Woodelven Sindarin Ability Names

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Names dealing with things that one can do.

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

BeldesStrong Woman (Female)View
BeldirStrong Man (Male)View
BelphenStrong Person (Gender-Neutral)View
BeltStrong (Gender-Neutral)View
BelthasdesStrength Woman (Female)View
BelthasdirStrength Man (Male)View
BelthaspenStrength Person (Gender-Neutral)View
BelthasselStrength Woman (Female)View
BelthasselStrength Girl (Female)View
BelthassethStrength Woman (Female)View
BelthassielDaughter of Strength (Female)View
BelthassienDaughter of Strength (Female)View
BelthassionSon of Strength (Male)View
BelthassonStrength Man (Male)View
BelthesStrong One (Female)View
BelthessilStrength Woman (Female)View
BelthielDaughter of Strong One (Female)View
BelthienDaughter of Strong One (Female)View
BelthilStrong One (Female)View
BelthionSon of Strong One (Male)View
BelthonStrong One (Male)View
BelwenStrong Maiden (Female)View
CelegSwift/Agile/Hasty (Gender-Neutral)View
CelegelSwift/Agile/Hasty One (Female)View
CelegethSwift/Agile/Hasty One (Female)View
CelegielDaughter of Swift/Agile/Hasty One (Female)View
CelegienDaughter of Swift/Agile/Hasty One (Female)View
CelegilSwift/Agile/Hasty One (Female)View
CelegionSon of Swift/Agile/Hasty One (Male)View
CelegnesSwift/Agile/Hasty Woman (Female)View
CelegnirSwift/Agile/Hasty Man (Male)View
CelegonSwift/Agile/Hasty One (Male)View
CelegwenSwift/Agile/Hasty Maiden (Female)View
CenedelSeer (Female)View
CenedesSight Woman (Female)View
CenedethSeer (Female)View
CenedielDaughter of Sight (Female)View
CenedienDaughter of Sight (Female)View
CenedilSeer (Female)View
CenedionSon of Sight (Male)View
CenedirSight Man (Male)View
CenedonSeer (Male)View
CenedwenSight Maiden (Female)View
CenephenSight Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CenesselSight Girl (Female)View
CílbenRenewal Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CíldesRenewal Woman (Female)View
CíldirRenewal Man (Male)View
CílelRenewal Woman (Female)View
CílethRenewal Woman (Female)View
CílhelRenewal Girl (Female)View
CílielDaughter of Renewal (Female)View
CílienDaughter of Renewal (Female)View
CílilRenewal Woman (Female)View
CílionSon of Renewal (Male)View
CílonRenewal Man (Male)View
CílwenRenewal Maiden (Female)View
CuinAlive (Gender-Neutral)View
CuindesAlive Woman (Female)View
CuindirAlive Man (Male)View
CuinelAlive One (Female)View
CuinethAlive One (Female)View
CuinielDaughter of Alive One (Female)View
CuinienDaughter of Alive One (Female)View
CuinilAlive One (Female)View
CuinionSon of Alive One (Male)View
CuinorAlive One (Male)View
CuinwenAlive Maiden (Female)View
CuiphenAlive Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CuisselAlive Girl (Female)View