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Roofer Toboron – Roofer


Calligrapher Tegilboron – Calligrapher


Hopper Laboron – Hopper


Faithful Vassal Boron – Faithful Vassal

Christine/Christian in Elvish

Christine and Christian, your name is really cool! It’s a Latin family name meaning “follower of Christ.” This -iāna/-iānus suffix, which was used for members of a family or of a group having something to do with whatever the suffix is attached to, survives for us as the -ian suffix.

Númenóreans’ Naming Traditions

The Númenóreans love to name themselves after other people or Elves that they respect. They won’t take a name from someone who is living at the time because that could create misunderstandings and other such trouble. In Númenor and its followers: Gondor and Arnor, a king is given a new