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Henry in Elvish

Henry, your name is really cool! It’s an old Germanic name meaning “Home King,” and fittingly, it’s been the name of many, many, many kings. And probably a few queens as well, since this name has plenty of feminine versions, like Henrietta and Harriette. Quenya The word for “home” in

Adûnaic Dictionary

Compiled by Lambendil a- pron. aff. it ~ (*3A-/*?A-) -a suff. Subjective ending for plural Neuters ~ (SD/430) aban n. earth <-Abattârik ~ UT/222 ~ (*BAN1) abâr n. strength, endurance, fidelity ~ SD/431 ~ (BAR) < E. BOR Abattârik name. Pillar-of-Earth ~ UT/222 ~ Aban-Târik abrazâ- v. to stand fast

Sindarin Pronunciation

The voice actors were Fiona Jallings (female voice that struggles with R-rolling) and Adam Elliott (male voice brought in to roll R’s). General Dialect Vowels Diphthongs Consonants Where the stress falls Dialects Doriathren Sindarin Woodelven Sindarin Gondorian Sindarin Sindarin has three different writing systems, so the sounds are written with


Thank-you everyone who sent condolences to me! The funeral was two days ago, and your messages helped a lot. I’ve changed the background for a winter theme; I need to move on and start focusing on my life again. Christmas is coming quickly, and I have finally found a way