Woodelven Sindarin Weather Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on weather.

AlagelRushing/Impetuous One (Female)View
AlagosdilWindstorm Lover (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagosdirWindstorm Man (Male)View
AlagosdisWindstorm Woman (Female)View
AlagospenWindstorm Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagosselWindstorm Girl (Female)View
AlagosselWindstorm Woman (Female)View
AlagosserWindstorm Lover (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagossielDaughter of Windstorm (Female)View
AlagossienDaughter of Windstorm (Female)View
AlagossilWindstorm Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagossionSon of Windstorm (Male)View
AlagossonWindstorm Man (Male)View
DínalagosSilence Storm (Gender-Neutral)View
EglessilIcicle Woman (Female)View
EglosdirIcicle Man (Male)View
EglosdisIcicle Woman (Female)View
EglospenIcicle Person (Gender-Neutral)View
EglosselIcicle Girl (Female)View
EglosselIcicle Woman (Female)View
EglossethIcicle Woman (Female)View
EglossielDaughter of Icicle (Female)View
EglossienDaughter of Icicle (Female)View
EglossionSon of Icicle (Male)View
EglossonIcicle Man (Male)View
EiliambenRainbow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
EiliandilRainbow Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EiliandirRainbow Man (Male)View
EiliandisRainbow Woman (Female)View
EilianthelRainbow Girl (Female)View
EilianthelRainbow Woman (Female)View
EiliantherRainbow Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EilianthesRainbow Woman (Female)View
EilianthielDaughter of Rainbow (Female)View
EilianthienDaughter of Rainbow (Female)View
EilianthionSon of Rainbow (Male)View
EilianthonRainbow Man (Male)View
EilianwenRainbow Maiden (Female)View
EilienthilRainbow Woman (Female)View
ElegessilWindstorm Woman (Female)View
FachilCloud Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FambenCloud Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FandilLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
FandirCloud Man (Male)View
FandisCloud Woman (Female)View
FanuiCloudy (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuibenCloudy Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuichilCloudy Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuielCloudy One (Female)View
FanuiethCloudy One (Female)View
FanuihelCloudy Girl (Female)View
FanuinirCloudy Man (Male)View
FanuinisCloudy Woman (Female)View
FanuionCloudy One (Male)View
FanuiwenCloudy Maiden (Female)View
FasselCloud Girl (Female)View
FasserLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
FechithSpirit of Mist (Gender-Neutral)View
FenielDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FenielCloud Woman (Female)View
FenienDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FeniethCloud Woman (Female)View
FenilCloud Woman (Female)View
FenionSon of Cloud (Male)View
FenionCloud Man (Male)View
FochilCloud Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FombenCloud Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FondilLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
FondirCloud Man (Male)View
FondisCloud Woman (Female)View
FonelCloud Woman (Female)View
FonethCloud Woman (Female)View
FonielDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FonienDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FonilCloud Woman (Female)View
FonionSon of Cloud (Male)View
FonorCloud Man (Male)View
FonwenCloud Maiden (Female)View
FosselCloud Girl (Female)View
FosserLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
GwedalWind Foot (Gender-Neutral)View
GwerechilWindy Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
GwerenWindy (Gender-Neutral)View
GwerendirWindy Man (Male)View
GwerendisWindy Woman (Female)View
GwerenelWindy One (Female)View
GwerenethWindy One (Female)View
GwerenielDaughter of Windy One (Female)View
GwerenienDaughter of Windy One (Female)View
GwerenilWindy One (Female)View
GwerenionSon of Windy One (Male)View
GwerenorWindy One (Male)View
GwerephenWindy Person (Gender-Neutral)View
GweresselWindy Girl (Female)View
HelchBitter Cold (Gender-Neutral)View
HelchelBitter Cold One (Female)View
HelchelBitter Cold Girl (Female)View
HelchethBitter Cold One (Female)View
HelchielDaughter of Bitter Cold One (Female)View
HelchienDaughter of Bitter Cold One (Female)View
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