumbulien Shadow lumbulë+-ien
Lumbulewen Shadow Girl lumbulë+wendë
Lumbulenis Shadow Woman lumbulë+níssë
Lumbuliel Daughter of Shadow lumbulë+-iel
Lumbulo Shadow lumbulë+-o
Lumbulon Shadow lumbulë+-on
Lumbuldo Shadow lumbulë+-no
Lumbulener Shadow Man lumbulë+nér
Lumbulion Son of Shadow lumbulë+-ion
Lumbulë Shadow lumbulë
Lumbulequen Shadow Person lumbulë+quen
Lúmë – Darkness (lúmë)
Lúmë Darkness lúmë+-ë
Lúmië Darkness lúmë+-ië
Lúmien Darkness lúmë+-ien
Lúmewen Darkness Girl lúmë+wendë
Lúmenis Darkness Woman lúmë+níssë
Lúmiel Daughter of Darkness lúmë+-iel
Lúmo Darkness lúmë+-o
Lúmon Darkness lúmë+-on
Lúmno Darkness lúmë+-no
Lúmener Darkness Man lúmë+nér
Lúmion Son of Darkness lúmë+-ion
Lúmë Darkness lúmë
Lúmequen Darkness Person lúmë+quen
Lúmwë Darkness Being lúmë+-wë
Lúna – Dark (lúna)
Lúnë Dark One lúna+-ë
Lúnië Dark One lúna+-ië
Lúnien Dark One lúna+-ien
Lúnawen Dark Girl lúna+wendë
Lúnanis Dark Woman lúna+níssë
Lúniel Daughter of Dark One lúna+-iel
Lúno Dark One lúna+-o
Lúnon Dark One lúna+-on
Lúndo Dark One lúna+-no
Lúnaner Dark Man lúna+nér
Lúnion Son of Dark One lúna+-ion
Lúna Dark lúna
Lúnaquen Dark Person lúna+quen
Lúnandil Dark Lover/Friend lúna+-ndil
Lúnandur Dark Servant lúna+-ndur
Mordo – Shadow/Obscurity/Stain (mordo)
Mordë Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-ë
Mordië Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-ië
Mordien Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-ien
Mordowen Shadow/Obscurity/Stain Girl mordo+wendë
Mordonis Shadow/Obscurity/Stain Woman mordo+níssë
Mordiel Daughter of Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-iel
Mordo Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-o
Mordon Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-on
Mordoner Shadow/Obscurity/Stain Man mordo+nér
Mordion Son of Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo+-ion
Mordo Shadow/Obscurity/Stain mordo
Mordoquen Shadow/Obscurity/Stain Person mordo+quen
Mórë – Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness (mórë)
Mórë Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-ë
Mórië Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-ië
Mórien Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-ien
Moriwen Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness Girl mórë+wendë
Morinis Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness Woman mórë+níssë
Móriel Daughter of Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-iel
Móro Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-o
Móron Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-on
Mórdo Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-no
Moriner Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness Man mórë+nér
Mórion Son of Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë+-ion
Mórë Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness mórë
Moriquen Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness Person mórë+quen
Morwë Blackness/Dark/Night/Darkness Being mórë+-wë
Muinungo – Hiding Shadow (muinë+ungo)
Muinungë Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-ë
Muinungië Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-ië
Muinungien Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-ien
Muinungowen Hiding Shadow Girl muinë+ungo+wendë
Muinungonis Hiding Shadow Woman muinë+ungo+níssë
Muinungiel Daughter of Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-iel
Muinungo Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-o
Muinungon Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-on
Muinungoner Hiding Shadow Man muinë+ungo+nér
Muinungion Son of Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo+-ion
Muinungo Hiding Shadow muinë+ungo
Muinungoquen Hiding Shadow Person muinë+ungo+quen
Nuhuinë – Shadowed (nuhuinë)
Nuhuinë Shadowed One nuhuinë+-ë
Nuhuinië Shadowed One nuhuinë+-ië
Nuhuinien Shadowed One nuhuinë+-ien
Nuhuinewen Shadowed Girl nuhuinë+wendë
Nuhuinenis Shadowed Woman nuhuinë+níssë
Nuhuiniel Daughter of Shadowed One nuhuinë+-iel
Nuhuino Shadowed One nuhuinë+-o
Nuhuinon Shadowed One nuhuinë+-on
Nuhuindo Shadowed One nuhuinë+-no
Nuhuinener Shadowed Man nuhuinë+nér
Nuhuinion Son of Shadowed One nuhuinë+-ion
Nuhuinë Shadowed nuhuinë
Nuhuinequen Shadowed Person nuhuinë+quen
Nuhuinendil Shadowed Lover/Friend nuhuinë+-ndil
Nuhuinendur Shadowed Servant nuhuinë+-ndur
Nulla – Dark/Dusky/Obscure (nulla)
Nullë Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-ë
Nullië Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-ië
Nullien Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-ien
Nullawen Dark/Dusky/Obscure Girl nulla+wendë
Nullanis Dark/Dusky/Obscure Woman nulla+níssë
Nulliel Daughter of Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-iel
Nullo Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-o
Nullon Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-on
Nullano Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-no
Nullaner Dark/Dusky/Obscure Man nulla+nér
Nullion Son of Dark/Dusky/Obscure One nulla+-ion
Nulla Dark/Dusky/Obscure nulla
Nullaquen Dark/Dusky/Obscure Person nulla+quen
Nullandil Dark/Dusky/Obscure Lover/Friend nulla+-ndil
Nullandur Dark/Dusky/Obscure Servant nulla+-ndur
Ñalta – Radiance (ñalta)
Ñaltë Radiance ñalta+-ë
Ñaltië Radiance ñalta+-ië
Ñaltien Radiance ñalta+-ien
Ñaltawen Radiance Girl ñalta+wendë
Ñaltanis Radiance Woman ñalta+níssë
Ñaltiel Daughter of Radiance ñalta+-iel
Ñalto Radiance ñalta+-o
Ñalton Radiance ñalta+-on
Ñaltaner Radiance Man ñalta+nér
Ñaltion Son of Radiance ñalta+-ion
Ñalta Radiance ñalta
Ñaltaquen Radiance Person ñalta+quen
Ñillë – Star (ñillë)
Ñillë Star ñillë+-ë
Ñillië Star ñillë+-ië
Ñillien Star ñillë+-ien
Ñillewen Star Girl ñillë+wendë
Ñillenis Star Woman ñillë+níssë
Ñilliel Daughter of Star ñillë+-iel
Ñillo Star ñillë+-o
Ñillon Star ñillë+-on
Ñillener Star Man ñillë+nér
Ñillion Son of Star ñillë+-ion
Ñillë Star ñillë
Ñillequen Star Person ñillë+quen
Ñilwë Star Being ñillë+-wë
Ñillendil Lover/Friend of Stars ñillë+-ndil
Ñillendur Servant of Stars ñillë+-ndur
Ossehuinë – Dreaded Gloom (ossë+huinë)
Ossehuinë Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-ë
Ossehuinië Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-ië
Ossehuinien Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-ien
Ossehuinewen Dreaded Gloom Girl ossë+huinë+wendë
Ossehuinenis Dreaded Gloom Woman ossë+huinë+níssë
Ossehuiniel Daughter of Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-iel
Ossehuino Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-o
Ossehuinon Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-on
Ossehuindo Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-no
Ossehuinener Dreaded Gloom Man ossë+huinë+nér
Ossehuinion Son of Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë+-ion
Ossehuinë Dreaded Gloom ossë+huinë
Ossehuinequen Dreaded Gloom Person ossë+huinë+quen
Rillë – Brilliance (rillë)
Rillë Brilliance rillë+-ë
Rillië Brilliance rillë+-ië
Rillien Brilliance rillë+-ien
Rilwen Brilliance Girl rillë+wendë
Rildis Brilliance Woman rillë+níssë
Rilliel Daughter of Brilliance rillë+-iel
Rillo Brilliance rillë+-o
Rillon Brilliance rillë+-on
Rildo Brilliance rillë+-no
Rilder Brilliance Man rillë+nér
Rillion Son of Brilliance rillë+-ion
Rillë Brilliance rillë
Rilquen Brilliance Person rillë+quen
Rilwë Brilliance Being rillë+-wë
Rillendil Lover/Friend of Brilliance rillë+-ndil
Rildur Servant of Brilliance rillë+-ndur
Rilma – Glittering Light (rilma)
Rilmë Glittering Light rilma+-ë
Rilmië Glittering Light rilma+-ië
Rilmien Glittering Light rilma+-ien
Rilmawen Glittering Light Girl rilma+wendë
Rilmanis Glittering Light Woman rilma+níssë
Rilmiel Daughter of Glittering Light rilma+-iel
Rilmo Glittering Light rilma+-o
Rilmon Glittering Light rilma+-on
Rilmaner Glittering Light Man rilma+nér
Rilmion Son of Glittering Light rilma+-ion
Rilma Glittering Light rilma
Rilmaquen Glittering Light Person rilma+quen
Rilwë Glittering Light Being rilma+-wë
Rilmandil Lover/Friend of Glittering Light rilma+-ndil
Rilmandur Servant of Glittering Light rilma+-ndur
Rilya – Glittering (rilya)
Rilyë Glittering One rilya+-ë
Rilië Glittering One rilya+-ië
Rilien Glittering One rilya+-ien
Rilyawen Glittering Girl rilya+wendë
Rilyanis Glittering Woman rilya+níssë
Riliel Daughter of Glittering One rilya+-iel
Rilyo Glittering One rilya+-o
Rilyon Glittering One rilya+-on
Rilyano Glittering One rilya+-no
Rilyaner Glittering Man rilya+nér
Rilion Son of Glittering One rilya+-ion
Rilya Glittering rilya
Rilyaquen Glittering Person rilya+quen
Rilyandil Glittering Lover/Friend rilya+-ndil
Rilyandur Glittering Servant rilya+-ndur
Ringelen – Cold Star (ringa+elen)
Ringelenë Cold Star ringa+elen+-ë
Ringelenië Cold Star ringa+elen+-ië
Ringelenien Cold Star ringa+elen+-ien
Ringelenwen Cold Star Girl ringa+elen+wendë
Ringelendis Cold Star Woman ringa+elen+níssë
Ringeleniel Daughter of Cold Star ringa+elen+-iel
Ringeleno Cold Star ringa+elen+-o
Ringelenon Cold Star ringa+elen+-on
Ringelendo Cold Star ringa+elen+-no
Ringelender Cold Star Man ringa+elen+nér
Ringelenion Son of Cold Star ringa+elen+-ion
Ringelen Cold Star ringa+elen
Ringelenquen Cold Star Person ringa+elen+quen
Ringelendil Lover/Friend of a Cold Star ringa+elen+-ndil
Ringelendur Servant of a Cold Star ringa+elen+-ndur
Sil- – To Shine White (sil-)
Sílë One who Shines White sil-+-ë
Silissë One who Shines White sil-+-issë
Silindë One who Shines White sil-+-indë
Silmë One who Shines White sil-+-më
Síliel Daughter of One who Shines White sil-+-ë+-iel
Silissiel Daughter of One who Shines White sil-+-issë+-iel
Silindiel Daughter of One who Shines White sil-+-indë+-iel
Silmiel Daughter of One who Shines White sil-+-më+-iel
Sílo One who Shines White sil-+-o
Sildo One who Shines White sil-+-no
Silmo One who Shines White sil-+-mo
Sílion Son of One who Shines White sil-+-o+-ion
Sildion Son of One who Shines White sil-+-no+-ion
Silmion Son of One who Shines White sil-+-mo+-ion
Silda – Gleaming (silda)
Sildë Gleaming One silda+-ë
Sildië Gleaming One silda+-ië
Sildien Gleaming One silda+-ien
Sildawen Gleaming Girl silda+wendë
Sildanis Gleaming Woman silda+níssë
Sildiel Daughter of Gleaming One silda+-iel
Sildo Gleaming One silda+-o
Sildon Gleaming One silda+-on
Sildano Gleaming One silda+-no
Sildaner Gleaming Man silda+nér
Sildion Son of Gleaming One silda+-ion
Silda Gleaming silda
Sildaquen Gleaming Person silda+quen
Sildandil Gleaming Lover/Friend silda+-ndil
Sildandur Gleaming Servant silda+-ndur
Silma – Shining White (silma)
Silmë Shining White One silma+-ë
Silmië Shining White One silma+-ië
Silmien Shining White One silma+-ien
Silmawen Shining White Girl silma+wendë
Silmanis Shining White Woman silma+níssë
Silmiel Daughter of Shining White One silma+-iel
Silmo Shining White One silma+-o
Silmon Shining White One silma+-on
Silmano Shining White One silma+-no
Silmaner Shining White Man silma+nér
Silmion Son of Shining White One silma+-ion
Silma Shining White silma
Silmaquen Shining White Person silma+quen
Silmandil Shining White Lover/Friend silma+-ndil
Silmandur Shining White Servant silma+-ndur
Silmë – Starlight (silmë)
Silmë Starlight silmë+-ë
Silmië Starlight silmë+-ië
Silmien Starlight silmë+-ien
Silmewen Starlight Girl silmë+wendë
Silmenis Starlight Woman silmë+níssë
Silmiel Daughter of Starlight silmë+-iel
Silmo Starlight silmë+-o
Silmon Starlight silmë+-on
Silmener Starlight Man silmë+nér
Silmion Son of Starlight silmë+-ion
Silmë Starlight silmë
Silmequen Starlight Person silmë+quen
Silwë Starlight Being silmë+-wë
Silmendil Lover/Friend of Starlight silmë+-ndil
Silmendur Servant of Starlight silmë+-ndur
Thinyë – Evening (thinyë)
Thinyë Evening thinyë+-ë
Thinië Evening thinyë+-ië
Thinien Evening thinyë+-ien
Thinyewen Evening Girl thinyë+wendë
Thinyenis Evening Woman thinyë+níssë
Thiniel Daughter of Evening thinyë+-iel
Thinyo Evening thinyë+-o
Thinyon Evening thinyë+-on
Thinyener Evening Man thinyë+nér
Thinion Son of Evening thinyë+-ion
Thinyë Evening thinyë
Thinyequen Evening Person thinyë+quen
Thinwë Evening Being thinyë+-wë
Tin- – To Glint/Glitter (tin-)
Tinë One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-ë
Tinissë One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-issë
Tinindë One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-indë
Tiniel Daughter of One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-ë+-iel
Tinissiel Daughter of One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-issë+-iel
Tinindiel Daughter of One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-indë+-iel
Tino One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-o
Tinindo One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-indo
Tindo One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-no
Tinion Son of One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-o+-ion
Tinindion Son of One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-indo+-ion
Tindion Son of One who Glints/Glitters tin-+-no+-ion
Tinda – Glinting/Silver (tinda)
Tindë Glinting/Silver One tinda+-ë
Tindië Glinting/Silver One tinda+-ië
Tindien Glinting/Silver One tinda+-ien
Tindawen Glinting/Silver Girl tinda+wendë
Tindanis Glinting/Silver Woman tinda+níssë
Tindiel Daughter of Glinting/Silver One tinda+-iel
Tindo Glinting/Silver One tinda+-o
Tindon Glinting/Silver One tinda+-on
Tindano Glinting/Silver One tinda+-no
Tindaner Glinting/Silver Man tinda+nér
Tindion Son of Glinting/Silver One tinda+-ion
Tinda Glinting/Silver tinda
Tindaquen Glinting/Silver Person tinda+quen
Tindandil Glinting/Silver Lover/Friend tinda+-ndil
Tindandur Glinting/Silver Servant tinda+-ndur
Tindë – Glint (tindë)
Tindë Glint tindë+-ë
Tindië Glint tindë+-ië
Tindien Glint tindë+-ien
Tindewen Glint Girl tindë+wendë
Tindenis Glint Woman tindë+níssë
Tindiel Daughter of Glint tindë+-iel
Tindo Glint tindë+-o
Tindon Glint tindë+-on
Tindener Glint Man tindë+nér
Tindion Son of Glint tindë+-ion
Tindë Glint tindë
Tindequen Glint Person tindë+quen
Tindómë – Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk (tindómë)
Tindómë Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-ë
Tindómië Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-ië
Tindómien Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-ien
Tindómewen Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk Girl tindómë+wendë
Tindómenis Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk Woman tindómë+níssë
Tindómo Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-o
Tindómon Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-on
Tindómno Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-no
Tindómener Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk Man tindómë+nér
Tindómion Son of Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë+-ion
Tindómë Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk tindómë
Tindómequen Starry Twilight/Starlit Dusk Person tindómë+quen
Tingilindë – Twinkling Star (tingilindë)
Tingilindë Twinkling Star tingilindë+-ë
Tingilindië Twinkling Star tingilindë+-ië
Tingilindien Twinkling Star tingilindë+-ien
Tingilindewen Twinkling Star Girl tingilindë+wendë
Tingilindenis Twinkling Star Woman tingilindë+níssë
Tingilindiel Daughter of Twinkling Star tingilindë+-iel
Tingilindo Twinkling Star tingilindë+-o
Tingilindon Twinkling Star tingilindë+-on
Tingilindener Twinkling Star Man tingilindë+nér
Tingilindion Son of Twinkling Star tingilindë+-ion
Tingilindë Twinkling Star tingilindë
Tingilindequen Twinkling Star Person tingilindë+quen
Tingilya – Twinkling Star (tingilya)
Tingilyë Twinkling Star tingilya+-ë
Tingilië Twinkling Star tingilya+-ië
Tingilien Twinkling Star tingilya+-ien
Tingilyawen Twinkling Star Girl tingilya+wendë
Tingilyanis Twinkling Star Woman tingilya+níssë
Tingiliel Daughter of Twinkling Star tingilya+-iel
Tingilyo Twinkling Star tingilya+-o
Tingilyon Twinkling Star tingilya+-on
Tingilyaner Twinkling Star Man tingilya+nér
Tingilion Son of Twinkling Star tingilya+-ion
Tingilya Twinkling Star tingilya
Tingilyaquen Twinkling Star Person tingilya+quen
Tintila- – To Twinkle (tintila-)
Tintilë One who Twinkles tintila-+-ë
Tintilissë One who Twinkles tintila-+-issë
Tintilindë One who Twinkles tintila-+-indë
Tintilallë One who Twinkles tintila-+-llë
Tintilamë One who Twinkles tintila-+-më
Tintilarë One who Twinkles tintila-+-rë
Tintiliel Daughter of One who Twinkles tintila-+-ë+-iel
Tintilissiel Daughter of One who Twinkles tintila-+-issë+-iel
Tintilindiel Daughter of One who Twinkles tintila-+-indë+-iel
Tintilalliel Daughter of One who Twinkles tintila-+-llë+-iel
Tintilamiel Daughter of One who Twinkles tintila-+-më+-iel
Tintilariel Daughter of One who Twinkles tintila-+-rë+-iel
Tintilo One who Twinkles tintila-+-o
Tintilindo One who Twinkles tintila-+-indo
Tintilano One who Twinkles tintila-+-no
Tintilamo One who Twinkles tintila-+-mo
Tintilaro One who Twinkles tintila-+-ro
Tintilion Son of One who Twinkles tintila-+-o+-ion
Tintilindion Son of One who Twinkles tintila-+-indo+-ion
Tintilanion Son of One who Twinkles tintila-+-no+-ion
Tintilamion Son of One who Twinkles tintila-+-mo+-ion
Tintilarion Son of One who Twinkles tintila-+-ro+-ion
Tintilar One who Twinkles tintila-+-r
Tintina- – To Sparkle (tintina-)
Tintinë One who Sparkles tintina-+-ë
Tintinissë One who Sparkles tintina-+-issë
Tintinindë One who Sparkles tintina-+-indë
Tintinallë One who Sparkles tintina-+-llë
Tintinamë One who Sparkles tintina-+-më
Tintinarë One who Sparkles tintina-+-rë
Tintiniel Daughter of One who Sparkles tintina-+-ë+-iel
Tintinissiel Daughter of One who Sparkles tintina-+-issë+-iel
Tintinindiel Daughter of One who Sparkles tintina-+-indë+-iel
Tintinalliel Daughter of One who Sparkles tintina-+-llë+-iel
Tintinamiel Daughter of One who Sparkles tintina-+-më+-iel
Tintinariel Daughter of One who Sparkles tintina-+-rë+-iel
Tintino One who Sparkles tintina-+-o
Tintinindo One who Sparkles tintina-+-indo
Tintinano One who Sparkles tintina-+-no
Tintinamo One who Sparkles tintina-+-mo
Tintinaro One who Sparkles tintina-+-ro
Tintinion Son of One who Sparkles tintina-+-o+-ion
Tintinindion Son of One who Sparkles tintina-+-indo+-ion
Tintinanion Son of One who Sparkles tintina-+-no+-ion
Tintinamion Son of One who Sparkles tintina-+-mo+-ion
Tintinarion Son of One who Sparkles tintina-+-ro+-ion
Tintinar One who Sparkles tintina-+-r
Tinwë – Spark/Star (tinwë)
Tinwë Spark/Star tinwë+-ë
Tinwië Spark/Star tinwë+-ië
Tinwien Spark/Star tinwë+-ien
Tinwenis Spark/Star Woman tinwë+níssë
Tinwiel Daughter of Spark/Star tinwë+-iel
Tino Spark/Star tinwë+-o
Tinon Spark/Star tinwë+-on
Tinwener Spark/Star Man tinwë+nér
Tinwion Son of Spark/Star tinwë+-ion
Tinwë Spark/Star tinwë
Tinwequen Spark/Star Person tinwë+quen


Tinweriel – Maiden Crowned with Stars (tinwë+riellë)


Undómë – Evening Twilight (undómë)
Undómë Evening Twilight undómë+-ë
Undómië Evening Twilight undómë+-ië
Undómien Evening Twilight undómë+-ien
Undómewen Evening Twilight Girl undómë+wendë
Undómenis Evening Twilight Woman undómë+níssë
Undómiel Daughter of Evening Twilight undómë+-iel
Undómo Evening Twilight undómë+-o
Undómon Evening Twilight undómë+-on
Undómno Evening Twilight undómë+-no
Undómener Evening Twilight Man undómë+nér
Undómion Son of Evening Twilight undómë+-ion
Undómë Evening Twilight undómë
Undómequen Evening Twilight Person undómë+quen
Ungo – Shadow (ungo)
Ungë Shadow ungo+-ë
Ungië Shadow ungo+-ië
Ungien Shadow ungo+-ien
Ungowen Shadow Girl ungo+wendë
Ungonis Shadow Woman ungo+níssë
Ungiel Daughter of Shadow ungo+-iel
Ungo Shadow ungo+-o
Ungon Shadow ungo+-on
Ungono Shadow ungo+-no
Ungoner Shadow Man ungo+nér
Ungion Son of Shadow ungo+-ion
Ungo Shadow ungo
Ungoquen Shadow Person ungo+quen
Ungwë Shadow Being ungo+-wë
Ungondil Lover/Friend of Shadows ungo+-ndil
Ungondur Servant of Shadows ungo+-ndur
Ungossë – Shadow of Horror (ungo+ossë)
Ungossë Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-ë
Ungossië Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-ië
Ungossien Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-ien
Ungossewen Shadow of Horror Girl ungo+ossë+wendë
Ungossenis Shadow of Horror Woman ungo+ossë+níssë
Ungossiel Daughter of Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-iel
Ungosso Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-o
Ungosson Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-on
Ungossener Shadow of Horror Man ungo+ossë+nér
Ungossion Son of Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-ion
Ungossë Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë
Ungossequen Shadow of Horror Person ungo+ossë+quen
Ungoswë Shadow of Horror Being ungo+ossë+-wë
Ungossendil Lover/Friend of the Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-ndil
Ungossendur Servant of the Shadow of Horror ungo+ossë+-ndur
Unuhuinë – Under Shadow (unuhuinë)
Unuhuinë One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-ë
Unuhuinië One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-ië
Unuhuinien One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-ien
Unuhuinewen Girl Under Shadow unuhuinë+wendë
Unuhuinenis Woman Under Shadow unuhuinë+níssë
Unuhuiniel Daughter of One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-iel
Unuhuino One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-o
Unuhuinon One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-on
Unuhuindo One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-no
Unuhuinener Man Under Shadow unuhuinë+nér
Unuhuinion Son of One Under Shadow unuhuinë+-ion
Unuhuinë Under Shadow unuhuinë
Unuhuinequen Person Under Shadow unuhuinë+quen
Unuhuinendil Lover/Friend Under Shadow +-ndil
Unuhuinendur Servant Under Shadow +-ndur
Winyára – Fresh Dawn (winya+ára)
Winyárë Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-ë
Winyárië Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-ië
Winyárien Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-ien
Winyárawen Fresh Dawn Girl winya+ára+wendë
Winyáranis Fresh Dawn Woman winya+ára+níssë
Winyáriel Daughter of Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-iel
Winyáro Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-o
Winyáron Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-on
Winyárdo Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-no
Winyáraner Fresh Dawn Man winya+ára+nér
Winyárion Son of Fresh Dawn winya+ára+-ion
Winyára Fresh Dawn winya+ára
Winyáraquen Fresh Dawn Person winya+ára+quen
Yualë – Twilight (yualë)
Yualë Twilight yualë+-ë
Yualië Twilight yualë+-ië
Yualien Twilight yualë+-ien
Yualewen Twilight Girl yualë+wendë
Yualenis Twilight Woman yualë+níssë
Yualiel Daughter of Twilight yualë+-iel
Yualo Twilight yualë+-o
Yualon Twilight yualë+-on
Yualdo Twilight yualë+-no
Yualener Twilight Man yualë+nér
Yualion Son of Twilight yualë+-ion
Yualë Twilight yualë
Yualequen Twilight Person yualë+quen
Yualwë Twilight Being yualë+-wë
Yucalë – Twilight (yucalë)
Yucalë Twilight yucalë+-ë
Yucalië Twilight yucalë+-ië
Yucalien Twilight yucalë+-ien
Yucalewen Twilight Girl yucalë+wendë
Yucalenis Twilight Woman yucalë+níssë
Yucaliel Daughter of Twilight yucalë+-iel
Yucalo Twilight yucalë+-o
Yucalon Twilight yucalë+-on
Yucaldo Twilight yucalë+-no
Yucalener Twilight Man yucalë+nér
Yucalion Son of Twilight yucalë+-ion
Yucalë Twilight yucalë
Yucalequen Twilight Person yucalë+quen
Yucalwë Twilight Being yucalë+-wë