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Depressed Forums

Hello everyone!

It is the cheery hour of two in the morning, and I have a few updates to give you before I collapse on my bed.

I have a story to tell you. Personally, I see myself as one of the last people in the world susceptible to this, but last month I was diagnosed with depression. I had just spent four days in my dorm room, unable to go farther than the bathroom. Literally. I could barely pull myself from bed, and my sleeping pattern became erratic. I didn’t eat. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t stay awake. But, I did translate. It was one of the few things that I could keep doing. I think if it weren’t for this website keeping a little spark of passion for me to hang onto while the ground was disappearing beneath my feet, I might have fallen much farther. I’m on medication now, and feeling much better. Gosh, I love y’guys!

First: A new essay! It’s a little OOC for me, but hopefully useful nonetheless. It’s called “Forum Politics”.

Second: My own forums received a little holiday cleaning. I decided to face the spambots with the almighty delete command, and removed the passwords guarding my forums. As my dad put it, the password puzzle was almost like a “You must be this intelligent to use these forums” gimmick. I’m happy to be rid of it. (No more “How do I get into the forums?” e-mails!)

There are two new sections on the forums: Essay Discussion and Fanliterature.

There is a new user group for Sindarin students. They get pretty blue stars under their names along with the title.

I also added a few new graphics to the forums, and got rid of the News Bar. It was wasting space anyways.

Third: I finally got rid of one of the polls. You have decided that I should make a timeline for the entire history of Arda. It’ll take a while, but someday, I will complete it. It’s behind the essays about Dwarves, Hobbits, and Healing, the Adûnaic, Telerin, and Nandorin name lists, and the list of our names translated into Sindarin. *Sigh*
The other poll has still yet to be decided.

The very tired but happy,


Random Sindarin Quote:
A! Gen melin!
Gosh, I love y’guys!

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