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Beautiful/Fair Vanima – Beautiful/Fair


vanima Beautiful/Fair

Findelya vanima ná

English: Your hair is pretty Literal Translation: Your hair is pretty (formal) Guide for Adding Punctuation to the Tengwar and Cirth Tengwar with vowel-tehtar, used for Quenya, Gondorian-Sindarin, Adúnaic, and Black Speech: eT2$j´E yE5%t# 5~C Pronunciation Guides Language(s): QuenyaThe language of the Noldorin and Vanyarin Elves, spoken primarily in Aman.

Linda in Elvish

Linda, your name is really cool! It’s based on an ancient word meaning “weak, tender, soft.” It wasn’t used on its own until recently, where it was a Germanic nickname for names ending in -linde. But, this isn’t the only source of your name! It’s also a Spanish word meaning