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Changes to the Beta Reader Pages

Another thing that I ended up changing extensively is how the beta-reader system works. The changes I made will hopefully make beta readers feel a lot more secure and have more control over their profiles.

Change #1 – Beta Readers are now members of the website.

If your application is accepted, I’ll make you a user on the website. This means you will be able to change your beta-reader profile as often as you want. If your availability unexpectedly changes, you will be able to update it without first having to contact me.

Change #2 – There’s a contact form for the Beta Readers.

This has several benefits: your e-mail address isn’t publicly available on the website. Instead, someone wanting to contact you about a beta-reading job will use the form. This way spam bots and every random person who wanders in won’t have access to your e-mail address. Though, if you change your e-mail address on your account, be sure to contact me so I can update it on the form too. I have to manually put those in.

I hope you enjoy the new system!


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