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Son of Great/Large One Daerion – Son of Great/Large One


Great/Large One Daeron – Great/Large One


Shadow Queen Daeris – Shadow Queen


Shadow Horse Daeroc – Shadow Horse


Shadow Horse Daeroch – Shadow Horse

Dog Commands in Elvish

Over the years, I’ve translated dog commands for a few people, so I’ve decided to make it a short article for all you nerdy dog trainers. Before I started translating, I looked up some research on what exactly dogs hear when we speak. Turns out that what they hear best

Sindarin Family-Words

This is a list of words for various familial relationships. I’ve organized them by the relationship and by number. Gondorian’s plurals are often different, and they are in (G. parentheses). The dialect of Doriath often has slightly different words for things, and they will be marked with (D. parentheses). The

Trustworthy Websites

These are all websites that I recommend. To see a list of websites that are often mistaken for good sources of Tolkien’s languages visit the Untrustworthy Websites list. Dictionaries About Tolkien’s Languages Tolkien Language Communities Elvish Compositions About Writing Systems Fonts and Lists of Fonts About Arda About and Hosting