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Elvish Poem: I Naergon Limraedor

The Fisherman’s Lament

Tailel danner fain erin gloss
iúriel enni. Lebidel
pannel an gaded i dhuin rhîw.

Caimmen eniver le mabed
le chebed dan ethiriassel2.
Ben i naergon hen óren nen erui.

Your feet fell fair upon the snow
as you ran to me. Your fingers,
you opened to catch the winter’s river.

My hands sought there
to keep you, yet you flowed out.
In this sad tale, I clutched naught but water.

Reconstructed words:

1. Limraedor
Fishcatcher. Made from “lim” fish and the verb “raeda-” to catch in a net.
2. Ethiria-
To flow out. Made from “ed-” out and the verb “siria-” to flow.

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