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Elven Races

Elves are all pretty people with pretty hair and pretty eyes and pretty bodies and pretty fortune telling telepathic powers and pretty neat magic and pretty cool action scenes, right? Wrong! Contrary to popular belief in the fan fiction/RPG world, Tolkien’s Elves aren’t just prettier, more magical, cooler versions of

From Book to Movie

Why Read the Books? Many fans like to try their hand at writing The Lord of the Rings fan fiction after seeing the movie. I suppose they figure, “Hey, it’s the movie of the book, right? There can’t be that many changes, right?” Luckily, they are wrong. The books are


In The Lord of the Rings, Legolas hears a seagull’s call and right away starts wanting to go to the sea. Then there all of these other Elves that are leaving Middle-earth in droves, going to the sea. Many fans have wondered about that and started some fanon based on

The Origin of Man

The most common and incorrect assumption about Men is that Men of Arda are just like us. Like the Elves, their appearance and strength is based upon their genealogical past. Like the Elves, they have a beginning that is carefully planned out. Men share weaknesses with us, and some of

Aduna and an Essay

I finished the research on Adûna pronunciation… 2 years ago? A while ago, anyways. I forgot to make a pronunciation guide page for it. Without further ado, here it is! Adûna Pronunciation You’ll notice that there aren’t any notes on the stress patterns. Unfortunately, Tolkien never described them. I also


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