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Tall One Orhallon – Tall One


High/Exalted One Hallon – High/Exalted One


Hidden/Veiled/Shady One Hallon – Hidden/Veiled/Shady One

Mary in Elvish

Mary, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient name that has soared in popularity for thousands of years. It’s so old that we don’t exactly know its meaning. We have many, many possible meanings based on linguistic research. There are two main theories. First is that it’s an old

Elvish Poem: An Ada

This poem was written for a fanfic – a child extremely happy that his Ada (daddy) made it home safely from his adventure. To a Dad Edhil, glirib oh i mŷr verin, oh i ngellyr, ar oh i negyr. Law1 ‘lirib oh i chairdh atha maeth. Ladrengil2 i thavron ngolodhren3