If you found an asterisk and it led you here, then the word following it is reconstructed. Reconstructed words aren’t found in Tolkien’s work, but a made by guessing how Tolkien would have made the word. Luckily for us, Tolkien left a lot of material behind to reconstruct from. Of course, this means that using reconstructed words is a little risky, because not everyone will know the word or agree with the way it was made. This is a list of the reconstructed words that I use. Not included in this list is words normalized from Qenya, pronouns, or numbers. Qenya is one of Tolkien’s earlier versions of Quenya and it’s so close to Quenya that places like Ardalambion provide the normalized words, so I didn’t see the point in relisting them here. For Numbers and Pronouns, I go by the systems reconstructed by Helge Fauskanger(links to an RTF) and Thorsten Renk.

Wordlists – Reconstructed Quenya

Compiled by dreamingfifi

Quenya Part of speech English Derived from
Words I have reconstructed:
alasea adjective joyous alasse+-a
at- verb catch, capture GAT
nurda noun cord, rope SNUR, nordh (Noldorin noun)
os/or- preposition around, about, conserning OS
puc- verb, intransitive have sex, copulate puke- (Qenya)
pucco Noun Vagina pukku (Qenya), huch (Early Noldorin)
puhta noun sex, coitus pukta (Qenya)
puhta- verb, transitive have sex with pukta- (Qenya)
raxea adjective dangerous raxe+-a
westa- [Old Quenya] verb oath, swear WED, gwest (Noldorin)
vesta- [Exilic Quenya] verb oath, swear WED, gwest (Noldorin)
yesta- verb begin yesta (adjective, inferred root YESET)
yuhta- verb use, employ YUK+-TÂ

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