Gondorian Sindarin Elemental Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on the elements, minerals, or resources of nature.

AgardilLover/Friend of Blood (Gender-Neutral)View
AgarherLover/Friend of Blood (Gender-Neutral)View
AmardilFriend/Lover of Earth (Gender-Neutral)View
AmarherFriend/Lover of Earth (Gender-Neutral)View
AngrehilIron Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
AngrembenIron Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AngrendirIron Man (Male)View
AngrendisIron Woman (Female)View
AngrenelIron One (Female)View
AngrenethIron One (Female)View
AngrenielDaughter of Iron One (Female)View
AngrenienDaughter of Iron One (Female)View
AngrenilIron One (Female)View
AngrenionSon of Iron One (Male)View
AngrenorIron One (Male)View
AngresselIron Girl (Female)View
BrithelGravel Girl (Female)View
BrithelGravel Woman (Female)View
BrithesGravel Woman (Female)View
BrithielDaughter of Gravel (Female)View
BrithienDaughter of Gravel (Female)View
BrithilGravel Woman (Female)View
BrithionSon of Gravel (Male)View
BrithonGravel Man (Male)View
BrithwenGravel Maiden (Female)View
CaebenEarth Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CaehelEarth Girl (Female)View
CaenirEarth Man (Male)View
CaenisEarth Woman (Female)View
CaewenEarth Maiden (Female)View
CalemirGreen Jewel (Gender-Neutral)View
CaranorRed Fire (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebelSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebenSilver Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebethSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebielDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelebienDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelebilSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebionSon of Silver (Male)View
CelebonSilver Man (Male)View
CelebrembenSilver Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebrenSilver (Gender-Neutral)View
CelebrendirSilver Man (Male)View
CelebrendisSilver Woman (Female)View
CelebrenelSilver One (Female)View
CelebrenethSilver One (Female)View
CelebrenielDaughter of Silver One (Female)View
CelebrenienDaughter of Silver One (Female)View
CelebrenilSilver One (Female)View
CelebrenionSon of Silver One (Male)View
CelebrenorSilver One (Male)View
CelebresselSilver Girl (Female)View
CelevenilShe of Silver (Female)View
CelevonOf Silver (Gender-Neutral)View
CelevondirMan of Silver (Male)View
CelevondisWoman of Silver (Female)View
CelevonelShe of Silver (Female)View
CelevonethShe of Silver (Female)View
CelevonielDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelevonienDaughter of Silver (Female)View
CelevonionSon of Silver (Male)View
CelevonorHe of Silver (Male)View
CelevonwenMaiden of Silver (Female)View
CelevophenPerson of Silver (Gender-Neutral)View
CelevosselGirl of Silver (Female)View
CemEarthen (Gender-Neutral)View
CembenEarthen Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CemdirEarthen Man (Male)View
CemdisEarthen Woman (Female)View
CemhelEarthen Girl (Female)View
CemmelEarthen One (Female)View
CemmethEarthen One (Female)View
CemmielDaughter of Earthen One (Female)View
CemmienDaughter of Earthen One (Female)View
CemmilEarthen One (Female)View
CemmionSon of Earthen One (Male)View
CemmonEarthen One (Male)View
CevelEarth Woman (Female)View
CevethEarth Woman (Female)View
CevielDaughter of Earth (Female)View
CevienDaughter of Earth (Female)View
CevilEarth Woman (Female)View
CevionSon of Earth (Male)View
CevonEarth Man (Male)View
ColbenGold Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ColdirGold Man (Male)View
ColdisGold Woman (Female)View
ColelGold Woman (Female)View
ColethGold Woman (Female)View
ColhelGold Girl (Female)View
ColielDaughter of Gold (Female)View
ColienDaughter of Gold (Female)View
ColilGold Woman (Female)View
ColionSon of Gold (Male)View
ColwenGold Maiden (Female)View
EsgalnorVeil of Fire (Gender-Neutral)View
GondrehilHeir Made of Stone (Gender-Neutral)View
GondrenMade of Stone (Gender-Neutral)View
GondrendirMan Made of Stone (Male)View
GondrendisWoman Made of Stone (Female)View
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