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Lover/Friend of Captainesse Hestendil – Lover/Friend of Captainesse

Adûnaic Dictionary

Compiled by Lambendil a- pron. aff. it ~ (*3A-/*?A-) -a suff. Subjective ending for plural Neuters ~ (SD/430) aban n. earth <-Abattârik ~ UT/222 ~ (*BAN1) abâr n. strength, endurance, fidelity ~ SD/431 ~ (BAR) < E. BOR Abattârik name. Pillar-of-Earth ~ UT/222 ~ Aban-Târik abrazâ- v. to stand fast

The Origin of Man

The most common and incorrect assumption about Men is that Men of Arda are just like us. Like the Elves, their appearance and strength is based upon their genealogical past. Like the Elves, they have a beginning that is carefully planned out. Men share weaknesses with us, and some of

Elven Naming Traditions of Middle-earth

If you haven’t read the essay on the Elven naming traditions of Valinor, go back and read it, then read this essay. The conclusions and terminology used in this essay will make more sense if you do so. Of the naming traditions of the Eldar who lived in Valinor, we