Compiled by Ederchil

  • -bê“, as. Coined by Thorsten Renk. Obviously derived from Eldarin.
  • bârâna“, mighty. From “abâr“, power.
  • banakil“, hobbit. From Westron “banakil“, half-man
  • bêla“, to brighten. From “Bêl“, bright.
  • hîm“, ale. From Westron “hîma“, ale.
  • huznudâ“, to hear. Coined by Thorsten Renk. From “huzun“, ear.
  • îr“, one. From the root ?IR.
  • kharat“, south. Coined by dreamingfifi. Derived from Eldarin khyarate.
  • kalama“, happy, merry. From Westron “Kali“, Merry.
  • kalda“, to be happy. From Westron “Kali“, Merry.
  • kastar“, treasure. From Westron “kastar“, mathom, mirian.
  • nakhat“, meeting. Literally, “two comings”.
  • narag“, dwarf. From Westron “narag“, dwarf.
  • nêg“, end. From Hobbitish Westron “neg“, end.
  • nidir“, nine. Coined by David Salo. Obviously from Eldarin.
  • nîn“, water. From Westron “nîn“, water, brook.
  • phurut“, north. Coined by dreamingfifi. Derived from Eldarin phorote.
  • razna“, to wander. From Westron “Razanur“, wanderer, Peregrin.
  • tharan“, four. From Westron “tharan“, four.
  • tuda“, to watch. Coined by Thorsten Renk. From Westron “tud“, watch.
  • ulug“, troll. From Eldarin “olog“.
  • zagra“, to kill. From “zagar“, sword.
  • zarâni“, old. From Westron “zara“, old.
  • zirbeth“, nice-word. Pure guesswork. Most etymologies of words for greetings have something like “to make great”, greet itself is derived from the same root as great.

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  1. myriads | | Reply

    how do i say these words in neo Adunaic:
    i love you
    do you want this

    finally i’d like to ask are there more words being created in no adunaic because i want to learn.

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