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  1. Shannon Wilczewski | | Reply

    Hello, dreamingfifi! I stumbled upon your site and am hoping that you can assist me in discovering – or engineering – a name with Elvish origins/overtones. We had a mare whom we named Galadriel; she lived up to her namesake. What a handful!

    We now find ourselves to be the adoptive parents of a beautiful Bengal cat. Her coat is dark brown with brown spots and looks like it is glittered in the sunlight. Her eyes are green. She is shy right now but is becoming more playful and is definitely a huntress at heart. She came to us with the adoptive name of Sasha, but it is a shelter name and does not really fit her.

    I have always been interested in the power of words and names. It make me crazy to hear nonsense names with no “history” or meaning as in the current trend of “it’s not wrong; it’s just different” style of naming. Sounds have vibration and power, and should be used accordingly IMHO.

    Please, can you help us find a suitable name for our young kitty? We have two dogs Koji-san and Annie, so it would be helpful to have a name that is not really close to those. We had considered “Annika,” but rejected it for that reason.

    Thank you in advance.


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