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Store Page Revamped!

It took a few months of work and the dedication of a new friend named Ferdinand, but we did it! It’s done! We have a fancy new store page just in time for the holiday season!

Check out the fancy new RealElvish Store!

This new design is more modern, and it has two new features that really improve the usability of the website:

  1. The fancy collaborators carousel in the landing page and the store section pages. I’ve been wanting to add a way to show off the amazing people I work with for a long time, and now you can browse through them!
  2. The Gallery of Translations. These are all translations that you have requested then sent me photographic proof of their awesomeness in action. I sent out an e-mail asking clients for pictures, and wow, my translations have ended up in some creative places! I am torn between the handmade bow and the yard sign declaring “Hate has no home here!” If you’d like to have your image added to the gallery, contact me, and I’ll set it up!

Speaking of collaborators, today I added a new one! Check out Leela Kunst, an old-fashioned artisan who can add Elvish to her handmade ceramics. I came across her while browsing Etsy and was blown away by her beautiful work. Turns out she’s a Tolkien fan too! I recommend one of those big mugs that you can fit a lot of hot cocoa in. Perfect for an elf-lord or a hobbit.



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