If you found an asterisk in the phrasebooks, then the word following it is reconstructed. Reconstructed words aren’t found in Tolkien’s work, but a made by guessing how Tolkien would have made the word. Luckily for us, Tolkien left a lot of material behind to reconstruct from. Of course, this means that using reconstructed words is a little risky, because not everyone will know the word or agree with the way it was made. This is a list of the reconstructed words that I use. Not included in this list is words normalized from Noldorin, pronouns, or numbers. Noldorin is Tolkien’s earlier version of Sindarin (before he decided that it was the language of the Sindar and not the Noldor) and it’s so close to Sindarin and places like Dragon Flame provide the normalized words, so I didn’t see the point in relisting them here. For Numbers and Pronouns, you can read my thoughts on them in A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin.

Wordlists – Reconstructed Sindarin

Compiled by dreamingfifi

Sindarin Part of speech English Derived from
Words I have reconstructed:
Abor Noun Tomorrow ab-+aur (Sindarin)
Abarad Noun Tomorrow ab-+arad (Sindarin)
Ach Noun Bone Axë (Quenya noun) and Achad (Sindarin noun)
Bainas Noun Beauty bain+-as (Sindarin)
Barn Adjective Safe BAR+-NÂ
(m)Basta- Verb Bake bread MBAS+-TÂ
Best Noun Wedding, marriage BES
Besta- Verb Wed, marry BES+-TÂ
Cesta- Transitive Verb seek, search for, look for KETH+TÂ
Ceth- Verb examine, search, interrogate KETH
Daf- Verb Allow, permit, yield DAB
(n)Dananna- Verb Give back, return NDAN+AN+-TÂ
(n)Danantha- Verb, Lindarin Dialect Give back, return NDAN+AN+-TÂ
Echuia- Verb Awaken ET+KUY+-Â
Em Noun Picture, Image EM and Emma (Quenya noun)
Ethiria- Verb Flow out ET+SIR+-JÂ
Ethog- Verb Lead out ET+TUK
Faefelf Noun Soul-feeling feafelme (Quenya noun)
Faul Noun Thirst PHAU
Felf Noun Feeling, sensation felme (Quenya noun)
Fuiol Adjective Disgusting fuia+-ol (Sindarin)
Gadas Noun Trap gada+-as (Sindarin)
Gal- Adverb Prefix Well, Blessedly Galu, al-
Gladhweg Adjective Cheerful, Apt to laugh gladh+-weg
Glassui Adjective Happy Glass+-ui
Glosta- Verb Snow GOLÓS+TÂ
Gôl Noun Wave WOL, Vola (Telerin)
(n)Golla- Verb Teach ÑGOL+TÂ
(n)Goltha- Verb, Lindarin Dialect Teach ÑGOL+TÂ
Goras Noun Advice gor-+-as
Gollanneth Noun teaching, lesson golla-+-th
Gwabeth Noun Sentence, phrase WO+KWET
Gwer- Verb Weave, wind, spin, twist WER
Gwil- Verb fly WIL
Hallas Noun Height hall+-as (Sindarin)
Huia- Verb Urge on SIW+-Â
Iesta- Verb Wish YES+-TÂ
Iesta- Verb Begin YESET+-Â
Ledh- Verb, Exilic Dialect Travel, journey LED
Lilla- Verb Dance LILT+-Â
Lilt Noun Dance LILT
Liltha- Verb, Lindarin Dialect Dance LILT+-Â
Mabed- Verb Ask [a question] Maquet- (Quenya verb)
Medhia- Verb Knead, soften MASAG
Muia- Verb Whine, moan, whimper, caw, meow MIW+-Â
Muig Noun Cat MIW, Muig (Early Noldorin)
Narphen Noun Character of a story Narn+pen (Sindarin)
Nevia- Verb Localize, bring close, translate (into your own language), translate (into another language when used with the Dative case) NEB+-JÂ
Nínia- Verb Weep Níniel (Noldorin adjective)
Ol- Verb Become Ol- (Quenya verb)
Olui Adjective Dreamy ôl+-ui (Sindarin)
Ostol- Verb Circumnavigate, Come around os-+tol-
Palan-hinnen Adjective Famous palan-+sinnen (Sindarin)
Pen-channas Adjective Stupid, idiotic pen-+hannas (Sindarin)
Pell Adjective still, quiet, hushed quilda (Qenya adjective)
Pen-ind Adjective Insane, heartless, crazy pen-+ind (Sindarin)
Pethas Noun Sentence, phrase peth+-as (Sindarin)
Per- Verb Turn Quer- (Quenya verb)
Pi Conditional Particle If KWI
Pil- Verb, transitive steal, rob, thieve pilwe (Qenya)
Pil Noun robber, thief pilu (Qenya)
Pilu Noun stealing, robbery, theft pilwe (Qenya)
Pog- Verb, intransitive Have sex, copulate puke (Qenya), hug- (Early Noldorin)
Posta- Verb Rest PUS+-TÂ
Puch Noun Vagina pukta (Qenya), huch (Early Noldorin)
Puith Noun Sex, coitus pukta (Qenya), hoith (Early Noldorin)
Puitha- Verb, transitive Have sex with pukta- (Qenya), hoitha- (Early Noldorin)
Puiga- Verb Clean, wash POY-K+-Â
Raeda- Verb Smile Raita- (Quenya verb)
Rag- Verb Break Rac- (Quenya verb)
Ragui Adjective Fragile, Breakable Rac- (Quenya verb)
Rúthui Adjective Angry rûth+-ui (Sindarin)
Rag- Verb Break (transitive) Rac- (Qenya verb)
Reitha- Verb Rescue, save from ruin/peril/loss REK+-TÂ
Rhofelf Noun Body-feeling hroafelme (Quenya noun)
Saeb Adjective Hungry Saiqa (Qenya Adjective)
Saeg Noun Hunger Saike (Qenya Noun)
Sav- Verb Believe in, accept as fact Sav- (Quenya verb)
Semp Noun Flute, pipe, whistle Simpa- (Qenya noun)
Tab- Verb Stop, block, close TAP
Tel- Verb Be done, be finished TELE
Telia- Verb Finish, conclude TELE+JÂ
Thein Adjective lawful, formal, according to custom Thanya/Sanya a Quenya adjective.
Theinas Noun law, rule turning the above *Thein into a noun
Ther- Verb Sew, stitch, embroider Ther-/Ser- a Quenya verb deduced from Therinde “Seamstress”.
Trastadweg Adjective Annoying trasta-+-weg
Û Noun Voice OM and Óma (Quenya)
Ummas Noun Evil um+-as
Words from David Salo, Thorsten Renk, and others [meaning I’m not entirely certain who made some of these. If you know, enlighten me please!]:
Aden Preposition Until [Ánweg] A-TEN (modeled after Noldorin preposition Adel)
Barf Noun Armor [David Salo] BAR+-MÂ
Cil- Verb Choose [Unknown] KIL
Corf Noun Ring (for fingers) [Unknown] KOR+-MÂ
(n)Dadhren- Verb Forget [Languages of Middle-earth Google+ Community] NDAN+REN
(n)Danren- Verb (Doriathrin Dialect) Forget [Languages of Middle-earth Google+ Community] NDAN+REN
Fel- Verb feel (a sensation or emotion)[Unknown] felme (Quenya noun)
(n)Gelia- Verb Learn [Thorsten Renk] ÑGOL+-JÂ
Gella- Verb Rejoice, delight [Unknown] GYEL+-TÂ
Hanna- Verb, Exilic Thank [David Salo] Hantalë (Quenya noun)
Hir- Verb Find [David Salo] Hir- (Quenya verb)
Istanna- Verb Teach/Give knowledge [Elvishmouse] ist+anna- (Sindarin, copying “suilanna”)
Istoneth- Noun [female] Teacher/Knowledge giver [Elvishmouse and dreamingfifi] ist+oneth (Sindarin, copying “bassoneth”)
Istonor- Noun [male] Teacher/Knowledge giver [Elvishmouse and dreamingfifi] ist+on+-on (Sindarin, copying “bassoneth”)
Losta- Verb Sleep [David Salo] LOS+-TÂ
Mant Noun Food [Unknown] MAT
Mib- Verb Kiss [Unknown] Miqu- (Qenya verb)
Pilind Noun Arrow [David Salo] PILIM
Pol- Verb Be physically able to [Unknown] Pol- (Quenya verb)
Ren- Verb Remember [David Salo] REN

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