Doriathren Sindarin Celestial Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names describing the heavens.

AglarchirRenewed Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarchiwNew Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarebGlorious (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarebelGlorious One (Female)View
AglarebenGlorious Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarebethGlorious One (Female)View
AglarebielDaughter of Glorious One (Female)View
AglarebienDaughter of Glorious One (Female)View
AglarebionSon of Glorious One (Male)View
AglarebonGlorious One (Male)View
AglaredenNew Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarephilGlorious Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarhainNew Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglariorAncient Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglariphantLong-Lived/Old Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarvrunLong-Endured/Old Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AglarwainNew Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
AnnúngilWest Star (Gender-Neutral)View
AnordilLover/Friend of the Moon (Gender-Neutral)View
AnorherLover/Friend of the Moon (Gender-Neutral)View
AradelDay Woman (Female)View
AradethDay Woman (Female)View
AradielDaughter of Day (Female)View
AradienDaughter of Day (Female)View
AradionSon of Day (Male)View
AradirDay Man (Male)View
AradisDay Woman (Female)View
AradonDay Man (Male)View
AradwendDay Maiden (Female)View
AraphenDay Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ArasselDay Girl (Female)View
AsserHeat/Light of the Sun Lover/Friend (Gender-Neutral)View
CaladelLight Woman (Female)View
CaladethLight Woman (Female)View
CaladielDaughter of Light (Female)View
CaladienDaughter of Light (Female)View
CaladionSon of Light (Male)View
CaladirLight Man (Male)View
CaladisLight Woman (Female)View
CaladonLight Man (Male)View
CaladwendLight Maiden (Female)View
CalaearLight of the Sea (Gender-Neutral)View
CalaphenLight Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CalardirBrilliant Man (Male)View
CalardisBrilliant Maiden (Female)View
CalarhelBrilliant Girl (Female)View
CalarphenBrilliant Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CalarwendBrilliant Maiden (Female)View
CalasselLight Girl (Female)View
CaldirLight Man (Male)View
CaldisLight Woman (Female)View
CalelLight Woman (Female)View
CalethLight Woman (Female)View
CalhelLight Girl (Female)View
CalielDaughter of Light (Female)View
CalienDaughter of Light (Female)View
CalionDaughter of Light (Male)View
CalithilMoon Light (Gender-Neutral)View
CalonLight Man (Male)View
CalphenLight Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CalwendLight Maiden (Female)View
CelairBrilliant (Female)View
CeledilLight Woman (Female)View
CelerielDaughter of Brilliant One (Female)View
CelerielBrilliant One (Female)View
CelerienDaughter of Brilliant One (Female)View
CeleriethBrilliant One (Female)View
CelerilBrilliant One (Female)View
CelerionSon of Brilliant One (Male)View
CelerionBrilliant One (Male)View
CelilLight Woman (Female)View
CíraglarRenewed Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
CíwaglarNew Glory (Gender-Neutral)View
ClorbenSplendor/Glory Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ClordirSplendor/Glory Man (Male)View
ClordisSplendor/Glory Maiden (Female)View
ClorelSplendor/Glory Woman (Female)View
ClorethSplendor/Glory Woman (Female)View
ClorhelSplendor/Glory Girl (Female)View
ClorielDaughter of Splendor/Glory (Female)View
ClorienDaughter of Splendor/Glory (Female)View
ClorilSplendor/Glory Woman (Female)View
ClorionSon of Splendor/Glory (Male)View
CloronSplendor/Glory Man (Male)View
ClorwendSplendor/Glory Maiden (Female)View
DaechirShadow Lord (Male)View
DaerisShadow Queen (Female)View
DûrDark (Gender-Neutral)View
DúrchilDark Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
DúrdirDark Man (Male)View
DúrdisDark Woman (Female)View
DúrelDark One (Female)View
DúrethDark One (Female)View
DúrhelDark Girl (Female)View
DúrielDaughter of Dark One (Female)View
DúrienDaughter of Dark One (Female)View
DúrilDark One (Female)View
DúrionSon of Dark One (Male)View
DúronDark One (Male)View
DúrphenDark Person (Gender-Neutral)View
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