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Hard Drive Donation Drive Over

We managed to meet our goal, then blow straight past it! The total amount donated is $1420.

The rest of the money will go to paying the websites’ bills, and $5 a month will go to a Humanist charity network called “Foundation Beyond Belief“. They carefully screen charities to make certain that they actually help people, so I figured they are a good choice.

The following people covered the rest:


Eglerio! Eglerio! Eglerio!

Thank you so much everyone who sent money or spread the word. You’re really saving my (short) life’s work from my stupidity. To make sure this will never happen again, I figured out a system that would sync the files in 3 computers at once, as well as with Dropbox. This way, if any one part of this system dies, there will be 3 other back ups. Maybe I’m getting paranoid about backing things up now, but I never want to go through that again.

Thank you and Márienna!

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