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Names made with this word:

Nîn Wet (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Nínael Tears of a Pool (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Nínel Tears of a Pool (Gender-Neutral) Woodelven Sindarin
Níneth Wet One (Female) Sindarin
Níngaear Tears of the Sea (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Níngannel Tears of a Harp (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Níngear Tears of the Sea (Gender-Neutral) Woodelven Sindarin
Níniel Daughter of Wet One (Female) Sindarin
Nínion Son of Wet One (Male) Sindarin
Nínor Wet One (Male) Sindarin

Pronunciation Guides

  • Language(s): Sindarin,
  • Categories this word falls under: Physical Attributes

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