masculine agental suffix

Names made with this word:

Apsenindo Forgiver (Male) Quenya
Apsenindion Son of Forgiver (Male) Quenya
Capindo Jumper/Leaper (Male) Quenya
Capindion Son of Jumper/Leaper (Male) Quenya
Cesindo Searcher/Examiner (Male) Quenya
Cesindion Son of Searcher/Examiner (Male) Quenya
Ceþindo Searcher/Examiner (Male) Quenya
Ceþindion Son of Searcher/Examiner (Male) Quenya
Cirindo Sailor (Male) Quenya
Cirindion Son of Sailor (Male) Quenya
Ciryando Sailor (Male) Quenya
Colindo Bearer/Courier (Male) Quenya
Colindion Son of Bearer/Courier (Male) Quenya
Eccesindo Discoverer (Male) Quenya
Eccesindion Son of Discoverer (Male) Quenya
Ecceþindo Discoverer (Male) Quenya
Ecceþindion Son of Discoverer (Male) Quenya
Hanquetindo Answerer (Male) Quenya
Hirindo Finder (Male) Quenya
Hirindion Son of Finder (Male) Quenya
Hyamindo Prayer (Male) Quenya
Hyamindion Son of Prayer (Male) Quenya
Hyarindo Plougher (Male) Quenya
Hyarindion Son of Plougher (Male) Quenya
Laquetindo Denier (Male) Quenya
Laquetindion Son of Denier (Male) Quenya
Lirindo Chanter/Singer (Male) Quenya
Lirindion Son of Chanter/Singer (Male) Quenya
Lorindo Sleeper (Male) Quenya
Lorindion Son of Sleeper (Male) Quenya
Maquetindo Asker/Questioner (Male) Quenya
Maquetindion Son of Asker/Questioner (Male) Quenya
Melindo Lover (Male) Quenya
Melindion Son of Lover (Male) Quenya
Nacindo Cutter/Hewer (Male) Quenya
Nacindion Son of Cutter/Hewer (Male) Quenya
Nahamindo Summoner (Male) Quenya
Nahamindion Son of Summoner (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Naiquetindo Curser/Blasphemer (Male) Quenya
Naiquetindion Son of Curser/Blasphemer (Male) Quenya
Namindo Judge (Male) Quenya
Namindion Son of Judge (Male) Quenya
Norindo Runner (Male) Quenya
Norindion Son of Runner (Male) Quenya
Nyarindo Story Teller (Male) Quenya
Nyarindion Son of Story Teller (Male) Quenya
Parindo Student (Male) Quenya
Parindion Son of Student (Male) Quenya
Quelindo One who is Fading/Withering (Male) Quenya
Quelindion Son of One who is Fading/Withering (Male) Quenya
Quetindo Speaker (Male) Quenya
Quetindion Son of Speaker (Male) Quenya
Remindo Trapper (Male) Quenya
Remindion Son of Trapper (Male) Quenya
Rerindo Planter (Male) Quenya
Rerindion Son of Planter (Male) Quenya
Senindo Freer (Male) Quenya
Senindion Son of Freer (Male) Quenya
Serindo One who Rests (Male) Quenya
Serindion Son of One who Rests (Male) Quenya
Serindo Tailor (Male) Exilic Quenya
Serindion Son of Sewer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Silindo One who Shines White (Male) Quenya
Silindion Son of One who Shines White (Male) Quenya
Tecindo Writer (Male) Quenya
Tecindion Son of Writer (Male) Quenya
Þerindo Tailor (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þerindion Son of Sewer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Tinindo One who Glints/Glitters (Male) Quenya
Tinindion Son of One who Glints/Glitters (Male) Quenya
Tirindo Watcher/Guard (Male) Quenya
Tirindion Son of Watcher/Guard (Male) Quenya
Turundo Winner/Conquerer/Master (Male) Quenya
Turundion Son of Winner/Conquerer/Master (Male) Quenya
Tuvindo Finder (Male) Quenya
Tuvindion Son of Finder (Male) Quenya
Tyalindo Player (Male) Quenya
Tyalindion Son of Player (Male) Quenya
Tyavindo Taster (Male) Valinor Quenya
Tyavindion Son of Taster (Male) Valinor Quenya
Tyawindo Taster (Male) Exilic Quenya
Tyawindion Son of Taster (Male) Exilic Quenya
Úcarindo Sinner (Male) Quenya
Úcarindion Son of Sinner (Male) Quenya
Vilindo Flier (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vilindion Son of Flier (Male) Exilic Quenya
Wilindo Flier (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wilindion Son of Flier (Male) Valinor Quenya
Yalindo Summoner (Male) Quenya
Yalindion Son of Summoner (Male) Quenya

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  • Categories this word falls under: Miscellaneous

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