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Sindarin Phrasebooks Updated

At 5:30 AM, I finally completed uploading the updates to the Neo-Sindarin phrasebooks, including their German translations!

Alphin is our German translator, so feel free to send her some thank-yous for all of her hard work!

Other than a sparkly new German translation, I’ve reorganized many of the phrasebooks to be more conversation-like, grouping questions with their answers. The ones most affected by this were: Introductions, Communication, Journey Phrases, War Phrases, Rescue Mission, and Phrases In the Bedroom(18+). Compare them to the alphabet-organized Quenya versions, and let me know which you find easier to use, please!

And of course, the grammar I used has been updated to reflect the changes I’m making to the grammar described in the Neo-Sindarin textbook. The major changes are: adding *law/al- to the negation system, I-verb/TA-verb past tense conjugation, and pronouns. I cleaned up a bunch of little errors I found too. It never ceases, I always end up tweaking something here and there. I hope to finish the textbook and start the final editing process in early March. I’m thinking of holding a contest for art that will appear in the book. Does that sound like a good idea? Let me know what you think!

And that’s why the website was down a lot yesterday. I was uploading updates to over 2000 Sindarin phrases, and I killed my database a few times.

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