Woodelven Sindarin Weapon Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names for the wielders of weapons.

DagnirKiller (Male)View
DagnirBattler (Male)View
DagnisKiller (Female)View
DagorKiller/Battle (Gender-Neutral)View
DagrielDaughter of Killer (Female)View
DagrielDaughter of Battler (Female)View
DagrienDaughter of Killer (Female)View
DagrienDaughter of Battler (Female)View
DagrionSon of Killer (Male)View
DagrionSon of Battler (Male)View
DagronKiller (Male)View
DagronBattler (Male)View
DagronBattler (Male)View
DagrorBattler (Gender-Neutral)View
DegredisBattler (Female)View
DegrilKiller (Female)View
DegrilBattler (Female)View
DravonHewer (Male)View
DravorHewer (Gender-Neutral)View
DravorielDaughter of Hewer (Female)View
DravorienDaughter of Hewer (Female)View
DravorionSon of Hewer (Male)View
DravoronHewer (Male)View
DrevedirHewer (Male)View
DrevedisHewer (Female)View
DrevorilHewer (Female)View
DringedirBeater (Male)View
DringedisBeater (Female)View
DringonBeater (Male)View
DringorBeater (Gender-Neutral)View
DringorielDaughter of Beater (Female)View
DringorienDaughter of Beater (Female)View
DringorilBeater (Female)View
DringorionSon of Beater (Male)View
DringoronBeater (Male)View
EchelSpine/Spearpoint Girl (Female)View
EchelSpine/Spearpoint Woman (Female)View
EcherLover/Friend of Spine/Spearpoint (Gender-Neutral)View
EchethSpine/Spearpoint Woman (Female)View
EchielDaughter of Spine/Spearpoint (Female)View
EchienDaughter of Spine/Spearpoint (Female)View
EchilSpine/Spearpoint Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
EchilSpine/Spearpoint Woman (Female)View
EchionSon of Spine/Spearpoint (Male)View
EchonSpine/Spearpoint Man (Male)View
EchwenSpine/Spearpoint Maiden (Female)View
EgelSharp Point (Female)View
EgethSharp Point (Female)View
EgielDaughter of Sharp Point (Female)View
EgienDaughter of Sharp Point (Female)View
EgilSharp Point (Female)View
EgionSon of Sharp Point (Male)View
EgnasbenSharp Point/Peak Person (Gender-Neutral)View
EgnasdilSharp Point/Peak Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EgnasdirSharp Point/Peak Man (Male)View
EgnasdisSharp Point/Peak Woman (Female)View
EgnasselSharp Point/Peak Girl (Female)View
EgnasselSharp Point/Peak Woman (Female)View
EgnasserSharp Point/Peak Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EgnassethSharp Point/Peak Woman (Female)View
EgnassielDaughter of Sharp Point/Peak (Female)View
EgnassienDaughter of Sharp Point/Peak (Female)View
EgnassilSharp Point/Peak Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
EgnassionSon of Sharp Point/Peak (Male)View
EgnassonSharp Point/Peak Man (Male)View
EgnessilSharp Point/Peak Woman (Female)View
EgnirSharp Point Man (Male)View
EgnisSharp Point Woman (Female)View
EgonSharp Point (Male)View
EgwenSharp Point Maiden (Female)View
EithelSpearpoint Girl (Female)View
EithelSpearwoman (Female)View
EithesSpearwoman (Female)View
EithielDaughter of Spearpoint (Female)View
EithienDaughter of Spearpoint (Female)View
EithilSpearwoman (Female)View
EithionSon of Spearpoint (Male)View
EithonSpearman (Male)View
EithwenSpearpoint Maiden (Female)View
ErchedirPricker/Stabber (Male)View
ErchedisPricker/Stabber (Female)View
ErchonPricker/Stabber (Male)View
ErchorPricker/Stabber (Gender-Neutral)View
ErchorielDaughter of Pricker/Stabber (Female)View
ErchorienDaughter of Pricker/Stabber (Female)View
ErchorilPricker/Stabber (Female)View
ErchorionSon of Pricker/Stabber (Male)View
ErchoronPricker/Stabber (Male)View
HadhelCleaver Girl (Female)View
HadhelCleaver Woman (Female)View
HadhesCleaver Woman (Female)View
HadhielDaughter of the Cleaver (Female)View
HadhienDaughter of the Cleaver (Female)View
HadhilCleaver Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HadhionSon of the Cleaver (Male)View
HadhonCleaver Man (Male)View
HadhwenCleaver Maiden (Female)View
HadlathelSling Woman (Female)View
HadlathelSling Girl (Female)View
HadlathesSling Woman (Female)View
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