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Why We Had Downtime

At about 4AM (Montana Time) 4 days ago, the website went down. When I got up, I was getting alerts about insane amounts of activity on the website, so much that the server was slowing down and preventing people from viewing the website. I thought at first that we were under attack, the numbers were so out of the ordinarily.

After four days of poking around and with the help of some friends, I finally figured out what was wrong!

We weren’t under attack. Two different plugins broke. It’s pretty unusual for two to break at the same time, and I think it was some sort of update in WordPress that they weren’t equipt to cope with.

Anyways, the broken plugins are deleted, the makers of the plugins notified of the problem, and we’re back! Minus the Classic Page Editor and the Site Map, but we’ll live.

I’m really sorry that it took so long to sort this mess out, but really glad we’re back!

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