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Downtime Lately

Sorry about all of the recent downtime folks, but I think I’ve got it fixed. I moved my whole website to new servers! This new setup should be much, much better, cheaper, and with a lot less downtime.

The database of names is fixed up, and the names starting with C have been uploaded! There’s still a mountain of work that needs to go into the database, but this is a good start.

I’m working on fixing the phrase databases too. That’ll take some doing…. I hope anyways that I’ll be able to fix it quickly. I’m working to make the databases more efficient, and the website itself in general just a lot faster. Jim True and Lee Peterson have been really helpful in this quest, giving me lots of advice and holding my hand through some of the more difficult and perplexing problems.

One of the cooler things is that now we can make the whole website available in multiple languages, not just the phrasebooks. You’ll notice in the menu that there’s a drop-down list that lets you select the language you want to browse the website in. That needs a lot more work from our translators, but it’s a start!


  1. Oropher | | Reply

    Is the sindarin library project dead for good?

    • Dreamingfifi | | Reply

      Nope! I’m in the process of reviving it. :)

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