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Manly/Vigorous One Veo – Manly/Vigorous One


Roaring One Ráveo – Roaring One


Starlike One Elveo – Starlike One

Michael in Elvish

Michael, your name is so cool! It’s a rhetorical question, “Who is like El Elyon?” When it comes to translating this name, we have a huge problem. This name isn’t translatable. Not directly, anyways. Elven names aren’t made from sentences. They’re made by combining nouns, adjectives, and name suffixes. Worse

Quenya Gender-Words

Unfortunately, Tolkien’s elves don’t have a notion of gender beyond male/female. Here’s a list of words that they do have. I’ve organized them by number. Archaic versions of the words are in (parentheses). A quick set of definitions of the grammatical terms: Singular One [noun] Plural More than two [noun]s

Trustworthy Websites

These are all websites that I recommend. To see a list of websites that are often mistaken for good sources of Tolkien’s languages visit the Untrustworthy Websites list. Dictionaries About Tolkien’s Languages Tolkien Language Communities Elvish Compositions About Writing Systems Fonts and Lists of Fonts About Arda About and Hosting