Gondorian Sindarin Weather Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on weather.

AeglessilIcicle Woman (Female)View
AeglosdirIcicle Man (Male)View
AeglosdisIcicle Woman (Female)View
AeglospenIcicle Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AeglosselIcicle Woman (Female)View
AeglosselIcicle Girl (Female)View
AeglossethIcicle Woman (Female)View
AeglossielDaughter of Icicle (Female)View
AeglossienDaughter of Icicle (Female)View
AeglossionSon of Icicle (Male)View
AeglossonIcicle Man (Male)View
AlagelRushing/Impetuous One (Female)View
AlagosdilWindstorm Lover (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagosdirWindstorm Man (Male)View
AlagosdisWindstorm Woman (Female)View
AlagospenWindstorm Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagosselWindstorm Girl (Female)View
AlagosselWindstorm Woman (Female)View
AlagosserWindstorm Lover (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagossielDaughter of Windstorm (Female)View
AlagossienDaughter of Windstorm (Female)View
AlagossilWindstorm Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
AlagossilWindstorm Woman (Female)View
AlagossionSon of Windstorm (Male)View
AlagossonWindstorm Man (Male)View
DínalagosSilence Storm (Gender-Neutral)View
EiliambenRainbow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
EiliandilRainbow Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EiliandirRainbow Man (Male)View
EiliandisRainbow Woman (Female)View
EiliannelRainbow Woman (Female)View
EiliannethRainbow Woman (Female)View
EiliannielDaughter of Rainbow (Female)View
EiliannienDaughter of Rainbow (Female)View
EiliannionSon of Rainbow (Male)View
EiliannorRainbow Man (Male)View
EilianthelRainbow Girl (Female)View
EiliantherRainbow Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EilianwenRainbow Maiden (Female)View
EiliennilRainbow Woman (Female)View
FaehithSpirit of Mist (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuiCloudy (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuibenCloudy Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuielCloudy One (Female)View
FanuiethCloudy One (Female)View
FanuihelCloudy Girl (Female)View
FanuihilCloudy Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FanuinirCloudy Man (Male)View
FanuinisCloudy Woman (Female)View
FanuionCloudy One (Male)View
FanuiwenCloudy Maiden (Female)View
FanwenCloud Maiden (Female)View
FeichilCloud Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FeimbenCloud Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FeindilLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
FeindirCloud Man (Male)View
FeindisCloud Woman (Female)View
FeinelCloud Woman (Female)View
FeinethCloud Woman (Female)View
FeinielDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FeinienDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FeinilCloud Woman (Female)View
FeinionSon of Cloud (Male)View
FeinorCloud Man (Male)View
FeinwenCloud Maiden (Female)View
FeisselCloud Girl (Female)View
FeisserLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
FochilCloud Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
FombenCloud Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FondilLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
FondirCloud Man (Male)View
FondisCloud Woman (Female)View
FonelCloud Woman (Female)View
FonethCloud Woman (Female)View
FonielDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FonienDaughter of Cloud (Female)View
FonilCloud Woman (Female)View
FonionSon of Cloud (Male)View
FonorCloud Man (Male)View
FonwenCloud Maiden (Female)View
FosselCloud Girl (Female)View
FosserLover/Friend of Cloud (Gender-Neutral)View
GwaedalWind Foot (Gender-Neutral)View
GwaerehilWindy Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
GwaerenWindy (Gender-Neutral)View
GwaerendirWindy Man (Male)View
GwaerendisWindy Woman (Female)View
GwaerenelWindy One (Female)View
GwaerenethWindy One (Female)View
GwaerenielDaughter of Windy One (Female)View
GwaerenienDaughter of Windy One (Female)View
GwaerenilWindy One (Female)View
GwaerenionSon of Windy One (Male)View
GwaerenorWindy One (Male)View
GwaerephenWindy Person (Gender-Neutral)View
GwaeresselWindy Girl (Female)View
HelcBitter Cold (Gender-Neutral)View
HelegethIce Woman (Female)View
HelegienDaughter of the Ice (Female)View
HelegionSon of the Ice (Male)View
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