Gondorian Sindarin Elemental Names

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Names based on the elements, minerals, or resources of nature.

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

AgardesBlood Woman (Female)View
AgardirBlood Man (Male)View
AgarelBlood (Female)View
AgarethBlood (Female)View
AgarhelBlood Girl (Female)View
AgarielDaughter of Blood (Female)View
AgarienDaughter of Blood (Female)View
AgarilBlood (Female)View
AgarionSon of Blood (Male)View
AgaronBlood (Male)View
AgarphenBlood Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AgarwenBlood Maiden (Female)View
AmardesEarth Woman (Female)View
AmardirEarth Man (Male)View
AmarelEarth (Female)View
AmarethEarth (Female)View
AmarhelEarth Girl (Female)View
AmarielDaughter of Earth (Female)View
AmarienDaughter of Earth (Female)View
AmarilEarth (Female)View
AmarionSon of Earth (Male)View
AmaronEarth (Male)View
AmarphenEarth Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AmarwenEarth Maiden (Female)View
AngelIron (Female)View
AngethIron (Female)View
AngielDaughter of Iron (Female)View
AngienDaughter of Iron (Female)View
AngilIron (Female)View
AngionSon of Iron (Male)View
AngonIron (Male)View
AngrembenIron Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AngrendesIron Woman (Female)View
AngrendirIron Man (Male)View
AngrenelIron One (Female)View
AngrenethIron One (Female)View
AngrenielDaughter of Iron One (Female)View
AngrenienDaughter of Iron One (Female)View
AngrenilIron One (Female)View
AngrenionSon of Iron One (Male)View
AngrenorIron One (Male)View
AngresselIron Girl (Female)View
AngwenIron Maiden (Female)View
BrithelGravel Woman (Female)View
BrithesGravel Woman (Female)View
BrithienDaughter of Gravel (Female)View
BrithilGravel Woman (Female)View
CaebenEarth Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CaehelEarth Girl (Female)View
CaenesEarth Woman (Female)View
CaenirEarth Man (Male)View
CaewenEarth Maiden (Female)View
CalemirGreen Jewel (Gender-Neutral)View
CaranorRed Fire (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebelSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebenSilver Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebethSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebielDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelebienDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelebilSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebionSon of Silver (Male)View
CelebonSilver Man (Male)View
CelebrembenSilver Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebrenSilver (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebrendesSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebrendirSilver Man (Male)View
CelebrenelSilver One (Female)View
CelebrenethSilver One (Female)View
CelebrenielDaughter of Silver One (Female)View
CelebrenienDaughter of Silver One (Female)View
CelebrenilSilver One (Female)View
CelebrenionSon of Silver One (Male)View
CelebrenorSilver One (Male)View
CelebresselSilver Girl (Female)View
CelevenilShe of Silver (Female)View
CelevonOf Silver (Gender-Neutral)View
CelevondesWoman of Silver (Female)View
CelevondirMan of Silver (Male)View
CelevonelShe of Silver (Female)View
CelevonethShe of Silver (Female)View
CelevonielDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelevonienDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelevonionSon of Silver (Male)View
CelevonorHe of Silver (Male)View
CelevonwenMaiden of Silver (Female)View
CelevophenPerson of Silver (Gender-Neutral)View
CelevosselGirl of Silver (Female)View
CemEarthen (Gender-Neutral)View
CembenEarthen Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CemdesEarthen Woman (Female)View
CemdirEarthen Man (Male)View
CemhelEarthen Girl (Female)View
CemmelEarthen One (Female)View
CemmethEarthen One (Female)View
CemmielDaughter of Earthen One (Female)View
CemmienDaughter of Earthen One (Female)View
CemmilEarthen One (Female)View
CemmionSon of Earthen One (Male)View
CemmonEarthen One (Male)View
CevelEarth Woman (Female)View
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