Gondorian Sindarin Flora Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on plants.

AeglosdilLover/Friend of Snowthorn (Gender-Neutral)View
AeglosserLover/Friend of Snowthorn (Gender-Neutral)View
BelegornMighty Tree (Gender-Neutral)View
CeleblasSilver Leaf (Gender-Neutral)View
CordoverLover/Friend of Pippin (Gender-Neutral)View
CordovnilLover/Friend of Pippin (Gender-Neutral)View
CullasGolden Red Leaf (Gender-Neutral)View
DíllothSilent Flower (Gender-Neutral)View
DinelothSilent Flower (Gender-Neutral)View
EcwenSpine/Spearpoint Maiden (Female)View
EgelThorn Woman (Female)View
EgethThorn Woman (Female)View
EgielDaughter of Thorn (Female)View
EgienDaughter of Thorn (Female)View
EgilThorn Woman (Female)View
EgionSon of Thorn (Male)View
EgnilThorn Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EgnirThorn Man (Male)View
EgnisThorn Woman (Female)View
EgonThorn Man (Male)View
EgwenThorn Maiden (Female)View
EhelSpine/Spearpoint Girl (Female)View
EhelSpine/Spearpoint Woman (Female)View
EherLover/Friend of Spine/Spearpoint (Gender-Neutral)View
EhethSpine/Spearpoint Woman (Female)View
EhielDaughter of Spine/Spearpoint (Female)View
EhienDaughter of Spine/Spearpoint (Female)View
EhilSpine/Spearpoint Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
EhilSpine/Spearpoint Woman (Female)View
EhionSon of Spine/Spearpoint (Male)View
EhonSpine/Spearpoint Man (Male)View
ElanordilLover/Friend of Star-Sun (species of flower) (Gender-Neutral)View
ElanorherLover/Friend of Star-Sun (species of flower) (Gender-Neutral)View
EllethilLone Flower Woman (Female)View
EllothelLone Flower Girl (Female)View
EllothelLone Flower Woman (Female)View
EllotherLover/Friend of Lone Flower (Gender-Neutral)View
EllothesLone Flower Woman (Female)View
EllothielDaughter of Lone Flower (Female)View
EllothienDaughter of Lone Flower (Female)View
EllothilLone Flower Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
EllothionSon of Lone Flower (Male)View
EllothonLone Flower Man (Male)View
EllothwenLone Flower Maiden (Female)View
EredhelSeed Girl (Female)View
EredhelSeed Woman (Female)View
EredherSeed Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EredhesSeed Woman (Female)View
EredhielDaughter of Seed (Female)View
EredhienDaughter of Seed (Female)View
EredhilSeed Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
EredhilSeed Woman (Female)View
EredhionSon of Seed (Male)View
EredhnilSeed Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EredhnirSeed Man (Male)View
EredhnisSeed Woman (Female)View
EredhonSeed Man (Male)View
EredhwenSeed Maiden (Female)View
EregelHolly/Thorn Woman (Female)View
EregethHolly/Thorn Woman (Female)View
EregielDaughter of Holly/Thorn (Female)View
EregienDaughter of Holly/Thorn (Female)View
EregilHolly/Thorn Woman (Female)View
EregionSon of Holly/Thorn (Male)View
EregnilHolly/Thorn Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
EregnirHolly/Thorn Man (Male)View
EregnisHolly/Thorn Woman (Female)View
EregonHolly/Thorn Man (Male)View
EregwenHolly/Thorn Maiden (Female)View
ErephenSeed Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ErhelPrickle Girl (Female)View
ErhelPrickle Woman (Female)View
ErherLover/Friend of Prickle (Gender-Neutral)View
ErhethPrickle Woman (Female)View
ErhielDaughter of Prickle (Female)View
ErhienDaughter of Prickle (Female)View
ErhilPrickle Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
ErhilPrickle Woman (Female)View
ErhionSon of Prickle (Male)View
ErhonPrickle Man (Male)View
FerdilLover/Friend of the Beech-tree (Gender-Neutral)View
FerherLover/Friend of the Beech-tree (Gender-Neutral)View
GaeruildilLover/Friend of the Seaweed (Gender-Neutral)View
GaeruilherLover/Friend of the Seaweed (Gender-Neutral)View
GaladherLover/Friend of Trees (Gender-Neutral)View
GalasserLover/Friend of Plants (Gender-Neutral)View
GalenasserLover/Friend of Pipeweed (Gender-Neutral)View
GilornStar Tree (Gender-Neutral)View
GladelWood Woman (Female)View
GladethWood Woman (Female)View
GladielDaughter of the Wood (Female)View
GladienDaughter of the Wood (Female)View
GladilLover/Friend of the Wood (Gender-Neutral)View
GladionSon of the Wood (Male)View
GladirWood Man (Male)View
GladisWood Woman (Female)View
GladonWood Man (Male)View
GladwenWood Maiden (Female)View
GlaerornTree Song (Gender-Neutral)View
GlaphenWood Person (Gender-Neutral)View
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