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Blog > Elvish Poetry > Elvish Poem: A Rodyn, ídhron gwannad!

Elvish Poem: A Rodyn, ídhron gwannad!

I wrote this for a fanfic (don’t worry, I’ve never been suicidal!) about a character between a rock and a hard place far from home.

O Valar, I want to die!

Bannos hîr i firn!
Tolo a thollo
Vân charn hen am bar.
Hîr i thŷr a thûl!
Tolo a dogo
Edhel o thrach maug.
Ídhron i veth
Ah îdh vronadui.

Námo, Lord of the Dead!
Come and take
This wounded spirit home.
Lord of Eagles and Wind!
Come and lead
An Elf from a cruel curse.
I desire the end
And lasting peace.

Speak, Friend!