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Sorry About the Spamming

Sorry that I filled all of the subscriber’s inboxes with essays and elvish poetry! I’m moving things around the website, cleaning out some of the old material that is no longer used much, and refocusing the website on the names and phrases! I’ve let this place get kinda sprawling and bloated. So, all of the essays and Elvish poems have been moved to being blog-posts (thus the spamming). I’m working on a new theme and design for the website, and you’ll get a glimpse of the work I’m doing tomorrow, during the Livestream! It’s still in its pretty early stages at this point. I’m waiting on some art by my wife to get completed (I can show you guys the rough sketch, but that’s as far as she’s gotten) and I’ll talk about why the changes are happening and answer any questions about it then. So, keep your eye’s open for the livestream, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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