Vanyarin Phrases About the Weather

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Quenya Pronunciation

Phrases about what the weather is like.

English Translation
Winter is coming Hríwe úva véna View
It will snow Hrizuva View
It will snow/freeze/be cold Nicuva View
It's treatening to rain Ulo úva View
It will rain Uluva View
A cloud is coming Fána túla View
Clouds are coming Fánar túlar View
Fog/Mist is coming Híthe túla View
A storm is coming Húro túla View
A breeze is coming Hwesta túla View
A dark cloud is coming Lumbo túla View
Dark clouds are coming Lumbor túlar View
Wind is coming Súre túla View
from the sea ayarello View
from the mountains orontello View
from ___ ___-(e)llo View
It's overcast Fánar fantar Anár View
It's snowing Hríza View
It's snowing/freezing/cold Níqua View
It's raining Ulyayá View
There's a cloud Fána ea View
There are clouds Fánar ea View
There's ice Helce ea View
There's fog/mist Híthe ea View
There's a storm Húro ea View
There's a breeze Hwesta ea View
There's a dark cloud Lumbo ea View
There are dark clouds Lumbor ea View
There's mud Maxo ea View
There's rain Misse ea View
There's fine rain Miste ea View
There's frost Nixe ea View
There's snow Olos ea View
There's dew Rosse ea View
There's wind Súre ea View
and a cloud az fána View
and clouds az fánar View
and ice az helce View
and fog/mist az híthe View
and a storm az húro View
and a breeze az hwesta View
and a dark cloud az lumbo View
and dark clouds az lumbor View
and mud az maxo View
and rain az misse View
and fine rain az miste View
and frost az nixe View
and snow az olos View
and dew az rosse View
and wind az súre View
I like ___ Melin ___ View
on the sea ap’ ayaresse View
in the mountains orontessen View
in ___ ___-(e)sse View
It's icy-cold Helca ná View
It's warm Lauca ná View
It's wet Linque ná View
It's dewy Níte ná View
It's dry Parca ná View
It's cold Ringa ná View
It's windy Wailima ná View
There's ice on the ground Helce apa talamesse ea View
There's mud on the ground Maxo apa talamesse ea View
There's frost on the ground Nixe apa talamesse ea View
There's snow on the ground Olos apa talamesse ea View
There's dew on the ground Rosse apa talamesse ea View
I hate ___ Feuyan ___ View
I love ___ Melin ___ View
I love clouds fánai View
I love ice helcé View
I love fog/mist híthé View
I love storms húroi View
I love breezes hwestai View
I love dark clouds lumboi View
I love mud maxoi View
I love rain missé View
I love fine rain misté View
I love frost nixé View
I love snow olos View
I love dew rossé View
I love wind súré View

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