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Daughter of the Stranger/Guest


Jaw/Row of Teeth

Adûnaic Dictionary

…SD/434, 437 ~ (rabau *RAB) rahat- v. break ~ SD/247 ~ (*RAH’T) râma n. man <- Aglarrâma (*RAM) razân n. stranger <- W. raza ~ (*RAZ) roth n. cutting, foam…


…the normalized words, so I didn’t see the point in relisting them here. For Numbers and Pronouns, I go by the systems reconstructed by Helge Fauskanger(links to an RTF) and…

Sindarin Sentient Creatures, Tribes, and Nationalities

…”First Elf”, one of the Vanyar. Miniel Minil Minielrim Miniellath Noldorin Elf “Noldo” a Sindarinization of the Noldor&apos;s term for themselves Noll Nollir Nolrim Nollath “Stranger” a Sindarin term for…