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Spam Attack!

Hello everyone!

The other day, I finally tired of deleting spam. Lately, I’ve had to clean more and more and more of the stuff from the forums. I believe that they perceived the unrestricted posting and charged in for the kill. So, I came up with a clever plan. I’d password protect all of the forums! The forums are still open to everyone, but now there is a restriction against users without pulses.

To get into a forum, simply answer this question:
Are you human?

The answer (I hope) would be “yes”.

The only forum not protected is the Guestbook, but there the spam is less irritating and easier to remove.


Random Sindarin Quote:

“Sa maer torthad mi Angband a sa al-vaer buiad mi Valandor.”

“Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” – Paradise Lost

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