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Son of Adorner Netyarion – Son of Adorner


Adorner Netyare – Adorner


Daughter of Adorner Netyariel – Daughter of Adorner


Adorner Netyaro – Adorner


Adorner Netyar – Adorner

Asperger’s Diagnosis

I don’t usually post about personal things, but I’m breaking that rule today, because I’m trying to process something that happened to me recently. I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism a few weeks ago. At first, all I saw was the downsides. How it makes me difficult to work with,

Elvish Poem: Glaer Boromir

Since this poem is for Boromir, a Gondorian, I’ve put it in the Gondorian dialect of Sindarin. You’ll notice that it leans heavily of Quenya loanwords and uses slightly different mutations than other dialects of Sindarin. Boromir’s Riddle Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien Cesto1 grist *rangen:2 Mi Imladris

Untrustworthy Websites

These are all sources that people have used for Tolkien's Languages that people shouldn't. If you are uncertain of a source that you have been using, contact us and we will check it out for you. Website Title The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth by R. S. Noel Reason(s) This book