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Amarthadan Fate of a Human (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amartharn Royal Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amartheden New Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthedhel Fate of an Elf (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthel Fate of an Elf (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthereb Isolated/Lonely Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amartherui Single/Alone Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthaer Dreadful Fate (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Amarther Dreadful Fate (Gender-Neutral) Woodelven Sindarin
Amarthoeol Dreadful/Terrifying Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthorn Hard/Difficult Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthadhod Fate of a Dwarf (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthaer Far/Remote/Distant Fate (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Amarthal Hidden Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarther Far/Remote/Distant Fate (Gender-Neutral) Woodelven Sindarin
Amarthior Ancient/Old/Original Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthogol Wicked/Evil Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthaer Bitter Fate (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin
Amarthain New Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarther Bitter Fate (Gender-Neutral) Woodelven Sindarin
Amarthanc Cleft/Split/Forked Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthor Abominable/Abhorrent Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthaw Corrupt/Rotten Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthurin Secret/Hidden Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthuanui Monstrous/Hideous Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Amarthuireb Eternal Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Aramarth High/Noble/Royal Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Arnamarth Royal Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Arodamarth Noble/Tall/Eminent Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Arthamarth Noble/Lofty/Exalted Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Balhamarth Cruel Fate (Gender-Neutral) Gondorian Sindarin
Balchamarth Cruel Fate (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin and Woodelven Sindarin
Belegamarth Great/Mighty Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Brannamarth Lofty/Noble/High Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Bregolamarth Violent/Sudden/Fierce Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Bronaduiamarth Enduring/Lasting Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Cidinnamarth Small Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin
Cinnogamarth Small Fate (Gender-Neutral) Gondorian Sindarin and Woodelven Sindarin
Cinthogamarth Small Fate (Gender-Neutral) Doriathren Sindarin
Comamarth Empty/Void Fate (Gender-Neutral) Sindarin

Pronunciation Guides

  • Language(s): Sindarin,
  • Categories this word falls under: Spiritual

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